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Who do I ask about my stitches?

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strawberryandaflake Sun 27-Dec-15 09:32:32

I had an episiotomy and was discharged from midwifery care last week but my stitches look and feel strange. Do I call the labour ward or my doctor now?

They've all fallen out bar one, no infection but the one that is left looks as if it it holding my chacha together in the middle, so I have a top hole and a bottom hole. Is this normal? It's itching like crazy and seems to be knotted really tightly.

Any help appreciated! X

strawberryandaflake Mon 28-Dec-15 02:56:30


strawberryandaflake Mon 28-Dec-15 02:56:52


DropYourSword Mon 28-Dec-15 02:58:44

If you have a community midwife still visiting you, talk to her first. If not, go see your GP!

strawberryandaflake Mon 28-Dec-15 11:00:39

No I don't, I was discharged without being checked.

stairway Tue 29-Dec-15 10:45:11

Gp is best as they can prescribe medicine if needed

Cupcakesandlove Mon 04-Jan-16 09:48:36

No one ever looked at my stitches and I was concerned so I booked to see a GP and they checked it all out for me you can also see a nurse at your GP

FlopIsMyChristmasGuru Mon 04-Jan-16 09:54:29

GP. Went to see them about my csection scar. They offered to send me back to maternity hospital to have drs there sort out their handiwork or have surgery nurse keep monitoring and redressing it. I chose the latter

strawberryandaflake Mon 04-Jan-16 10:19:37

Went to the GP. Wasn't interested. Just said it would take a long time to heal. No shit, Sherlock! Going private as I am tired of NHS botching my body.

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