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breastfeeding woes

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nehagupta07 Mon 26-Oct-15 14:55:33

First post on mumsnet. Really desperate as my lo ( now 4 weeks) didnt latch for first three weeks. Had tongue tie which got sorted on day 3 but getting mixed views from mid wives tht he still is. Bites my nipples but dont want to give up of breast feeding. Pls help!

ateapotandacake Tue 27-Oct-15 17:25:04

Hugs. There's some really great BF support groups on Facebook- great for instant answers! Also a group near you- look at your nearest sure start centre. Are you expressing? Keep offering the boob. The biting- is it definitely biting or just painful latch? What do they midwives say about your latch? And if the midwives aren't sure about the tie- who did the procedure and can you get a second opinion? In fact- definitely get a second opinion! Sorry for so many questions! What changed at week 3 to make LO start latching?

anothernumberone Tue 27-Oct-15 17:31:17

Have you tried nipple shields. I had fairly flat nipples and ds was tt. We used shields for 7 weeks before getting a decent latch. The laid back breast feeding position essentially where you lounge on the couch and turn the baby to face you was by far the best position plus you could keep repositioning to move to a place that does not hurt. I also took neurofen for the pain until my nipples healed as they were totally shredded.

anothernumberone Tue 27-Oct-15 17:33:08

He might be biting as the tongue tie revision is hurting but ds used to clamp my boob as it was the only way he could attach due to the shallow latch the laid back position gave him a deeper latch as Gravity was working in his favour.

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