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September 2011 babies are rolling into 2012

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ssmileWithFairylights Sat 17-Dec-11 20:42:59

Hello in new thread come over and chat part two from the September edd babies arriving thread.
Just watched strictly dancing final part one but can't keep eyes open for part two so off to bed now will tom. Sleep well.....zzzzz

the100yearsofchristmas Sat 17-Dec-11 21:23:45

The old thread

Many thanks ssmile for setting up the new thread, may our Christmasses be full of baby fun and the new year merry with our baby's laughter.

Santageekmum Sat 17-Dec-11 21:31:25

Thanks for new thread - marking my place. I have just got a moby wrap from eBay so will need your tips on how best to use it once it arrives!

summerpixie Sun 18-Dec-11 06:53:55

Had a quick read of some of the posts on other thread. My there are a lot of teachers in this group but to be expected for max maternity leave! I too am a teacher. Secondary science just like geekmum!
Yesterday morning I woke up with an itch on my leg and bra strap area. I thought it was just an insect bite. Last night my whole body was itching! I have hives but can't for the life of me think what has caused it. On top of that I don't have any antihistamines nor do I know which ones are safe to have whilst nursing angry
We want to see my cousin yesterday and his 12month old son is only slightly bigger than my 15 well DD! DD is on 50th so not particularly huge. I think she maybe bullying him when she is older. Lol.
Argh this itch is annoying me. Off to scratch at it and post later.

Santageekmum Sun 18-Dec-11 08:48:10

Ooo sounds nasty, have you got any camomile lotion? Or porridge can help (cold, obviously!)

Yay for the teachers! By my count there are now 6 on this thread. Good for the non teachers to get advice from in the future! I'll be going back to work in June though - took early maternity as I wanted to avoid the moderators on a vocational science course who were due in June/July to scrutinise my work [grim]

I too am losing hair everywhere. After washing I can literally have a handful (albeit small) of hair come out when rinsing. I'm having to clean out the plug hole everyday! Yuck!

Went out yesterday on panic Saturday, was fairly quiet in the big m&s. Going to make pâté, bacon cheese twists and salami sausage rolls today to take to the parents and pils.

Have a good day smile

candrcane Sun 18-Dec-11 10:02:03

Oh Summer I feel for you, when I came out of hosp I had a rash over legs and arms from something I reacted to in hosp. It can get quite all consuming trying not to think of scratching - really hope it clears up.
Sleeping question - My LO sleeps much better on his front and is now 13w, is it safe to let him sleep on front in crib next to me at night?, he does during day downstairs but I keep close eye on him, when on back he keeps jerking awake with that 'looks like he thinks he is falling' thing which I have been told is a reflex to keep them breathing so id front sleeping safe as he is only just learning to roll?

JoJoJoHoHoHo Sun 18-Dec-11 15:10:12

Oh goody I found you all!
Im not a teacher however I am a senior nursery nurse lol work in a private nursery in charge of the two - three year olds!
Lo hates being on his tummy so I just dont do it often, proped him up on some pillows this morning and he kept trying to sit up properly! He also slept from 9.00pm - 3.30 this morning then straight back off to sleep after a bottle until 7!
My best mate is getting married next year and I'm in charge on her hen night god im having nightmares about it already! Any ideas for things to do in london including a hotel stay for less than £100 pp???
At what age can a baby go in to a sling/wrap for??

the100yearsofchristmas Sun 18-Dec-11 15:52:21

Any of you BF mums, could you have a look at this thread and see if you have any advice. Thought I would write a separate thread for it. Thanks if anyone can help. smile

falalalalagirl Sun 18-Dec-11 16:10:08

Hello all.

Ssmile, grr putting a baby to CIO on its own; it makes me so sad to think about it. And cross when people tell you that it's the best way to parent too, just coz it happened to work for them. Well done you for not losing your rag!

I have a Close Carrier which, I realised, is identical to a Moby wrap but I've lost the instructions and always just do the hug hold. DD's probably got good enough head control for me to do the hip hold now though so I'm going to do some experimenting I think. I quite often get half way up the road to nursery and realise that I haven't got the straps right and by the time I get back home I'm in bloody agony though. It is a fiddly bugger! I also have a Babasling which is much easier but she doesn't like it much!

YY to porridge for weird skin probs. DH gets really dry and flaky sometimes and I make him have a porridge bath where you put a load of oats in an old sock, tie up the top and then use it like soap. It makes your skin lovely and soft.

