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How do I tell dp I'm not ok?

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Moobaloo Wed 17-Jun-15 20:05:22

I'm cracking up and I don't know what yo do. It's all too much. The mess. Never getting alone time away from demanding one year old. Dp annoying me. I don't feel like I can keep going. I shout and he helps me tidy and then it gets messy again and I can't cope.

minkGrundy Wed 17-Jun-15 20:11:09

Ok I am assuming you are at home/he is working?

If you need alone time, instrad of waiting intil you are cracking up set a regular time/times every week when it is his turn e.g. Saturday morning, wednesday night. Go out of the house on one of those so he has no option but to get on with it and get him to go out on the other, with his dc.

Write down a list of all the jobs that get done round the house, ask him which he is going to do and make them his job. Don't ask/tell him just assume that as thete are his jovs he will do them. Of you are at home all the time then I am assuming more of the tasks fall to you but he still has to do some.

Also put the kettle on. Right now. Sit down. Have a nice cup of tea and say fuck it. all.

Newtobecomingamum Wed 17-Jun-15 21:41:27


I found going swimming on a Wednesday night and Saturday morning all by myself was like a bloody drug and id look foragers to it all week. During that time you can just switch off, float and swim and unwind. Plus is your local leisure centre has a sauna or steam room nip in there too and have a chill out.

If you organise and you have to be proactive about it, set dates and times and tell OH that you are going out for a couple of hours etc you will notice a huge difference to how how you feel!

I felt like I was cracking up and by introducing me time twice a week, whether it was swimming or having a bath reading a book etc made a HUGE difference.

I felt calmer, more in control, less stressed and helped me sleep better.

And like Mink says above... Sometimes you really do just have to say fuck it... Lol and eat a piece of cake!! flowers

You will get through this.., we all have our difficult times. X

Newtobecomingamum Wed 17-Jun-15 21:42:54

BIG piece of cake... Or maybe the whole bloody thing if it's a really bad day!! cake

Roseybee10 Wed 17-Jun-15 22:23:52

I'm the same. Stuck in tiny flat, toddler and baby, mess everywhere no matter how much I clean. Feel like the walls are closing in.
My mum's started taking the girls one afternoon a week to let me get on top of my housework and I actually look forward to cleaning guilt free. It's made such a difference!!!

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