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Cesarean, sepsis and still unwell.

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naomiw87 Mon 11-Jan-16 18:58:19

I feel really stressed. I had a cesarean 4 and a half weeks ago. 10 days after I began bleeding heavily and was feeling unwell. I was sent straight back to maternity, where I was quickly diagnosed with retained products and sepsis. I was put on intravenous antibiotics and was kept in for 3 days, then sent home with strong oral antibiotics. I improved but not fully, my bleeding stopped and my uterus went down. Since being ill I have felt extremely exhausted, more than just being a new mother (he was my 3rd.). I feel dizzy easily and I feel I am going to pass out if I stand up for some time. I feel frustrated because taking a bath makes me feel unwell. After speaking to a nurse who thought I might still have infection in me, I called my gp. They did some blood tests, my full blood count, my infection levels and my inflammation. I have just had a phone call to say all was ok except the inflammation one was raised. She said that this means I have infection somewhere and they need to work out where. I now have to wait until Thursday because that's the only appointment they have. So while I wait the infection could be getting worse. I feel annoyed and I feel like crying, because all I want is to feel well.
I don't really know why I am posting this because I doubt anyone will have answers for me. I guess I just wanted to vent how I feel.

mumblebumble Mon 11-Jan-16 21:38:05

Sorry you're going through such a tough time, it sounds awful. Is it the gp who won't see you til Thursday? Could you contact hospital instead, or ask for emergency gp appt in the morning? I wouldn't be happy to wait 3 more days either, you need to feel better asap.

naomiw87 Mon 11-Jan-16 21:53:08

It was the receptionist who said there isn’t any appointments until Thursday. My husband said he is going to call in the morning as they have appointments saved for emergency. So will see what happens. X

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