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Losing the weight

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BlinkAndMiss Thu 02-Jul-15 07:33:35

I've put on a lot of weight being pregnant with my 2nd, I was under the impression that a lot of it was fluid but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere so perhaps not. I lost a stone straight afterwards but I've got about 3 to go. Because I was so ill for the final 3 months of my pregnancy I thought that once the baby arrived and I was back on my feet then the weight would fall off. I've been eating healthily, running around after my toddler and drinking lots of water to flush out my system. I've just got on the scales and in the last 2 weeks I've lost - nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I know that I need to join a weight loss group, I have one locally that I used to go to so that's not a problem, I just wanted to lose as much as I could before hand just by healthy eating and natural changes in my metabolism. I find diets hard to stick to, hence wanting to wait a bit. I had my baby 3 weeks ago, is anyone else experiencing the same difficulties? It's making me really depressed not being able to fit into even the largest clothes I own, I'm contemplating buying more maternity clothes just so I have something to wear.

I just want to start feeling 'normal' again sad.

Roseybee10 Thu 02-Jul-15 08:33:50

I found both times that I lost initially and then my body hung on to it for a while. Both times I didn't lose much between 3-9 weeks pp and then it started coming off again.
I gained 4 stone with dd1 and had it off by 6 months after. (Weight watchers) then lost an additional 2 stone.
Dd2 I gained 1.5 stone and lost it all by about 14 weeks post baby.

It's horrible at that point where it's sticking as you so desperately want to feel like you again. Give yourself small targets and treat yourself often with a new outfit or nails or makeup when you hit your mini target.

I would say wait til 6 weeks pp then maybe try weight watchers or something to help you.

Congratulations btw xx

BlinkAndMiss Fri 03-Jul-15 00:52:22

Thank you Rosey I feel a lot better after reading your reply smile. I've gained 4 stone this time so I'm very eager to get rid of it, and more because I was a bit overweight before I got pregnant. Your experience gives me hope! I'll wait until my 6 week check and then join up, until then I'll just persevere. I think I'm just really impatient and this heat is not helping matters at all.

Thanks again, and well done on your great weight loss!

Roseybee10 Fri 03-Jul-15 02:07:45

I think after a couple of weeks you start feeling better physically and then you start to feel impatient because you just desperately want to look like yourself again. It's so hard to remind yourself you just gave birth. I think it's worse the second time as you feel better physically more quickly.

I don't think I fully appreciated just what my body had been through either time tbh. I think we 'know' but we put that out of our heads because we just want to feel good again.

It's definitely doable. I'm in better shape physically now than I was before kids, apart from my tummy which will never be the same again and that's something I do find hard to accept. But then dd1 tells me she loves my tummy as she lived there ( cried when she said that, she's only 2.9). She's asked me what my stretch marks are and I've told her they're my 'livvie lines' (that's her nick name). I so desperately want her and her sister to have a more positive body image than I do.

I did some Jillian Michael's workouts too which I've found really effective for toning up. They're broken into small chunks which is really handy when you've got two kids and I find even ten mins 4-5 times a week has really made a difference.

I did try and do too much too quickly though and no amount of people telling me off stopped me. If you can, try and give yourself til 10/12 weeks before starting any hard exercise regime. Walking is probably perfect to start with.

How old is your dc1? X

BlinkAndMiss Sun 05-Jul-15 10:33:37

I don't think I appreciate it either, it's so different with the second one because life has to carry on as usual and I'm being so impatient. My DS1 is 2 years 7 months, he's partly the reason I'm impatient because I literally couldn't do anything with him for the last 3 months so I feel like I need to make up for lost time (which isn't the case at all). I've sort of realised I'm not ready for physical activity today because I've been really busy for 2 days and now my boobs are engorged again sad. I'm not breastfeeding and they'd pretty much gone back to normal until now, but walking on the stairs hurts again so I guessing should be taking it more easy.

Thanks for the Jillian Michaels recommendation, the small chunks of exercise sounds ideal smile.

I totally agree with encouraging a positive body image, mine has always been so negative and I know that stems from my own mum and her body issues. I'd hate to pass this on to my children, it's exhausting being stuck in a body you loathe. I wouldn't want them to struggle like me.

Thanks again for the advice, people in RL don't appreciate how it feels at all.

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