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December 2011: The one where DSM gets married...

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LittleMissFlustered Thu 02-Aug-12 22:59:00

<dons posh frock and adjusts fascinator>


OiMissus Thu 02-Aug-12 23:13:03

Are we allowed to throw cOnfetti?
BOi had haggis today. Loved it. That's ma BOi!!

aethelfleda Thu 02-Aug-12 23:27:37

<tries to picture confetti made out of mini haggis>

If we have virtual invites does that mean we can drink as much virtual wine as we like and not get hungover? Hurrah!

KateM77 Fri 03-Aug-12 04:03:56


hawthers Fri 03-Aug-12 05:29:15

Am right with you kate banburying away

Can we also get babysitters for a virtual night off?

aethelfleda Fri 03-Aug-12 05:54:45

Urrrgh, DS has just had his morning bottle and half of it bounced.


and we have half a magnolia front room...then the paint ran out. Whoops. I am singlehandedly keeping the DIY retail business oit of recession...

AWomanCalledHorse Fri 03-Aug-12 07:39:46

<banbury> We've been up since 4, watch Legally Blonde, currently on Legally Blonde 2 (my brain doesn't work this early) and it's still not even 8!

Woohoo 14days till the big day grin

Everyone is welcome to enjoy it with us. lots of wine, and virtual baby sitters lol. Posh frock a must tho!

Had a relatively good night with Sky. Was up for about an hr between 12:30 & 1:30 wanting to play hmm Darcie slept well too.

anairofhopeFORGOLD Fri 03-Aug-12 09:04:20

I love a good wedding i do grin

HoneyLovesCake Fri 03-Aug-12 09:22:22

Oooh, shiny new thread...countdown to the wedding please dsm your first post of every day should say exactly how many weeks, days, hours & minutes you have to go! smile

I'm getting really fed up with my OH. If he didn't make such beautiful babies & if bfing hormones didn't keep me so docile I'm, not sure I'd still be here sad that being said, I'm not sure we'd be having these problems if we didn't have a baby. Our relationship was rock solid before ds so I'm hoping it's just hormones & sleep deprivation. I don't think he realises how hard I work to be nice to him.

kitty I felt exactly the same way about car seats; I had my FF car seat picked out when I discovered ERF & was very annoyed/disappointed to give it up. At least with ERF there are less choices so in theory it shouldn't take as long to decide hmm Cheapest I believe is the Britax 2 way elite at £220, it goes from 9-25kg so will last longer than most group 1 seats & if anyone's in Lancashire there's one on ebay

HoneyLovesCake Fri 03-Aug-12 09:28:12

Hello air I know this is a bit late but I haven't been posting much & I was thinking about you the other day & your hv referring Aaron because she hadn't heard him say a full sentence; could you video him speaking? Then you'd have proof that he does speak, he just doesn't want to speak to her wink

NorthernChinchilla Fri 03-Aug-12 09:33:33

<throws off the cloak of lurk>

Place marked!

Your DH does come out with some interesting comments HLC, that one about your boobs would've found my DH looking for something to get the wood axe out of his back hmm
And tbh, from the pictures, I think it's you that makes the beautiful babies grin

Am also dead excited about the wedding DSM, please put some piccies on here (for us few who aren't on fb) too! We should all have an agreed time when we're on line and raise a glass to toast the bride grin

Right, am off- tis mother's birthday today, so we're taking her to the Inn at Whitewell for her prezzie; if anyone watched it, it was the first place on that Rob Brydon/Steve Coogan thingy The Trip.

<re-lurks, Romulan stylee>

Honey I'm getting married at 3:30pm on Saturday 18th August smile

Northern I will attempt to upload pics lol

OiMissus Fri 03-Aug-12 09:47:55

We had a tough night again.
He's absolutely fine during the day and doesn't cry at all.
In the evening he gets tetchy when he's tired and can sometimes cry. But at night, when he wakes up, he's inconsolable. He shouldn't be hungry, but the only thing that will calm him completely is a feed. I can sing to calm him, and he will nod off, but as soon as you put him down/move/breathe he starts to scream again. sad I am presuming that it's his teeth that are bothering him.
Oh anyway, now I am no longer bfing I can find a dress for the wedding that doesn't have to be bf friendly!!! Virtual shoppi here I come!
There's so many things I need, but I really can't go shopping in our new predicament. <breathes in and tightens belt>
Tis a good thing that we are new-ish friends, it means I can get away with wearing a wedding outfit of the past, and you won't know that I've worn it before. grin ...Unless I choose the big white one. wink

OiMissus Fri 03-Aug-12 09:56:27

As for keeping the DIY shops afloat, I too am doing my bit. I've spent over £200 in wood treatment stuff for the decking. We've used 4 x 5litre pots and I have another 2 x 2.5l pots for the slidey/swing thing and trellis bit above the love-seat-swing thing. (Technical terms - not being used to garden furniture terminology). We haven't started on all the fencing yet. If this turns out to be an annual necessity, I'll be hailing some travelling types with a tarmac truck!

seven77 Fri 03-Aug-12 11:49:22

kitty well done for the amazing weight loss!

dsm not long now!

