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Post natal depression

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skipperz Sat 08-Aug-15 05:06:02

Hi there, I'm new to this but would really like to get some advice on post-natal depression.

I am a first time mother to a 6 month old who I adore but have been feeling increasingly low and unhappy. I am naturally a shy person and have found it very difficult to strike up friendships with other mums despite joining an NCT antenatal group. All the other mums have since gone on to forge good friendships and I have been left on the outskirts and very rarely invited to things. I have found since having my daughter I suffer terribly from insomnia despite her now sleeping well and I also have awful social anxiety which sometimes really stops me getting out and meeting new people at baby groups. Even when I try I end up saying silly things or getting tongue tied.

I've lost the motivation and drive that I used to have before having a baby and constantly feel tired, unattractive, useless and underachieving and feel older than my years at 32. I keep thinking I should get my hair cut and buy new clothes but I can't be bothered and financially my husband and I are very tight at the moment.

I have only left my daughter for 2 hours with my parents since having her and feel it might be time to get some 'me' time but always feel hugely anxious about leaving her and/ or a bad mother for wanting to get away.

I think my main problem is loneliness but it's very hard to get out of the cycle with every little rejection I face from other mothers when going to groups whether it being sitting next to someone new who doesn't say hello or seeing members of my nct group on Facebook doing things together having not been invited, it just fires up my social anxiety even more!

My husband is lovely but I don't think he quite understands how bad I am and I don't like opening up and talking to my parents or friends as I don't want to be judged as I feel so useless feeling like this when I want to be enjoying every last second with my daughter. I also don't want to go to doctor as I hate the idea of going on anti-depressants plus I don't think I'd actually get the words out as I'd cry the whole way through the consultation!

What I'd love is to go to a group that deals with PND where you can meet other people also struggling with similar issues. Do these exist? And has anyone had similar to what I'm experiencing and come out OK on the other side? And any advice on how best to tackle it?

icklekid Sat 08-Aug-15 06:37:45

Yes there are definitely groups but specific to your area near me is this one for example might be worth seeing gp about some support but not anti depressants -they should be able to suggest places to get support? Good luck

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