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Receeded gums during pregnancy and what to do with them now

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Ukuleila Thu 13-Nov-14 11:18:26


I had a pretty bad gengivitis during my pregnancy and due to physical exhaustion and a bad dentist I ended up with receeding gums in some places that left a few ugly holes in between the teeth.

In the meantime I have changed dentist and my gums are healthy again. The new dentist has filled some of the gaps with caps. Now, my dilemma is this. The caps are on the front teeth and although hardly visible, one can see that the teeth have been patched. But even worse: whenever you are in a place with neon light like an elevator, a supermarket, etc, the caps look disastrous. I look like having a mouth full of patched teeth and I hardly dare to open my mouth when I am in stronger light.

Not happy about this and not sure if the caps are actually the better solution than having the holes in between the teeth. I just wonder what the solution to this is. I doubt it there is a way back and as a way forward I can only see veneers that I probably cannot afford.

Has anyone experienced the same problem and what did you do?.... cheers

linstormin Fri 14-Nov-14 01:55:40

Hi, there are several tooth whitening paints, rather like nail polish, £5.00 or a more trendy style pen by pearldrops from amazon or boots. Used the nail polish type years ago it work well but had a chemical smell.

Ukuleila Sun 16-Nov-14 13:07:39

Hi linstorm,

you mean use this to paint over the patches, or paint the whole tooth so you don't see the difference that much?

And would the polish not "damage" the cap?....

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