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Treating nipple thrush

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alexx2 Mon 18-Jan-16 16:47:43

I've developed thrush on my nipples and have been prescribed topical treatment for both me and DS. The problem is I'm unclear on how to use both of these. For me I've been given clotrimazole 2% cream and told to apply 2 x a day.
Question 1: should I was the cream off before breast feeding?
For the LO I've been given miconazole oromucasol 20mg gel
Question 2: my DS is 6 weeks old. Should I give this in the dosage on the bottle (for 4months +) which is 15g 4 x a day or should I reduce/dilute this as he's so little.
Any other tips on treating thrush much appreciated also. I know to change my bra regularly, keep my nipples clean and dry and expose them to the air as much as possible.
Luckily I think I have a fairly mild dose as stabbing pain not too bad (yet!) and DS has no visible symptoms yet.

GracieGraives Thu 21-Jan-16 23:43:07

Oh no you poor thing I have just recovered from this although mine was a bad case. I applies the cream after every feed to my nipples despite advice from doc. A breast feeding specialist advised after every feed but you must wipe off before each feed. With lo I would use the gel 4 times a day but only tiny bits. I use cotton bud to apply.

That was just what I was prescribed though I also used white vinegar to wash nipples after each feed and got grapefruit seed extract from health food shop to wipe every hour too. I also washes all bras etc on 90 degrees. I also had tablets from the doc as if u have pain inside your breasts the creams etc won't treat it. It can be hard to get doc to prescribe these to u but if you print out info from national breastfeeding association and take it with u they listen better. What else.. oh yeah I also air dried fir 3 days straight! And took oral probiotics and grapefruit seed extract.

My case was bad though and I had to go on a crazy diet for 1 month in the end no wheat no dairy no sugar no carbs no prossesed food. I pretty much ate meat green vegetables eggs and natural yog for a month.

Hopefully yours us not too bad. You just have to keep at it. Good luck!

Hellochicken Fri 22-Jan-16 00:10:20

Apply the clotrimazole sparingly after feeds (I thought mine was prescribed three times a day but can't remember for sure!) there will be nearly none by the time for next feed, but i gently cleaned cream off incase it made latch slip (feeding was sore for me at the time).
I think for baby the gel is like putting a cream in the inside of mouth so only use what you need and I just used a small amount smeared around. You don't need to use a certain volume if you see what I mean and I wouldn't dilute it.
Also boil wash bras and I think you are supposed to use Milton or boil dummies (if baby using one) instead of regular steriliser.
In the end I needed tablets to shift it (had got to quite bad pain by the time diagnosed) so maybe I'm not the best person to advise! Hopefully yours will clear quickly.

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