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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Post C Section UTI

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MummyPidge Sat 02-May-15 04:20:21

I had an EMCS 6 months ago, a couple of months ago I believe I had a bladder infection which went away on its own after a couple of days. On Wednesday I had extreme D&V for most of the day and slept nearly all day, I thought I had food poisoning. Yesterday I noticed that the symptoms of the bladder infection had returned - I do not have burning pain, or itchiness, it is purely very strong smelling wee and back/side pain- my previous time I was also needing to wee a lot, this hasn't occurred this time- I did a bit of googling and I believe the D&V and symptoms are related and are a UTI.

Is it possible that the Catheter I had post EMCS has caused this, is this something that has happened to anyone else? I obviously can't go to the doctor now til Tuesday (am watching my wee every time I go, at the minute it is clear, just very strong smelling) if it gets bloody or cloudy I will get someone to take me to a&e I suppose.

I'm very worried, and can't stop googling, worried I'm now going to be stuck with recurrent infections and kidney problems!

Can anyone provide any help/calming/advice? I'm up at 4am with a teething baby who is also not very well with diarrhoea herself (I'm wondering if the D&V is unconnected to my symptoms and just because the baby is ill too.

Sorry for the wall of text, thanks if you have read this far and have any advice for me smile

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