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Don't spare me- what's going on down there??

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Cisforcat Thu 16-Apr-15 11:57:09


I have birth 2 weeks ago vaginally to my second dc. He was 8lb 2 oz at birth and I only had apparently a labial tear so a tiny stich.

I've today looked ' down there' and my vagina looks massive! It goes nearly to my bum hole and looks much bigger than before. ( and feels it too)

Is this normal? My epidiotomy scar from my first Dc is now no longer at the bottom of my vagjna and im really worried it's not normal.

I'm not in pain and surely the MW would have done something at the time if it was torn? ( I also had a mw check my stitches a week after I gave birth) and she said it all looked fine.

Am I just being paranoid? Is this normal for childbirth and will it affect sex? ( the opening is now much bigger )

sleepyhead Thu 16-Apr-15 12:00:59

Normal ime. A good reason not to look 2 weeks postpartum, but I couldn't help myself - tbh I'd been expecting worse grin

It'll change over the next few weeks/months. Maybe not exactly the same but nearly.

Do your pelvic floors!

steppemum Thu 16-Apr-15 12:04:55

mine took ages to get back to normal size. But it did in the end grin

gamerchick Thu 16-Apr-15 12:07:32

Do your pelvic floors and stop looking.

Roomaloo Wed 22-Apr-15 17:20:32

I don't see how your perineum can come back if it's gone. Though it's a bit weird if you didn't have a tear. I guess it could have stretched but I'd have thought it would look gapey rather than further back iyswim

FernGullysWoollyPully Wed 22-Apr-15 17:27:32

I've done my pelvic floors religiously and mine is still like that! I've had 4 dc all vaginally, 2 episiotomies and a tear and my foof is totally different to how it once was.
It is normal. It doesn't affect my sex life nor have I had any trouble with incontinence, it's something I've got used to.

Marry123 Sun 06-Dec-15 11:38:31

Hi Cisforcat

It looks like I have the same issue. My perineum is nearly gone sad I was told I didnt tear just had a small grazing but it looks like my tear was missed. I wasn't sore or anything so not sure how it all happened. I had my son 6 weeks ago. How everything resolved with you? Any improvement? I'm going to see my gyno tomorrow as I think I will need an operation to rebuild my perineum sadsadsad devastated sad

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