My hair's a right pain. DS is getting well annoyed with finding it in the bath and I keep pulling it out of DD's mouth. It even gummed up the hoover today so it wouldn't work! And my nails have lost their lovely pg strength too and are back to their normal flaky-breaky selves sad

Candr my DS and DD both do the 'jolt' and both have been front sleepers from very early. I've never heard that it's to keep them breathing though, I always thought it was just when they experience the transition between light and deep sleep (I have done no research into this btw, I just assumed smile).

BTW DD not keen on tummy time except if I put a mirror in front of her, then she'll laugh at herself for a good 5 mins or so. Worth a try for all those unenthusiastic tummy-timers?

snowysebs Sun 18-Dec-11 19:07:03

Yay to the new thread!

Ssmile - boo to your brother and you stick to your guns... your instinct with your LO has to be the best thing, and I'm definitely not going to be putting my LO in another room until passed the 6 months stage (and dreading it already!)

Well, survived MIL visit. And, had a lovely night out with friends... ring was spotted pretty quickly and all very excited for me grin Started quizzing me on details of wedding, which I have none at the moment... just hoping to aim for Summer 2012 (would have gone sooner but want 6 months to lose some weight!!!)

BUT, had a nightmare on way home. I reached a local town and it was raining - which doesn't bode well as when it's raining there, it's snowing at home... and yes, got up one big hill, and then the rain turned to snow... and the road covered with fresh snow, and no tracks... managed to get further up, and then on the last hill to my little hamlet, I got stuck half way up, wheels not budging for love nor money... had to run up the hill to get a signal, phoned OH who thankfully rescued me in his Landrover!! Got a tow up the hill into the hamlet, and left the car somewhere safe and came home in the landy ... thank god his parents were in and he could safely leave LO... who was still sleeping soundly in her crib when we got in (it was about 11.30) Bit of an adventure!!! Just glad I was driving in my boots and had a hat in the car!!

So, have had a quiet afternoon after PIL gone, watching Strictly from last night - really enjoyed it, thought Jason's show dance was brilliant, but glad Harry won!!

Santageekmum Mon 19-Dec-11 03:31:42

Summer have your hives gone?

Candrcane I thought the sleeping on the front thing was to avoid SIDS. I wouldn't do it until your LO can roll confidently. But then again my parents' generation used to put us on our fronts from birth...

Jojojo what sort of hen party are you looking for? Can't help you with drunken debauchery. I know there's places you can hire for karaoke, will try to find the one I've been to in the past if you want? Alternatively I know someone that did Buckingham palace followed by a picnic in the park for their hen.

100years, no further advice on oversupply beyond what's already on your thread. Well done you on donating! Wish I could have enough to donate but it takes me about an hour to get 60mls out - the pump is not my friend!

Ssmile ditto what the others have said. Your mil and brother don't sound like they've got a bone of consideration in their bodies, so take everything in your stride then come and rant to us about it! My mil is constantly saying things like "that's what I did with so and so and it worked fine". I take the bits that are useful and then discard the rest!

Snowy sounds like you had a fab night out! I would have panicked so much about getting stuck in the snow, thank goodness your pils were there to look after the lo. We didn't have any snow in the end down my way in Woking.

Falala you must have some amazingly long hair to break the Hoover grin

Think I've covered everybody, sorry if I missed anyone out!

My nursing chair arrived today, much more comfortable! Now just have to work out how to pick up and put down LO in his cot without straining my back...

summerpixie Mon 19-Dec-11 13:10:37

I went to the walk in clinic and waited an hour to see the dr who gave me some piriton. I got sent away by a pharmacist and a nurse before seeing the dr only to be given something they both could've prescribed. I think I was in there for a max of 5 mins with dr. Took one piriton and itch stopped 30 mins later. Woke up with a slight itch so I took another and all is well for now. I really dunno what set it off but I rarely react to anything.
Slings... I have a babasling but I still cannot master the moves I see on kiddicare so DD just stays in one position (I think joey) but that still strains my back. How can little things be so heavy?!!
I put DD into the jumperoo today and she completely ignored everything on it and sucked her hands enthusiastically. I remember DS took to it like a duck to water! I think she's slower than DS in development, which isn't a bad thing considering what a smartarse DS is ATM!
Sorry forgot who posted about being stuck outdoors (falalala maybe?). I would hate that to happen to me. I think I am too much of a townie to live in the country/remote areas anyway. Did you manage to get your car back safely?
Geekmum, I too am going back in June. I don't think I can afford to go onto zero pay and if I go back June 1st i'll get half term pay and can work out my notice if I get a job elsewhere. My cover is a NQT. I don't think they will dispose of her on the last half term so I am hoping for an easy time wink.

