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August 2012 - sunny (ha!) summer babies

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ImissMiniPop Tue 24-Jul-12 05:24:01

they're starting to arrive, so here's our 'Due in August' post natal thread. To talk poo, pee, burping and everything else, too...

Here's link to antd-natal thread for those we'll be waiting for

Have borrowed Needles list, which I'll start here, please feel free to add your details to it. I'm rubbish at list keeping, and hopefully Needles will be along to keep it updated grin

tigger8 (?) DC? due 27/7/12, GIRL born 11/7/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, born 10/7/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, born 28/5/12

ImissMiniPop Tue 24-Jul-12 05:25:36

Opps, forgot to link

here's link to antd-natal thread for those we'll be waiting for

missjemima Tue 24-Jul-12 06:33:38

Morning! I see you are also keeping early hours grin how is everything going Imiss? I forgot how tiring these first few weeks are... I'm constantly feeding, burping and changing nappies!

Little fella has been slow getting back to birth weight - MW coming to visit tomorrow to weigh again... Only 150g off when she came on Saturday, but she really stressed me out about it. Said I was swapping boob too often and he wasn't getting the creamier hind milk. Have since researched the whole hind/fore milk thing to find its REALLY old advice and utter tosh. Milk is milk...

Didn't give me much faith - oh well, mama knows best I hope... Am going to try and trust my instincts on this one and keep fingers crossed he's chubbier tomorrow!


NeedlesCuties Tue 24-Jul-12 08:55:29


Still a month left for me to wait for DC2, but I sensed my list-keeping skill was needed so I came over here smile

tigger8 (?) DC? GIRL due 27/7/12, born 11/7/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, born 10/7/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, born 28/5/12
ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 TWIN BOYS due 11/8/12, born 21/6/12

Sending all the babies on the list a big hug! Can't wait to meet my LO and introduce him/her to DS smile

ishopthereforeiam Tue 24-Jul-12 09:45:37

No baby here yet, but just coming over to reserve a spot if hopefully all goes well.

Well done to those of you with babies already grin hope there's some sleep between the smiles, cuddles, burping and milk!

ImissMiniPop Tue 24-Jul-12 10:53:34

Thanks Needles grin

MissJemima it's hard work, goodness knows how you do it with more than one!

MiniPop decided to wake nearly every 2 hours last night for food, but his tummy really hurts after his eaten, so he doesn't get very restful sleep. He literally cries in agony after eating.. bless him. Going to get him checked out at GP this evening, but think it might just be a premmie thing.

This is my first so I have no idea what I am doing, but were both still here and happy so must be doing something right.

Nappies and feeds are ok now, it's the more practical stuff I have no idea about - like what to dress him in for his pushchair when we're out and if he's in his car seat correctly - silly things like that!


MrsMigginslovespies Tue 24-Jul-12 18:06:15


Thanks for setting this up! Just marking my place and getting excited. x

ImissMiniPop Tue 24-Jul-12 19:00:06

Yay! Mrs M - very exciting..!! grin

ChicBabyP Wed 25-Jul-12 10:27:38

Marking my place here too! I'll be joining you very soon I hope or at the latest in 12 days from now smile.
Enjoy all the cuddles!

tashaw28 Wed 25-Jul-12 21:39:56

Hello baby mama's! Hoping to join you all in about 3-4 weeks but didn't want you to miss out on my best ever mummy tip, smell your newborn's breath, especially if you're breastfeeding, whenever they yawn or burp, it smells of pure sweet love!!!!

ImissMiniPop Sat 28-Jul-12 02:23:09

Hopefully Needles will be along again with the updated list and we'll see ishop and Loupee here soon, too! smile

ishopthereforeiam Sun 29-Jul-12 16:23:25

Hi all - here I am, joining you on the post natal thread, very exciting!

poppy I have soooo many questions for you maybe I should pm!? Mainly about the c/s and how long til you could walk / sit up and down and get in and out of bed pain free?

Also - re minipop having a sore tummy post feeds, do you think it could be colic? I remember dd having it around from around 4 until about 7 or 8 weeks. She would literally scream at night for 3-4 hours and appear to be in agony? DS was doing it last night but don't think it is colic yet with him more just him being unsettled (he is only two days old bless him).

MissJ how often do you swap sides when bf?

On another note, super excited my little boy is here grin but been REALLY up and down emotionally. I wasn't like this with dd at all but seem to be so over sensitive about a lot of things. Have any of you been quite teary? I cry when I think about DS being born as was q traumatic but also when DD came to see me in hospital I got v annoyed with MIL as DD seemed to have had a personality transplant and all she would say were phrases MiL had taught her (which usually I'm around to counter a bit! but as MiL was looking after her for 4 hours on Fri DD seems to have completely changed her language!)... I was v upset and saw this as some form of indoctrination (!) as dd kept saying names of MiL's family members (cousins who live in Pakistan who dd only met once in her life whereas I was saying "here, Xavi, your brother" and trying to get her to show more interest in him) as well as lots of nonsense words that MiL makes up... I'm usually v careful with dd's language so she learns proper nursery rhymes and normal language not MiL's gobbledegook. I don't know how to describe the feeling but I ended up v upset and in tears after MiL's hospital visit with the "new DD" yesterday and even today DD keeps coming out with these nonsense words which seem to really irritate me (prob more than they should!) and I ended up in tears again sad.

