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recovering from forceps?

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Havalina1 Thu 14-Jan-16 22:35:16

My ds is almost four months old now and my recovery from a forceps birth after prolonged pushing phase is not near as good as I'd hoped for. I had a huge epi and he was a big baby at 10lb 8. I do not feel normal down there. In fact the past week I've been feeling worse.

I have a partial prolapse - I am fine until there is pressure. The exercises from the physio seem to be making it feel worse?? Plus my epi scar has started to ache.

Also my stomach muscles have parted - from ribs to belly button area. I'm feeling so very upset by this backwards progress. My labour was so awful and the healing was truly horrendous (infections, couldn't walk, chronic pain) but amazingly it turned a corner rapidly. However I feel progress has tailed off and I'm nervous of this being as good as it gets. It's far from ok. I've been told not to exercise as any impact or pressure now is counter-productive.

Anyone experienced similar and had a good recovery eventually? I've no incontinence but the bulging sensation is awful. It is really upsetting me as I feel this is never ending. I keep questioning why I was let go two weeks over and why nobody suspected such a big baby (first baby was 7.5 just less than two years ago).
I regret not having a cs.

Gunting Thu 14-Jan-16 22:43:40

Hi Havalina

I can't offer too much advice per se but I really do feel for you as I'm in a similar position

My son is three months and was 10lb Six oz at birth leaving me with a nasty tear. Although I think I've healed down there I still don't feel normal

Four months isn't a very long time and it sounds like you've had several unfortunate set backs. Sorry I couldn't offer advice and I hope someone comes along soon with some

Havalina1 Thu 14-Jan-16 22:59:35

Thanks for replying Gunting. I saw the physio on Wednesday. She did an internal exam and since them I've been doing the pelvic lifts as she advised but I feel like I'm making everything feel worse? Like I'm aggravating it rather than helping it.

How's your pelvic floor since? Did you tear spontaneously?

Gunting Fri 15-Jan-16 10:25:44

Yeah I tore spontaneously so no cuts or forceps. Like you they didn't anticipate him being so big and I almost tore through to my bum. shock

My pelvic floor has been better since haha. I've been doing the pelvic exercises since he was born and I find it feels dull achey and heavy afterwards. Is that the kind of feeling you get?

Havalina1 Fri 15-Jan-16 16:53:38

Ouch. God it's hard to know which is the lesser of two evils! Good to hear you're continuing to improve smile

That's it exactly - achey sensation like as if prolapse is worsening! It makes me wonder if I'm squeezing and putting pressure on incorrectly.

I've no incontinence issues so at Least I was spared that. Are you happy enough with how the healing is going for you?

KatyN Sun 07-Feb-16 22:42:27

I appreciate you may not check this thread anymore, but I would say it definitely took that long if not longer o heal fully after my first child. I had a prolapse but it took me a while to realise what it was! Then saw the physio and dos my exercises.
If it's not too heartbreaking to hear, I sometimes get the same symptoms now (he's 4) but a week of exercising again sorts me out.
Hopefully you've got a follow up with the physio to check you are progressing.

Havalina1 Mon 14-Mar-16 12:48:41

KatyN only seeing your reply now - thank you. I am seeing a physio and trying and hoping for an improvement.. definitely not there yet nor sure it's even going in the right direction. Have been checked again and have a 2nd stage rectal prolapse for my sins. Urgh.

I'm going to keep up exercising and ask the gp for a gynaecologist referral as I assume I'll be waiting anyway for it.

What is scaring me is how it's all consuming of my mind - I'm petrified of this worsening, with no fix, and being told I "just have to live with it". My mind is doing all sorts of maths figuring out how many years left I have - feel my quality of life is a bit doomed.

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