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helpp?! Anyone

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Fatty12 Tue 08-Dec-15 16:11:26

Hello .. looking for some support before i go crazyy!!

Okay, soo basically i have a DS who is 11 weeks old and i'm 24 and a first time mother hence why EVERYTHINGS making me panic!

Okay so for he past few weeks my back and legs have been aching like mad! Well actually most of my body has. When i bend down my knees ache, when im walking up and down stairs my ankles and legs hurt. Lastnight i woke up too a tiingly feeling in my fingers and just above my top lip. (I get twitching in face/legs too but i know thats normal because of stress so not as bothered about that. Plus iv had that for years!

Im not sure why all this is happening and its just giving me unneccasry stress. Its still early days since iv had baby and really dont want to fall into pnd by getting paranoid that there must be something majorly wrong.

Just to add my iron is very low and i had another blood test lastweek which has showed my vitamin D extremely low so i'm on some strong capsules - twice a week for 8 weeks which iv started today. I vaguely remember someone from work having low vit D and having most of the symptoms i have but Dr Google tells me something else.

Lack of sleep, poor diet, moving in to our own property at the time when the baby arrived, im sure all contribute to this but can someone please tell me if theyve experienced something similer to this? Maybe the support from mumsnetters will help me to stay positive and find solutions rather than sit in bed and stress making things worse.

Never knew the importance of the post natal phase, how vulnerable i'v become.

KaluzaKlein1 Thu 10-Dec-15 12:34:04

Nine weeks post cs. I ache all over. I had hyperemesis the whole way through my pregnancy and then spd and it's just depleted my reserves so much. I feel a hundred years old- getting up from sitting in the floor is a struggle sad

I'd say most of your symptoms fall into 'shit but probably not uncommon' except the tingly feeling. Can you describe that a bit more? If it was just your hands I'd say you'd been lying funny and cut off the circulation but tingling in the face isn't normal. Was it on one side or both?

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