I'm not usually a big crier! My hormones just seem to be all over the place (not helped by only a few hours sleep in the last 48 hours)??

NeedlesCuties Sun 29-Jul-12 18:09:09

tigger8 (?) DC? due 27/7/12, GIRL born 11/7/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, born 10/7/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, born 28/5/12
ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 due 11/8/12 TWIN BOYS, born 21/6/12
Loupee (26) DC1 BOY due 28/7/12, born 24/7/12
ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 BOY due 25/7/12, born 25/7/12
ishopthereforeiam (32) DC2 BOY due 27/7/12, born 27/7/12
warzonemummy (?) DC1 GIRL due 4/8/12, born 29/7/12

ImissMiniPop Sun 29-Jul-12 18:16:27

nice to see you ishop feel free to PM smile

I was up and out of bed the next day (I wasn't pain free though!) - had no choice as MiniPop was in NICU, so had to get up there and back everyday. I slept as miuch as I could in between visiting Minipop and expressing, I think that really made a difference.

I took all my painkillers on time, but it was a couple of weeks before the pain was less. It took a while to be able to get in and out of bed without discomfort, but make sure they teach you how to do it the right way - it makes a really big difference.

I think it might be colic, we've given him infacol and it seems to have made a difference (thankfully!).

I have been/was/is really teary. I couldn't stop crying last Thursday - the whole day I was a mess of snot and tears, for various reasons. I'm hoping it's just baby blues and not PND (not sure what the difference is really).

You've been through a lot ishop c-sections aren't fun, you're bound to be a bit emotional, I was hugely emotional and cried loads after my c-section. Lack of sleep definitely doesn't help - are yo home now? Hopefully you can encourage DD back to how she was, maybe she's just doing it because it's a bit different. smile

I salute you though, how on earth you are doing this with another little one in tow is amazing. I'm a wreck with just the one..!

ishopthereforeiam Tue 31-Jul-12 23:42:11

Thanks poppy - starting to feel a bit more human now and can walk around the house (slowly!). The teariness seems to come and go a lot tho! Yesterday I was upset as I couldn't find anything to wear when we had visitors (as everything either hurt the scar or wasn't bf friendly)!

Hope you are all managing to get some zzzs? Our little man likes to sleep well all day and then resists sleep between midnight and 4am!

There should be a few more ladies plus babies over soon as it looks like a few more have arrived grin!

ps - bf is sooo painful! Forgot how tough it was but hopefully will ease up in 1-2 weeks as it did last time...

warzonemummy Wed 01-Aug-12 08:46:00

Hello ishop and poppy, here is another c section sufferer. I am in day 7 since my labour started and each night I have not slept more than 3 or 4 hrs either because of pain or a nocternal baby that likes to sleep all day and wakes up at 1am and stays up until 4. I was discharged yesterday and home feels so much better than being at the hospital. I am still in a lot of pain. I am trying to not be brave and actually take my medicines on time and maximum doses. I am also quite emotional too but only since yesterday. I had a few cries over breastfeeding and over in laws who suggested some religious rites and commeted on my daughter's name. I heard the comments second hand and I know that they will always remain and comment and nothingpractical will come out of it but I am still doing little "how dare they" cries. The baby was not feeding well the first couple of days so I had to use formula but now she is feeding fine I think. But breasts are sore now. So good to have this thread. I have so many questions I want to ask you but first off to have breakfast and then feed the baby.

ishopthereforeiam Wed 01-Aug-12 12:37:28

Ah welcome over warzone and big hugs!

I could've written half the things in your post yourself - so be assured I'm feeling a lot like you! The pain for me has subsided a bit (took the dressing off yesterday and managed to have a shower for the first time as midwives told me to wait first!) but I'm so not being a hero and have spent 95% of my days sat or lying on the sofa watching tv / browsing the net / feeding DS. Am also loading up on all the painkillers, planning on taking them til they run out (they wouldn't have given them if we didn't need them, right!?)...

Hopefully you'll manage to get some sleep now you're at home, I found the hospital bad to sleep in due to noise (was only in 22 hours) but at least at home I catch up on zzzs during the day when dd is at nursery as DS also likes to be awake between midnight and 4am (similar to your DD - whose name I loved btw!).

Have also had a few cries over some silly and some major things (most involving PiL or rather MiL - who is not mal intentioned but very strong willed which I just can't handle at the mo)... (I know it's really hard to ignore what they say too) as well as crying once as bf hurt so much and also because I had nothing to wear hmm. We've all been through a lot so I think that alone is enough to understand the tears without adding hormones, pain and lack of sleep into the mix. Hope you feel ok tho and are enjoying the baby smell, soft skin and cuddles of DD grin. x

ImissMiniPop Wed 01-Aug-12 15:29:48

Hey warzone nice to see you over here and congrats again :O

I'd second taking the maximum does of medication and resting as much as possible, especially in the first few days. Although I know it's easier said than done.

