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Post c section

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Aley009 Wed 24-Dec-14 14:25:49

So I had a c section a week ago and I feel fine blood pressure ok so far few aches and pains but bleeding ok and scar healing well.

Only thing is, I was given those blood thinner injections . A weeks worth and now ive finished them I am freakinf out I will get a Blood clot I know that seeing as I have had the injections chances are slim as they are to prevent them but I have a fear of blood clots and have for a while. Did anyone else feel this way?

superbfairywren Wed 31-Dec-14 08:32:38

I had these injections after my section 4 weeks ago and didn't really think about it but was glad to stop injecting myself to be honest. If it helps, the risk is low especially if you are recovering well. Try to keep as active as you can without overdoing it, listen to your body and rest when it tells you to. I am 4weeks on and haven't had any problems. I think the blood thinners are just a precaution so try not to worry. Hopefully you can concentrate on your baby and getting back to normal.

mistymorningmemories Wed 31-Dec-14 08:37:37

If you're up and active then the risk of blood clots is very small. Are you still getting visits from mw or hv? If so have a chat with them so they can put your mind at rest. Personally, I was just glad not to have to do the injections any more!

Showy Wed 31-Dec-14 08:48:25

After a week of thinners I was walking dd to school, ds in a sling, 2 miles twice a day. Plus dh was back at work so I was up and running a house, changing nappies, cooking etc. I was way too active through necessity.

Thinners are a precaution and a great one. But you should be up and about enough that they are not necessary by now. The postnatal mind is tricksy and does tend to focus in on vanishingly rare risks, a wee bit obsessively sometimes. Post dc1 my big fear was the bathroom lock breaking, me getting stuck in there and dd being abandoned to certain death. Oh I laugh now.

mrsmilkymoo Wed 31-Dec-14 10:05:37

Were you given the compression stockings to wear too? If so, they will also help. But really you should be fine unless you're completely immobile. Even just pottering around the house, going up the stairs occasionally, will make sure your blood keeps moving. I was lucky as my c section was in the summer so I could easily get out for short walks. not sure I'd want to now though with it being so icy!

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