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Delightful haemorrhoids and episiotomy so much embarrassment and pain

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elephantmarch Mon 21-Dec-15 19:01:47

Really unladylike but hoping others who've experienced it can recommend something or tell me it won't last

After lots of pushing and then forceps and an nether regions are ruined. I am so so sore I can't sit down. I can see protruding red skin at my bottom I've grown mens parts in the wrong place. I assume these are haemorrhoids and right in front of it i can feel string from stitching. It's horrific embarrassing and so very very sore.

Did anyone else have this after birth? Did it clear up? When and how? Did you see a GP?

I don't want a baboons bottom. So glad this site is anonymous. Im mortified

Susiesoap7 Mon 21-Dec-15 19:34:36

Try a warm sea salt bath, salt will dissolve stitches. Try ice cubes wrapped in soft tissue on piles there is an anusol ointment the anti inflammatory one from super drug, not the ordinary one this one is a bit stronger or germaloids spray from boots.

FannyFifer Mon 21-Dec-15 19:36:29

Are you not still under midwife care, could they have a check for you?

GastonsPomPomWrath Mon 21-Dec-15 19:44:02

Milk and lavender oil in the bath can help too. Keep it clean and dry. Air dry when you can.

Don't be afraid to take painkillers regularly.

Wet wipes in the bathroom saves chafing.

Very importantly, remember your pelvic floor. I know you probably won't want to and you will panic at first when you can't feel anything working but keep on with the exercises. It will help to pull everything back 'up' for you.

DifferentCats Mon 21-Dec-15 19:50:24

It will get better. Don't panic. Think of it like a black eye. Awful to look at, but not permanent!

ScarlettDarling Mon 21-Dec-15 19:51:49

I had a 3rd degree tear and afterwards my bits looked like an inflated rubber glove. I had huge, hot, itchy piles and honestly thought things would never go back to normal again!

But they did! Take baths, not showers. Take arnica pills for swelling and bruising. Do your pelvic floor exercises. I had pelvic physio to check things were healing ok. And within about 6-8 weeks I felt normal again.

The piles have never come back, phew! I think I've got a bit of a scar down there as I can feel a bit of a ridge, but I couldn't care about that.

Good luck, it will improve soon.

louise987 Thu 24-Dec-15 07:18:41

It gets better I promise! Use a cream (like anusol) and take painkillers like others have said. Don't worry, the body has amazing abilities to recover from these things. Personally I found showers preferable to baths just to keep the area clean and also make sure that the area is dry before you dress. My midwife advised to have a few 10 min times each day with no knickers on to let the area 'air' to aid recovery.

Also please speak to your midwife/health visitor/GP (which ever you are under the care of now) for help and to get the area checked in case of infection. They can supply suppositories if you need them, and even just a reassuring ear to ease your concern smile

austengirl Sat 02-Jan-16 09:59:54

I was in a similar state a month ago. Plenty of good advice but don't be afraid to ask for prescription ointment and suppositories to get the piles under control. An inflatable 'donut' cushion helped too. I had antibiotics too as the episiotomy site looked questionable to the GP.

It does get better, but don't be afraid to take action.

Fairylea Sat 02-Jan-16 10:04:01

How long ago did you give birth?

I had awful soreness after a very large episiotomy and piles after my first child (with my second I opted for an elective section as there was so way anyone was coming near my bits again!)

It took a good 9 months to even feel remotely near normal again. It does take quite a long time for the bruising to go down (about 10 - 12 weeks for me I think) but to feel truly back to normal again took me a long time.

The gp can give you stronger creams for the piles than you can get over the counter.

wafflerinchief Sat 02-Jan-16 10:07:53

I agree go to the dr - the scheriproct that someone on mumsnet told me about was excellent, and ice really helped. It will get better - I was horrified and everyone in my family found it highly amusing - couldn't even sit in the bath as so sore but within 4 weeks it was history

DrawingRoomBlue Sat 02-Jan-16 10:20:12

You poor thing, I had exactly the same 5 months ago after the birth of dc2. Had a small pile just before birth but pushed more out during labour, and also tore. The haemorrhoid pain was worse than the tear. I went crying to the midwife who gasped when she saw them blush and sent me straight to the GP who said that they were strangulated and that by that point anusol etc wouldn't work so it was just a case of waiting for them to get better.

I took diclofenac and paracetamol for the pain, ice for the swelling, lay down as much as poss (if you've mastered feeding lying down that makes it easier) and most importantly DO NOT become constipated so lots of water and fibre and GP prescribed laxido to keep my stools loose. It all lasted a week, I can honestly say it was worse than the labour pain for me so I really do feel for you but it does get better. flowers

Novia Sat 02-Jan-16 10:40:16

I had thrombosed varicous veins post birth and it was agony. You can't take anything but painkillers really but the best advice was not to 'sit' on them (as the pooling blood makes them worse) so keep moving if you can and it'll help the blood flow. They do go in time though - this too will pass...

DrawingRoomBlue Sat 02-Jan-16 10:50:41

Thrombosed! That's the word! Not strangulated.

wafflerinchief Sat 02-Jan-16 12:21:23

The gp prescribed cocodamol for mine - it was v helpful, don't suffer on due to the embarrassment

NameAgeLocation Sat 02-Jan-16 12:26:54

Don't be embarrassed OP - it's a scary thing when it's your own body but it's not really unusual. I apparently had really impressive bruising PP, though I declined all offers of a mirror hmm. My episiotomy scar gave me a bit of hassle during my next pregnancy (aching), but all has been fine since then. Please see your HCP and rest assured that they have seen it all before, haemhorrhoids, the lot.

Wishing you a speedy recovery 💐

NameAgeLocation Sat 02-Jan-16 12:29:06

Oh I also had an infected stitch after my episiotomy. My GP sorted it out for me, very matter-of-fact. Get a professional to take a look, you don't have to suffer.

magpie17 Sat 02-Jan-16 13:10:56

I had both of these treats after DS so I feel your pain. A cushion with a hole in is a godsend, my friend gave me one as a 'joke' but I had the last laugh there! The piles cleared up with lactose and some pessaries (can't remember the name but they were waxy and got them on prescription) after a couple of weeks - not glamorous I'm afraid, I told DH he was never to mention it again!

The epi took longer, was about 4 months before I didn't feel any pain at all but was just the odd twinge after about two months. I never had an infection but do think I was stitched a bit tight as things feel weird and a bit sore during sex still (5.5 months post birth). Go to your GP if you have any concerns but I had to really badger mine to check my stitches, they didn't at my 6 week check and only did after I went back complaining of tightness.

It's no fun and you have my sympathy but it does all get better and now I forget it even happened!

magpie17 Sat 02-Jan-16 13:12:48

Scheriproct were the suppositories (just remembered)!

strawberryandaflake Sat 02-Jan-16 19:56:00

I can't stop pooping either. I used to go every other day (sorry if tmi) but now I go 3 or 4 times a day and with piles and the stitches it's driving me nuts. Is it normal to poop so much?

wafflerinchief Sun 03-Jan-16 05:50:55

Hi straw I'd ring and ask your gp if it is a side effect of any meds you're on - I don't remember that but I do remember how painful each time was, hope it settles

Melmam Tue 05-Jan-16 16:54:04

I know the feeling of embarrassment I gave birth 7 weeks ago today and my piles are very painful I'm using anusol and find it great over the weekend mine where really sore i was crying with the pain I also had a epi forceps delivery that pain was gone after about two weeks. Hope your feeling better soon as others have said speak with your gp getting them looked at and treated is much better than everyday pain.

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