I think the less sleep I had the more emotional I was, I cried loads - and still have the odd day here and there! smile

Glad you're home though, that always makes things a bit better.

Minipop currently has really bad reflux, he spent most of last night being woken up crying from with straining, trapped wind, reflux. Have had to put him in his recliner chair for a bit to see if that helps.

There is a how to stay awake while breastfeeding thread in the breast and bottle feeding forum - - which has turned into a bit of a support thread, which you might like to have a read through grin

Looking forward to talking baby stuff with you. MiniPop is 'due' on Saturday grin so he should start developing like a newborn now (hopefully, although premmies can still be a bit behind).

NeedlesCuties Thu 02-Aug-12 15:03:13

PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, born 28/5/12

ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 due 11/8/12 TWIN BOYS, born 21/6/12

tigger8 (?) DC? due 27/7/12, GIRL born 11/7/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, born 10/7/12
Loupee (26) DC1 BOY due 28/7/12, born 24/7/12
ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 BOY due 25/7/12, born 25/7/12
ishopthereforeiam (32) DC2 BOY due 27/7/12, born 27/7/12
warzonemummy (?) DC1 GIRL due 4/8/12, born 29/7/12
ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 BOY due ?/8/12, born 25/7/12

hamncheese (24) DC1 BOY due 11/8/12, born 2/8/12

Lovemarmite Thu 02-Aug-12 15:43:03

Hello August and late July mummies x Just marking my spot as I hope to join you in the not so distant future!

I had an antenatal class (a bit late at 38 weeks) but be easy on yourself warzone as your hormones are changing right now and so tears apparently are to be expected... and a big raspberry to your inlaws! here you go, big juicy thrrrrrrrbrrrrrr (that was meant to be a wet raspberry!)
My MIL has already given me a lecture on 'gift from god' or something ridiculous, ahhh, tish, tosh - you're the mummy, now who's the mummy?!

ImissMiniPop Thu 02-Aug-12 17:36:44

Thanks Needles grin

Nice to see you Marmite, hope it's not too much longer for you. smile

Getting excited to see you all move over here.. thanks

ishopthereforeiam Thu 02-Aug-12 20:11:41

Thanks for the link poppy

Another day waiting for the midwife here ... they haven't transferred my discharge notes so all a bit odd!

Had to shave ds head today sad very difficult to do (but had to for religious reasons) poor thing looks like a little baldy now.

Hope you're all faring well?

poppy and warzone have you had any problems with gas post c/s? I get very painful stomach cramps but hoping it will all die down. Have been avoiding fizzy drinks etc.

ImissMiniPop Thu 02-Aug-12 20:18:18

Oh bless little DS. Did he enjoy that? grin

I didn't have any problems with gas blush it made it's way out pretty quickly, although I did read up that it can cause shoulder pain. I'd definitely mention it to MW (if you ever see them!) or health visitor.

How are your little ones getting on with nappy changes? Minipop literally screams the flat down/ sad

Loupee Thu 02-Aug-12 21:19:16

Hello, finally made it here. Been a complete whirlwind since getting out of hospital on Friday. Ended up staying in for 3 days which I hated, was desperate to get home, but made it back in time to watch the opening ceremony. Having the Olympics has been great to have on while feeding.
I can't get over the amount of love I feel for this wee guy, he is just utterly gorgeous! The poor boy still has a mis-shapen head from the forceps, and jaundice, but seems to be improving every day.
I have been so emotional at times, mainly related to when I think about the birth, it was horrible! Also struggling a bit with feeding, never seem to have enough to satisfy him.
Great to see you all here, here's hoping this thread will be as successful as the antenatal one. Still can't quite believe its all happened.

ishopthereforeiam Fri 03-Aug-12 12:15:46

No he cried all the way through the head shaving, I nearly did too but at least it's done now... He cries through almost all nappy changes too. Not sure if you've tried putting a towel over the changing mat, apparently that's meant to help them feel more comfortable / less cold (we did it for dd and doing it for ds but not sure if it works!

Loupee welcome! 3 days? Was everything ok? At least you're home now! Like you I've been glued to the Olympics (even though I was quite anti it before it all kicked off!)... The head should reshape in time, it's hard but try not to worry too much. DD had a ventouse delivery and her head was slightly coned at birth but sorted itself out in due course (from what I remember it didn't take too long). Don't feel bad for feeling emotional either, I've cried a few times thinking about ds' birth (I mistakenly expected it to be straight forward as a planned c/s after dd's traumatic delivery!) and my hormones have been raging...

Other news... the bottom of my tummy / bump (just above the scar) is very sensitive and feels bruised, have any others experienced this?

Also - I had no stretch marks after dd, and with ds I had no stretch marks all pregnancy then as my bump is subsiding I just noticed a couple on the sides now... has anyone-else had them appear after delivery!?

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