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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.


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Llouh Sun 22-Nov-15 18:04:19

How long did you wait after giving birth to have sex? Or is there a set time you are meant to wait?

I want to crack on again but I'm only 3 weeks pp and nervous!

trebleclef101 Sun 22-Nov-15 21:33:36

I think health care professionals generally recommend waiting until your 6 week check up, but to be honest I think that if you feel ready then crack on!

I waited 8 weeks, but I had an episiotomy and stitches (sorry if that is TMI!) so didn't feel ready until then. I was really nervous as well, but my OH was very understanding.

No one will no better than you if you are ready.

bonzo77 Sun 22-Nov-15 21:51:48

We did it after 2 weeks with the first 2, around 3-4 with our third. All CSs though. Whenever you do it, use contraception!! Even if you are ebf. It is quite possible to get pregnant straight away. You don't want to be asking for a new midwife referral at your 6 week check!

OhMakeMeOver Sun 22-Nov-15 22:24:14

I felt ready at 3 months. Had epi, tear inside and out and lacerations. Ugh.

They say 6 weeks, but whenever you want really, though I think your at risk of infection as everything hasn't "closed up" yet?? Or because you're bleeding you're open more than usual? Don't quote me!

Just wrap it first!

Haworthiia Mon 23-Nov-15 14:54:20

It's really up to you but be aware that it's not just your external parts that need to heal - when the placenta detaches it leaves a pretty big wound and that's theoretically open to infection
Oh and use contraception- my midwife was hammering this point home last time I saw her. Breastfeeding provides a degree of protection but she says she sees a lot of babies conceived at six weeks!

Fuzzyduck21 Sat 05-Dec-15 00:26:05

Whenever you feel ready but they say 6 wks as it gives a chance for the cervix to close which prevents bacteria getting in. We waited till around 8 weeks I think. Use loads of lube. It hurt initially but now, a few weeks in, its much better. Better than before baby in fact!!

DramaAlpaca Sat 05-Dec-15 01:10:01

Just before the six week check up.

artisanroast Sun 06-Dec-15 00:19:14

I waited 3-4 weeks but still had lochia. I didn't realise at the time there is a risk of infection if you have sex before the lochia stops. Mine only stopped at 9 weeks post-partum.

Sex is still a bit sore and uncomfortable. I feel tighter now than I did before. Is that a thing?!?! I had a very small episiotomy.

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