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Mucousy blood in poo - CMP allergy?

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birchwoods Tue 15-Dec-15 11:48:54

Long one, sorry...

About three weeks ago my ebf DD (3.5 months then) had a little bit of bloody mucous in a few nappies. It happened in a couple of nappies each evening for about three days. The blood was red and it was separate from the poo, like bloody snot (nice!). The doctor said it's most likely a burst blood vessel from explosive poos and not to worry (she has always pooed frequently and they are often explosive, I think as I have had an oversupply of milk, but that seems to have calmed down a bit now).
All was fine for a couple of weeks, no more blood. Then last Weds she (now 4 months) had a bit of mucousy blood again in a couple of nappies during the evening, and again on Thursday and Friday evening. The one on Friday evening was more blood that she's had before so I called 111 and got an OOO apt on Sat morning. The Dr referred us to the hospital so we spent all day there on Sat. Paediatrician doesn't know what's causing it or why it would just be in the evening but has suggested eliminating dairy in case it's an allergy to cows milk proteins. She had a blood test to rule out clotting disorder etc...all fine.

I have previously cut out dairy for two weeks as she used to regurgitate whole feeds a few times a week (again, always in the evening, usually last feed of the night) but that stopped suddenly when she reached about 12 weeks, as the Dr predicted. Cutting out dairy made no difference to the sicking.

My question is, if she did have a CMP allergy, would she have more symptoms than occasional bloody mucous in her poo? She is a very well baby, occasionally fussy but not often, feeds well and is putting on weight well, sleeps up to 6 or 7 hrs a night (or she did until she hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression), is happy, smiley, alert, doesn't seem uncomfortable or colicky. She does posset quite a lot and it is sometimes quite clear liquid rather than digested milk but not always. I don't think it's any more frequently than any other baby. Would the symptoms come and go? She had over two weeks of no blood between occurrences.

Has anyone else got a baby with a CMP allergy? Did they seem uncomfortable and like something was wrong? What symptoms did they have?

I cut out dairy from Saturday and she has had a very small amount of pinky red mucousy blood in a big poo she just did today but has had none apart from that since Friday evening.

If you've got to the end of this well done!

Junosmum Thu 17-Dec-15 22:31:45

No personal experience but a good friend of mine EBF her little girl who at 5 months was diagnosed with CMP allergy- my friend had also been diagnosed with PND (it's related). Her little girl screamed and screamed, constantly. Her poo was runny and green, more so than usual and she used to be so distressed (and in so much pain) that even when asleep she would cry, just noiselessly. The doctors refused to take my friend seriously, making her out to be a bad mum, hence the PND diagnosis- it was just to shut her rather than help. No wonder she felt down, her tiny daughter was in agony.

Within 3 days of her cutting out dairy (suggestion by a friend) her daughter was an entirely different baby.

I now several other children with CMP, all of whom displayed similar, if not as severe, symptoms as above. Some also had bloody mucus in stools, but it was always accompanied by other symptoms.

Junosmum Thu 17-Dec-15 22:32:07


ArcticCactus Fri 25-Dec-15 20:04:38

If it's just a bit of mucous and blood, it's likely fine. Ds had this and we panicked (first time parents, both scientists, I've worked on gut disorders, thus a little knowledge=paranoia.)

Docs said it's totally normal. The internal tissue is very delicate do it's easy to pop a blood vessel when doing a megapoo. If there are no other symptoms and weight gain is normal, is not worry.

There's a tendency up want a magic bullet/single factor answer to all baby issues ( evening crying, colic etc) and I see CPMi and lactose intolerance suggested here a lot. These are both pretty rare in white Northern European populations.

If you have weight loss, more than little steaks of blood, wheezing or rashes then yes, you may have an issue but a bit of mucousy blood and terrifyingly explosive poop is par for the course.

Ds pooped up into his hood last week. Impressive ....shock

kiwiquest Sun 17-Jan-16 20:18:43

DD is CMPI she was mixed fed from 2 weeks. Her main symptoms were projectile vomiting (like mount Vesuvius eruption!!) way more than any other baby I knew. Also arching her back and screaming and screaming after feeds. Problem is that although I felt she wasn't right these symptoms are just passed off as colicy behaviour so we didn't get a diagnosis. Quite frankly if an adult was screaming in agony the way my DD used to you would call 999....but with a small baby you sit on the sofa and cry because your GP has called you a (silly) tired new mum and don't you know this is what babies do???......bitter, much. Any way I digress, so it wasn't until she started producing bloody nappies that we got a refural to hospital and diagnosis of cmpi. DD was only doing bloody nappies in morning (coincided with digestion of evening bottle of formula) then got better during day. Her poos were really green, mucousy and streaked with blood (sorry tmi). She's been on Neocate ever since and been fine. I will say it made absolutely no difference to her sleeping! If they are a good sleeper they will sleep, if they're not, they won't.

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