ssmileWithFairylights Mon 19-Dec-11 13:36:06

We having fluffy socks day ere (our version of PJ day grin) mostly playing games&puzzles with 4yr old, but we have had walk to park in rain as had something to post. Now its sofa, blankets &pillows and TV as DD1 has vsnotty cold which I'm praying babe&I don't get. I'm fed up as every Xmas for last five yrs someone has been ill sad I had hoped we were escaping this yr but DH woke up with cold too this morn.
Glad the hives have gone summerpixie

candrcane Mon 19-Dec-11 15:44:18

Aaargh, we do have horrible colds, DS and I curled on sofa but he won't sleep for longer than 20 min and not feeding much so will keep close eye. I feel like crap and you forget what a privalige breathing is when you can do it normally.
Great start to day as got us dressed and he threw up all over me and him, horrible having to strip and deal with pukey baby while naked and dripping in sour milk (me not him) - he seemed fine, I got very cold.
Does anyone elses DS keep retching on their own hand? He still tucks thumb into fist and shoves whole fist in?
Summerpixie, glad your on the mend, have had mums asking me to come back to school as they don't like my cover teacher - she is very good but a bit boring and the class are a real handful, 24 are boys out of 36. I do miss them but love being with baby - mind you I look forward to DH coming home in evening.

JoJoJoHoHoHo Mon 19-Dec-11 20:20:49

Summerpixie great news on your hives going
Candrcane My LO sticks his whole fist in and then trys to get both in does gag sometimes but is normally quite good at moving his fist before he is sick. We went through three changes of clothes this morning so know the feeling but luckly for me I was in pjs!
As for going back to work I think that I wont be able to return to the nursery I was at as it takes an hour and half on the bus meaning I would normally leave my house @5.40 and not return until 8pm!
santageekmum I want a nursing chair! even thought LO is formula fed and I have no rrom what so ever in my room! Still so very jelouse of you! lol

Santageekmum Mon 19-Dec-11 21:14:04

Ssmile - let's hope it's just a minor cold and your DH is better for Xmas!
Summer my cover is an nqt as well, but as he's not very good they will probably want me to come back! I've applied to go back two days a week from September although ideally I'd like to be a SAHM, basically because teaching has long hours which isn't easy when you have a LO.

DS tries to stick his fist in his mouth too, but not to the extent that he makes himself sick!

the100yearsofchristmas Mon 19-Dec-11 22:31:06

Hi Ladies. Tired and heading to bed now. Have been reading, but will say hi properly tomorrow (I hope) Hope you have good nights.

MinkyjjMincyPies Tue 20-Dec-11 01:05:26

Hooray - found you (I am so bad at the techie side of my iPhone !)
Snowy, so envious of you - your little snowy hamlet (lovenest) sounds so gorgeous. Being rescued by your oh in a landrover - beats my nights out !
Hope all unwell babes and mums and dads turn the corner into wellness soon.
I have a big grin tonight as I did the major tesco run at 9.30pm and it was deserted. Now just need to do waitrose on Christmas eve for last minute items while I collect my pre-ordered ridiculously overpriced turkey ! Finished and posted cards finally and have done most of the present delivery - breathing big sigh of relief as I don't feel great tonight and dh is out most of the nights this week with friends (oh lucky him !!!). Stuck indoors today with 3 dcs was not the best if fun and by 5pm the novelty had worn off ! Tomorrow I have the dentist with all three and that's about it ( so relaxing day I hope) nite nite all - sleep dust thrown generously into the air.....

