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Difficulty getting back to normal after emcs and infection. Exhausted

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ViXter11 Sat 15-Nov-14 21:36:58

Hi I had a beautiful baby boy 9 weeks ago by emcs I already have a DD who is 5. I feel utterly blessed but physically and mentally exhausted. I am breastfeeding on demand and also have you supplement and pump so as soon as I have finished I have to start again. Ecms was very unpkeasant and a bit traumatic and I then got a horrid wound infection which lasted until 2 weeks ago: I was in hospital almost every day for drainage of the wound and on antibiotics. I just have the energy yo feed and change my baby but housework, cooking, washing is piling up and dealing with my dd isn't easy as I have so little energy. My hubby is great but works very long hours as money is very tight. How can I get back to some kind of normal? I feel wiped out but am trying to put a brave face on it: things are harder as I have severe spinal problems...can you give me some practical advice ref time management etc as it all seems a bit too much at the moment. I am happy but feel very fragile too-I am sure it is just a case of not enough sleep etc. Thanks in advance.

Innocuoususername Sun 16-Nov-14 07:27:52

Hi OP, congrats on your baby. It sounds as though you're having a rough time. Can I just ask though, why are you having to pump and supplement? Was this suggested by a lactation consultant? Because this is a right old faff (as you'll know only too well sad) and I would have thought that if you can get feeding sorted then this would free up some time.

As to the rest of it, well I would just concentrate on the basics: taking care or yourself and the baby, and feeding everyone. Everything else can wait until DH is home or you feel better. Have you got any other support? Friends or family? People don't always offer help because they're oblivious or don't want to step on toes, but if I knew a friend of mine was in your position I'd happily go and push a hoover round or something.

Innocuoususername Sun 16-Nov-14 07:29:44

Oh and re cooking, your DD won't suffer in the long term if she has a few weeks of really easy meals out of the freezer. Now is not the time for cooking from scratch!

ViXter11 Sun 16-Nov-14 09:03:07

Thank you it is a bit tough! This is on the advice of a lactation consultant but am going for a second opinion as I zonked! Will get ready meals today and ask for help. Thanks

Innocuoususername Sun 16-Nov-14 10:28:50

The thing with breastfeeding advice is that even if it's the right advice, at this age things can move on quite quickly and so advice can be very specific to where you and baby are at that moment in time. So what might have been appropriate 3 or 4 weeks ago (for example) may no longer be the case. it may be worth seeing the original lactation consultant again and getting a new opinion from her, IYSWIM. Whoever you see, I'd certainly be asking about a plan to encourage more feeding at the breast and reduce the amount of pumping you have to do. Good luck!

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