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Post-partum night sweats - does anything help ease these?

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Cinnamon2013 Fri 26-Feb-16 15:33:03

Had DC2 two weeks ago and have had really bad night sweats for a week. Last time they lasted around a year (!) I just put up with it last time, but now I'm wondering, any herbal or other remedies that might work? Has anyone tried sage or... this sounds slightly mad, blame Google.. Apple cider vinegar? Any help much appreciated

angelpuffs Tue 01-Mar-16 07:22:07

Hi Cinnamon. I'm interested in the answer to this too. I'm almost 6 weeks post giving birth and still having them. You say it took a year for yours to go last time?! I'm sick of waking up drenched in sweat and really thought they would have stopped by now!

earlymorningwaker Tue 01-Mar-16 07:31:51

I'm 6 weeks post giving birth and I thought me sweating in the night was me just getting too hot didn't know it could have been linked.

Cinnamon2013 Wed 02-Mar-16 03:55:39

Hi. Glad not just me! Yes they are generally acknowledged as hormonal, I'm not sure if they are linked to breastfeeding, people seem to have different theories on that. I asked in boots and there's not anything you can take (herbal etc) while breastfeeding. By the way when I say a year I think that's fairly unusual and they weren't anywhere near as bad towards the end. What's helping me is sleeping in only cotton, sleeping on a towel and under a towel (not sexy but really does help) and having a change of nightie for when I wake up cold. May it all pass quickly for you guys

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