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Digestive changes after c-section

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MYA2016 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:40:30

I'm at my wits end.... its 4 weeks since I had my baby by emergency section due to him getting distressed. He was my first baby.
I didn't go to the toilet for 4 days after and since then things haven't been the same.
I have a feeling of constantly needing to go and I'm going 3-4 times a day instead of once like I used to
Sometimes it's watery diarrhea (sorry for tmi) but even when it's not I still feel like I have to go immediately.
is this normal? And will it settle? I'm getting too worried to leave the house with my baby sad
Any help would be appreciated

angelpuffs Tue 09-Feb-16 12:54:14

Hi Mya. I had a c section 2.5 weeks ago and have recently started suffering with abdominal pains- not around the wound but more like trapped wind. I had this immediately after the operation and then it went away but has come back! I didn't go to the loo for 4 days after the op either but then things got back to normal- though recently it's been painful. Are you on lactulose since the op? My gp said this can cause diarrhea if you use it too long. I'm seeing her again this afternoon so will report back if I have any useful news X

PinkPlaid Tue 23-Feb-16 10:32:22

Hi there, I had a c section a week ago, and at first was very constipated. Took me five days to 'go'. Woke up this morning (day 8) to tummy cramps and had to dash to the loo. Had watery green diarrhea and didn't quite manage to get to the loo in time, and had to throw knickers away blush

I'm seeing the gp this afternoon - also seem to have developed a delightful yeast infection sad will let you know what she says... Really hope they can suggest something. Starting to fret that there's something amiss x

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