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Uncontrollable flatulence

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Lilybo7 Wed 17-Jun-15 05:32:11

I gave birth 6 days ago and had a forceps / episiotomy and stitches but ever since I have the most embarrassing farts. I have no control over these and can't stop them. I even had some bowel leakage I could not control the other day.
Midwife says it's related to pelvic floor but I cannot even feel these 'back' muscles to try and exercise them and worried it could be nerve damage when the cut was made. Does anybody else have this problem? Not sure what to do if midwife not taking seriously.

TheMoa Wed 17-Jun-15 06:09:22

6 days is very early still.

If you still have problems at your 6 week post natal check, your GP will refer you on.

My first baby was born via forceps, and the bruising down there was apparently a sight to behold. I'm totally fine now, but at the time I was considered a great case for student midwives grin.

The episiotomy cut will have been graded, do you know how deeply they cut?

Don't worry too much though. I couldn't 'feel' a poo for weeks after the birth (just pressure, no pain etc.), which was something of a blessing.

Do the exercises, and you will 'feel' them more as the swelling subsides.

Lonz Wed 17-Jun-15 16:47:13

I think most women feel like they don't have any muscles down there after having a baby. I didn't. I was upset because for the first time in my life I coughed and leaked. o.O
6 days is very early. Do your pelvic floors as much as possible. Even if you can't feel them, they're still doing something. I was doing mine in hospital and couldn't feel anything because of anaesthetic.

TheMoa Epi's are graded? How do you find that out?

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