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looking for a little bit of support!

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Natalieday1 Mon 08-Feb-16 17:57:07

Hi guys!
Not sure is this is even the right section in posting in
But I'm at my wits end atm
Am a mum of 3 boys 11,9,3 and a little girl 7 weeks old
Have a brilliant relationship with a very supportive partner
My little one has THE worst silent reflux going, she crys pretty much 24/7 with cat naps of 1hr max in between that's day and night!
My partner has just left for work, he's on nightshift for 7 nights which means I'm totally on my own for 7 nights with no sleep, a screaming baby, 3 other boys and a house to run!
Not actually sure what I want to achieve by posting this really, cos I am a very strong person and can cope in any situation but think I just need some encouragement! Breaks my heart to see my little girl in pain and I can't help her sad also doesn't help that at this minute I am extremely ill with tonsillitis, feel rotten am tired and emotional!
Any tips to get me thru the next 7 nights

Purpleboa Mon 08-Feb-16 18:49:43

Hey Natalie. That sounds really tough, poor you flowers I have one DD, aged 7 months who doesn't like to sleep at night and it's a real challenge, so can't even begin to imagine what it's like with 4! Come over to the sleep forum (find it under Being a Parent) and join us. So much support and understanding, it's saved me on many a crap night!

Do you have much support in RL? Family, friends, neighbours, anyone who can take your boys for a while or look after baby while you get rest?

Natalieday1 Mon 08-Feb-16 19:35:00

Hi purpleboa
Thanks for replying was beginning to think I was on my own there grin
Think I'm just having a wobble..yeah I have a brilliant family that would help any time I asked, but there's the problem, they aren't the type of people to offer but would happily help if asked with no complaints, but I'm a worrier and worry that baby will play up and make it stressful for them so don't like to asks or help! confused I'm my own worst enemy I know! My boys r at school/nursery during the week so in the mornings it's just me and baby, but she doesn't sleep much in the day either so not like I can nap then!

Natalieday1 Mon 08-Feb-16 19:35:44

P.s will check out the forum later when/if I get the chance grin

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