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When can i use soap after c section?

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mrsjoker35 Sun 20-Dec-15 21:08:41

4days after having my c section i asked my mw and she said just water,dont put anything in bath etc.
That was a week ago now, had my c section on the 8th. The dressing is off and its closed ,i had dissolvable stitches
Since ive just as MW said ,just water.
Is it okay to put soap into my bath and to wash myself with shower gel and whatnot? I hate not using anything lol

OddSocksHighHeels Mon 21-Dec-15 16:33:30

I can't remember exactly but it's more that you don't want soap on the scar itself, you can still definitely use it on the rest of your body!

I think I was told to leave the scar alone for a week or so but I can't remember exactly now.

Artandco Mon 21-Dec-15 16:40:39

I wouldn't use soap until it's fully healed as you don't want soap going inside.

You could add some tea tree to the water though as its a natural antiseptic so will help keep it clean.

doodlejump1980 Mon 21-Dec-15 16:42:00

Day 2 for me. All my stitches were internal and the MW put on a clean dressing after I was out the shower. Best shower of my life!

TaliZorah Mon 21-Dec-15 16:43:06

You can use soap anywhere that's not the scar.

I had a bath with bubbles 4 weeks after.

Doublebubblebubble Mon 21-Dec-15 16:45:06

I had my Cs 9 weeks ago. When I had the shower in the hospital I just used my usual shower gel and then when I got out I made sure that there was nothing on the wound and that it was dry (pressure dressing replaced too!). I hadn't been told not to use smellies and I'm fine. X

Doublebubblebubble Mon 21-Dec-15 16:45:36

Congrats too by the way x

ArcticCactus Fri 25-Dec-15 19:55:30

In the shower, it's fine once it's sealed ( 48 hours for me, your mileage may vary.)my first post Cs shower was bliss! Better to keep it clean, I was told to wash as normal

If you don't want to touch the scar, apply the soap above it and just let the water run over it. After a few days you can shower as normal.
I left it two weeks before having a bath but only because I didn't have time and getting in and out was a pain.

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