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Midwives - Help!

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BeeJay24 Fri 15-May-15 22:16:14

Hi, I was hoping if there are any midwives out there you could help me please? Is there a basic/blanket procedure for assisting women the first time they mobilise to the toilet or shower after giving birth to first baby. I gave birth to a healthy boy almost a year ago. Birth was a bit tough as he was in a funny position so epidural went in, episiotomy and forceps delivery. I was also catheterised. I had above normal blood loss. Less than 24hours after having baby I thought as a new mum I felt normal...tired, a bit weak but ok. Unaware of my blood loss I was left to go to the shower on the maternity ward, pushing baby in cot...I blacked out, fell, dislocated and fractured my ankle. Long story short, the same day, I had the ankle fixed with plate and screws but I couldn't carry my newborn baby for about 8 weeks as I couldn't walk. I still fear the injury and I feel it every day. It's made me hugely depressed at times. Should someone have insisted I be accompanied to the shower?? Any help very much appreciated. Thank you.

Newtobecomingamum Fri 29-May-15 06:04:56

Hi, so sorry to read about your experience!! I had quite a traumatic birth and literally after giving birth there was no support for me by MW. I had violently been sick all over myself, needed hours of stitching, dried blood everywhere and I needed cleaning. I hadn't eaten in nearly 24h as I kept being sick etc, they hadn't released my bladder it was so full but I couldn't tell because of epidural etc. My husband had to fight to get me some toast!! Help drag me to a shower unit and clean me down as I couldn't move. They offered no support or help! It wasn't for my husband god knows what I would have done. I ended up discharging myself 2h after giving birth (was my first) as I was traumatised my it in there and no MWs came to see if I was ok after in the empty ward. Only the doctor to check baby over. Best thing ever was to go home a husband could take proper care of me.

That is bloody awful what they did to you!! I would make a complaint about your treatment and maybe see a councillor or speak to GP about the experience.

Obviously not all MWs are that bad and I know many people have had great experiences. But obviously in our situation they really let us down Xxx

Lonelylass1218 Mon 01-Jun-15 22:26:21

Sorry about your experience, I was a student midwife and always checked in ladies. Once catheter was taken out I encourage to drink water and called back after an hour to tell them to go to the toilet. I would tell them to stand up on their own but be beside them and if the wobbled then I would tell them to wait a few mins and try again with them if they where fine once they got up then I wouldnlet them do things on there own as the have a buzzer for help and I would be checking each lady every 39 mins and able to hear someone call for help. I do not know if there is a protocol for this. Check if your hospital has a birth after service where you can discuss it with someone

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