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miss being pregnant

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themumfairy Wed 27-Jan-16 13:22:16

Anyone else wish they could be pregnany forever?
Baby is a week old and I can't help feeling a tiny bit down that I'm not pregnany anymore. Obviously I love having my baby here and wouldn't change her for the world but it kind of feels like now she's here time is passing by so fast. Then I feel guilty for not appreciating enough my tiny newborn. Please tell me feeling like this is normal

Pyjamaramadrama Thu 28-Jan-16 12:08:04

I felt exactly the same.

I felt like a deflated balloon. One week I was all glowing with my big bump, lovely skin hair and nails, everyone making a fuss of me, the next I was all saggy, hair falling out, and I hate to say it but suddenly no one was interested in me they all just wanted to hog the baby.

It does pass I promise, my baby is 7 months now and I don't feel like that anymore.

Just try to rest as much as you can.

themumfairy Thu 28-Jan-16 14:38:15

Thankyou for commenting, you've made me feel better. I miss my bump

JennyC520 Thu 11-Feb-16 16:16:11

I felt like this too! My baby was 2 weeks early so I was a bit upset that i didn't have those 2 weeks of pregnancy. I sometimes held my stomach and wanted to cry a bit... I miss my bump, and the sensation of her kicking etc sadbut those feelngs have gone now, 7weeks

UptownFunk00 Sun 14-Feb-16 16:10:40

I feel the same too even though the last few weeks of pregnancy was so hard. I loved feeling her move and knowing I'd never be as close to her ever again.

Baby is 4 days old and I am feeling awfully tearful and anxious anyway so hope it passes soon.

Underbella Mon 15-Feb-16 19:32:55

I feel the same. I've got an 11 day old. But I feel a sort of loss in a way. I'll never feel her kicks inside me again.

It's just a roller coaster of emotions. One minute you want the baby out because your in pain /so uncomfortable/heartburn.

Then relief after the birth knowing all is well but suddenly your empty inside even though on the outside is this clingy wee baby.

Bloody crying now...

JacquelineChan Mon 15-Feb-16 19:35:23

I still feel that way 2 years on! Although my ds is amazing I know I'm not having anymore I wish I could turn back the clock and be pregnant again if only for a day!

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