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Life after forceps and an episiotomy... (*TMI*)

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mrsnlw Mon 09-Feb-15 12:33:45

I had a long labour (approx 4 hours) which resulted in an episiotomy and low level forceps delivery of our son who was 8lb 11. Now 6 months on, I am still tender inside during intimacy or even inserting a tampon. Is this normal? I asked my GP not long after our son was born and was tested for any infections, and told it was just part of the healing process. I'm now 6 months post natal and although it's not so bad, it still hurts!

Has anyone else had similar experience?

mrsnlw Mon 09-Feb-15 12:34:22

24 not 4!!!!

Onsera3 Mon 09-Feb-15 12:46:58

I was going to say that 4 hrs isn't too bad!

I actually did have a 4 hour labour and no forceps or stitches but I did have some pain for quite a while afterwards.

One thing I think that caused it was my super low estogen levels afterwards from breastfeeding. But you have your period so that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

The other thing I'm wondering about is a prolapse.

This can be caused by long labours with bigger babies.

So basically the uterus, bowel, or bladder (or a combo!) fall down somewhat and press into the vagina. So your husband could be hitting your cervix during sex as could you with the tampon.

Have you had a feel around in there? Do so while standing up in shower.

My Gynae Physio said about 50% of women experience some degree of prolapse after birth.

I did! I went to my GP and she examined me (lying down) and said it was fine. I went to my Gynae and they said it wasn't.

So basically my cervix is way lower down than it was so gets easily bumped during sex and is a bother with tampons.

mrsnlw Mon 09-Feb-15 12:57:15

My GP did have a look but she didnt say anything worth noting and TBH the pain is more on the insertion and once in, the pain subsides somewhat and doesnt last. Perhaps scarring. Maybe worth a check with my GP and referral?

Onsera3 Mon 09-Feb-15 13:09:30

Dryness can cause pain.

It could be scarring but supposedly vaginas heal very well. This is what I was told by my Gynae after he performed surgery on mine. He had to remove a section and stitch it and it didn't give me pain after it was healed. But everyone is different.

TBH I wouldn't take a GP's word that everything is fine if it is still painful. As I said, my GP said everything was fine and it took my Gynae literally seconds to diagnose it wasn't.

If it keeps bothering you I would push for a referral. There might be a solution out there for you.

jugglingmonkey Mon 09-Feb-15 13:13:35

I had a similar labour, 38 hours, ventouse, episiotomy. It has taken a good 12 months to feel fully ok during sex/tampon etc. But do push for a referral if you are worried.

Anerak Mon 09-Feb-15 13:18:33

I had the same after a similar labour with my first child and the pain lasted, honestly, about 1 year - I think it was bruising but it's interesting to hear it could be a prolapse, I never considered that

sparkysparkysparky Sun 15-Feb-15 19:28:54

Based on my bitter experience of the same sort of thing - get a referral. And don't settle for platitudes.

Retti Tue 23-Jun-15 19:20:05

I am currently going through the motions with this. I was induced was only 7.5 hours labour but had been at the hospital all day and most of my labour was spent pushing, baby was fine but he got stuck and I had swelled up that much from pushing that long he had no way of being pushed out. The pain relief had wore out and it was agony with this little head stuck in my pelvis. I had a forceps delivery and episiotomy and im 19 months on still having problems. Two Drs said I had no prolapse, was referred to gyne to be told I had Endometriosis, had a laparoscopy and found nothing. Now being referred to Gastro and for an ultrasound but it is taking so long to find out the cause as Ive got a few symptoms aswell as painful sex that have all started since I gave birth & mainly all I want to do is be able to have sex with my partner! Its a fight but make sure you get referred even to rule things out, its not in your head DO NOT be palmed off. Good luck! Xx


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