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Advice after c section

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Homerjsimpson Mon 28-Dec-15 00:24:04

Hello, this may have been covered before but I'm after any advice or practical suggestions for how I can get support for my wife who recently underwent an unplanned c section (other than doing as much as possible around the house and encouraging rest which I'm already doing).

The biggest problem is finding a comfortable sleeping position. She cannot find a position where she is comfortable and so exhaustion is exacerbating the recovery from the procedure. She's also got a high BMI which makes it difficult to change positions (on top of the pain caused by the surgery).

I'm also worried about the emotional impact that this may have on her (due to both the trauma associated with the method of birth as we had planned a home birth, but also the impact of the recovery I.e the pain and discomfort etc.)

So I'm wondering if anyone has any advice, is aware of any products that might help her get more comfortable or alternatively could point me in the direction of any support services (either NHS or private)? A quick Google search has been unproductive but I'll carry on looking!


FeelingDumb Mon 28-Dec-15 20:51:51

I found for the first couple of nights that I had to sleep propped up as I couldn't tolerate lying flat as my scar felt like it was being pulled. I'm 5 days post op (third section) and it's only today I've found I can lie on my side although I still need a pillow under my belly for support, much like when pregnant. Turning over is still very much an effort and needs to be done slowly and carefully for the foreseeable.

I think as long as you're doing as much as you can for your wife at home and she is getting as much rest as possible, her recovery should be good and she may be surprised at how quickly she starts to feel improvement from one day to the next. If possible, you should both try and rest/sleep when your baby does.

Best of luck and congratulations flowers

NotAClueReally3 Mon 28-Dec-15 21:07:14

First of all, many congratulations to you all! An emergency section is a horrible shock. I'd advise keeping on top of pain meds to the minute and not letting anything wear off. Speak to the midwife as she may have suggestions, too. I found lots of strategic pillows helped. In terms of the psychological effects of what she's (well, you both) been through you are right to pay attention to this. You can have a formal de-brief with the hospital which can be helpful. For some the trauma doesn't manifest until later on so keep in close touch with your GP who will advise you on available post natal mental health care.

Each day her scar etc should feel a bit better and this horrible time does pass. Sorry this isn't the start to parenthood that you'd hoped for but I'd like to add that you sound marvellously supportive. Best of luck and hope this helps.

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