LMF glad the party went well.

We're slowly getting organised with the big house tidy and sort out. I've tidied the office and thrown out loads of rubbish. I'm also doing well freegling loads of old junk stuff as well.

LittleMissFlustered Fri 03-Aug-12 11:50:05

Octoboy is squealing at the rowing. I'm not sure if he approves, but he's being very vocalsmile

LittleMissFlustered Fri 03-Aug-12 11:53:42

Seven we are still doing the Great Annual Declutter here too. Slowly slowly junky gubbins!

Today I am vacuuming the living room, clearing the train table and sorting out the giant box that's in the kitchen. There will be copious amounts of laundry done also as its a bright breezy day and I've a washing line I'm not afeard ofgrin

This is a quiet day, as we can stay home. I need to redefine our concept of quiet I think >_<

anairofhopeFORGOLD Fri 03-Aug-12 12:39:55

Lol hv is coming on monday. I tried to show her but she said she couldnt accept video evidance she can only go by what she sees in the visite and "we all know he has a problem with speeking" hmm

She called me this week as well and left a voice message but i havent called her back. Im feeling a little harrased by her now. I still havent seen Social worker so that 8 months now.

We are all ok and plodding along not much to update on!

Figgygal Fri 03-Aug-12 12:55:57

Air your hv sounds like a twat cant accept video evidence angry

Well caught up with my friend this am shes had a miscarriage at 8 weeks its now 2 weeks on and shes still carrying the baby, she diesnt want the med procedure but likewise they've said could be another 4 weeks before she passes anything naturally. Feel really sorry for her as she doesnt know what to do for the best sad and I've no experience to give her any advice.

Well its raining again, ds asleep, kitchen cleaned and all the shopping done so debating what to do this afternoon, want to go to the local farm shop but i know i will return with cheeses and other naughties. Must find a distraction!!

aethelfleda Fri 03-Aug-12 13:10:18

<haddocks> for your hv, air!

oi, inconsilable crying is no fun at all. Have you tried the short term double-whammy approach? It's strictly non official, but if it's teething you suspect, try the following: when he wakes at night tonight, give him a full dose of neurofen (3 ml) and then a 7 oz feed, settle and back to bed. Next night give him a full dose of neurofen and then a 6 oz feed. The next night give a 5 oz bottle, then four then three (at this point halve the neurofen dose, it will have a placebo effect for him and you) then two then one. The next night (this is a week in) no neurofen and just water in a sippy cup. If it gets you sleep while he has the pain relief you have your answer, teething usually comes in cycles so the few days of regular dosing should help, and by reducing each night you've set yourself a natural time limit but legitemised yourself to give him relief. Maybe worth a try?

figgy how sad sad every mum is different in this situation so there isn't "right" advice. Some feel the procedure is needed asap so they can deal with their loss, others feel it's too invasive. All you can do is be supportive and non judgemental and let her make the decision. Boo.

<Lobs Swordfish at Air HV> How annoying. I'd want to know why she is still being a pain in the neck tbh when your Social worker is more than happy with you. How are things with DH?

Figgy Nowt you can say but be there for her. Must be an incredibly hard feeling.

DP & I are going on our last date night tonight. although we are going early evening - is wrong to feel a little sad about that?!

Kitty5824 Fri 03-Aug-12 13:51:56

It's a weird feeling isn't it dsm? Just make sure you keep having date nights once you are married!!

Just realised I'm going to have to leave the house at 4am to get to Eton Dorney tomorrow morning! Ugh! Good job Mum is staying over so we can just tiptoe out without sorting Seb grin

Kitty It is weird and I know we plan to have one date night a month so we still get that much needed time to ourselves.

Are you taking Seb to Eton Dorney with you?

Kitty5824 Fri 03-Aug-12 14:10:08

Nope, tomorrow is our date day!!

Granny is looking after Seb tomorrow, we're taking him down to London on Sunday to watch the women's marathon though. My Uncle lives in Stockwell so we're going to drive there Sun morning and walk up from there.

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