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Struggling to sleep

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Whoami24601 Fri 05-Jun-15 08:20:12

That would be me, not my lovely baby! He's an absolute dream - 4 weeks old and feeding twice through the night. He settles well inbetween as well. The problem is that I'm struggling to fall asleep after his feeds. Last night I couldn't sleep until about midnight. He woke at 230 for a feed, then went back to sleep. I, however, was awake from 230 til 6 when he finished his next feed! I just can't seem to switch my brain off at all. DH works 14 hours today, and I also have a 3 yo DD so no chance of a nap at all sad

Does anyone have any relaxation tips? I can't cope like this for much longer!

Whoami24601 Fri 05-Jun-15 11:05:16

Anyone at all??

Newtobecomingamum Sun 07-Jun-15 17:57:01

Hi, where is baby sleeping? Do you have black out blinds? Is the baby making noises throughout the night keeping you awake? Is there anything in particular that you have on your mind that you are worrying about? What are you thinking about when you can't sleep? x

Whoami24601 Mon 08-Jun-15 02:40:19

Yes baby is in our room. He is indeed a very noisy sleeper grin though that has not bothered me until now. His big sister was exactly the same! I don't know what I can do about that unless he's sleeping through (DD started at 6 weeks, so we moved her into her own room shock)

I don't think about anything in particular, just what I have to do tomorrow, what I'm going to wear, anything on my to do list etc. The list is endless!

I tried deep breathing, but DH snoring is not very relaxing!

Newtobecomingamum Mon 08-Jun-15 15:47:51

Is the baby sleeping with you or in Moses basket? Do you have an angel care alarm?

Could you place the Moses basket/bed furthest away from you in the room so you don't hear the normal whining baby noises that they make whilst sleeping, with the reassurance of the angel care alarm that will go off if any issues etc.

Husband... Sorry to be harsh, but YOU need your sleep. Is there another room he can sleep in until things are more settled? My husband slept for 6m during pregnancy in spare room as he fidgets and when heavily pregnant I had so many pillows there was no space for him lol. Then when baby was born, more for his sake first 6m he spent in other room as he had to go to work and although he helped out with feeds or whenever I needed in him at night we both found it easier him sleeping in other room.

Obviously you don't need to be as excessive as me, but would your husband surely not understand that it's vital for your wellbeeing and that of the childrens that you get enough sleep and his snoring isn't helping. Even if if was for a month or two until baby fingers crossed starts sleeping through?

Relaxation... One thing that made me feel so much better was going swimming! Can hubby babysit why you go swimming a few times a week, just you on your own (that space by yourself helps clear you head) and swimming is light exercise and helps you relax. This helped me so much with sleeping!!

If you are getting no time to yourself (which I found at start) then your mind can never switch off and it goes into over drive? With swimming, or even going for a long walk, getting stuck into a book outside of the house with no children!! Helps your mind declutter and will help relax you which will help you sleep better.

Also do you think much coffee or coke etc? This can contribute to over stimulation which makes your mind go into overtime at night making it difficult to sleep x

Newtobecomingamum Mon 08-Jun-15 15:49:10

Drink not think!

Whoami24601 Wed 10-Jun-15 09:36:39

Baby is currently in a basket at side of the room. I honestly don't think I could put him far enough away that I wouldn't hear him! He constantly snuffles and moans, with the occasional trick cry thrown in for good measure!

The husband does snore, but its not constant. I really miss him when he's not in my bed and find it harder to sleep without him (not looking forward to this weekend when he goes to download for 3 nights sad!) I find a swift elbow in the ribs shuts him up haha.

Exercise/ caffeine/ time to myself is a good point. I am not currently exercising. I don't really enjoy swimming tbh; my sport of choice is running. I'm planning to restart, but its recommended to wait until your postnatal check, which is next week. I'll have my trainers on ASAP after that!

I do drink a lot of coffee ATM, just trying to keep myself conscious! I probably do need to cut back, at least in the evenings anyway.

The only time I get to myself at the minute is if DH gets home early (he works evenings and doesn't normally get in til 10 or later) I go for a drive out to the supermarket for an hour. Not much but it's better than nothing! When I can go running that will be my time to myself. I can't wait!

Thanks for the advice, hope I've answered all your questions!

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