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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

umbilical cord advice?

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eastcoastmum2014 Tue 10-Feb-15 10:22:06

Hi all! Just a quick question really just wondering if anyone else has had this? My DD is 3 weeks tomorrow and yesterday her cord finally fell off but left a chunk of black wizened cord attached to the button? Its dry and black and there isn't any redness or swelling but it has bled a small amount at the bottom (there was a little spot of blood on her vest) She seems her normal self ... Should I just wait for the rest to fall off or does this warrant a trip to the gp? .... Sorry confused and overprotective first time mum blush

DropYourSword Tue 10-Feb-15 10:25:16

Wow, she kept it on a while! Unless it's red, smelly, swollen, leaking pus or looks any way infected I don't think it needs a GP visit. Make sure you always wash your hands before touching anywhere near the cord stump, keep it clean and dry. A spot or two of blood is nothing to worry about.

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