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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Floppy vaginal wall!

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Fuzzyduck21 Wed 04-Nov-15 11:06:50

Have been told at 6 wk check that after some discomfort it seems I have a floppy back wall in my vagina..... What can I do about it? Doc wasn't very forthcoming and I asked whether pelvic floor exercises would help. She thought so...but should I be doing anything else? Now terrified of sex with hubby in case if feels like throwing a sausage up the high street.

Anyone got any good pelvic floor tips or experience of a 'floppy' vag (that's for using that word doc, it made me feel great!!) xx

Fuzzyduck21 Wed 04-Nov-15 11:07:31

*thanks for using that word doc

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