summerpixie Tue 20-Dec-11 03:39:14

Morning all. Pumping once again here.
I find he most annoying thing about babies puking everywhere is when you have to get undressed and you have to carefully manoeuvre your top to avoid the bits of curdled milk which are still stuck to it from getting into your hair as you pull it over your head, candr. Thankfully DD is not much of a puker and more of a spitter, where she'll drink store and then spray all in the space of 10 secs!
Well done minky coping with 3 kids, you must be exhausted. DS doesn't break up until tomorrow afternoon so I'm quite fortunate plus DH is still on holiday leave from work. I think I would go slowly insane if I had to look after DD and DS on my own in these winter weeks! DS has the typical 4 year old question time. Except it is all day long when he is at home. Why are you doing that? What is this for? Can I do this? He feels the need to give me running commentaries about everything (something dh does frequently) and still tells me when he needs to go toilet, although he knows he can just go on his own which he does after I give him approval to go!
Geekmum, my cover isn't really a cover for my classes. As I left at the end of term they got a replacement who got her own timetable. I saw some kids and The ones from my btec class want me back. They are a bit dim and I has to explain that I would not be teaching them at all before they leave as I would return after they go on study leave. I think my a level classes were most affected as they lost both their teachers as my partner teacher retired at the same time so they've had to have 2 new teachers. How many visits have all you teachers made to work? I find it difficult to find the energy to face going in to work and then fighting off the kids when I walk through school!(work in a girls school)
Oh well, pumping over for another night/morning. Hope you are all asleep with your LO snuggled up.

Santageekmum Tue 20-Dec-11 04:46:02

Hey Minky sounds like a good supermarket run! But know what you mean about the 'novelty' wearing off by 5 when looking after kids. The last hour and a half/ two hrs before DH gets back is the most exhausting and so slow! And I've only got the one kid to look after...

Summer apparently my DH when a baby himself used to vomit up a handful of milk after each feed - mil would literally cup her hands in front of him to catch it! Although our DS doesn't have the same problem, he possets a bit but not much. AIBU to not change clothes after each incident?!

And I had the same issue with my btec class - "Miss Miss when will you be back? June? Oh good so we'll have you back then... what do you mean, you won't be teaching us at all?" I've been back into school three times so far and manage it by only walking around when students are in class, we don't have a sixth form so rarely have students wandering the corridors between lessons.

Really pleased tonight, DS managed 8:30-4:00, although I'm not holding my breath for it to continue! He used to do 8:30-8:00 for a few weeks before starting to wake three times in the night, went to twice last night and hopefully just the once tonight, been typing whilst waiting for him to wake again and fingers crossed he hasn't yet so might go back to sleep within one hour of waking! Must be that sleep dust Minky threw around...

jimmijam Tue 20-Dec-11 17:10:28

wowy onto another thread!!

re bottle and breast, i currently completely breastfeed as we're on the EAT allergy study so LO cant have any formula, but with our 1st 2 dcs they had a bottle before bed int eh evenings, and when out and about (im more confident this time around and have a bebe au lait for feeding in public) and also when i was out with friends (we have since moved and dont really know anyone here). they were both fine on it.

we didnt get any snow here thank goodness!

just made a christmas cake- mary berry bag thing was down to £3 in tesco. says to wait 24 hours to marzipan then 24 hours to ice- the kids r struggling just to wait 4 it to cool down so it wont last that long!!!!

oooh tears, back in a bit

snowysebs Tue 20-Dec-11 17:58:37

Minky - the hamlet is lovely, but when the snow comes, you do get trapped in a bit... and yes, OH was a bit of a hero that night... was a bit scary being stuck in the dark with no signal on the phone, in my party dress (but thankfully boots and a hat!) (Signal gained at the top of the hill, phew...!!)

And, well done on the shopping front.

Agree with the losing the will by around 5pm... today was the first day in ages where I didn't have to zoom back home for 3pm and being home for the step kids... (they split up from school Friday, and went to their Mum's last night - they're there till Saturday now). Had the home all day yesterday... and it is a bit knackering even though they're 10 and 12... although they can sort of look after themselves, the noise...!!! But DSD is pretty good at calming LO when she's wanting a feed and I'm making it up in the kitchen... so that's good!

So got a quietish week now smile OH finishes work tomorrow... he's kindly volunteered to brave Supermarket on Thursday (as long as he has a list!!) Yay!! Looking forward to a couple of days just the three of us... He's just text too to say should he bring home a takeaway on his way home from work as a treat as it's just the 2 of us for dinner... need he ask the question??? Of course he can bring home a takeaway!! Yummy and no cooking involved! Yay grin

Yes, my LO is a fist/fingers/thumb sucker too... starting to really dribble lots now!

Well, hope everyone's cold goes away... managed so far to avoid... think it's living in such a cold place!! No bugs want to live here!

snowysebs Tue 20-Dec-11 18:00:36

Jimmi - hope the tears were short lived... I decorated my cake yesterday too, well marzipaned and iced it... couldn't be bothered to wait 24 hours in between so went straight ahead to ice it (LO was asleep so took advantage!) Though needs a bit of decoration now!

Santageekmum Tue 20-Dec-11 20:11:15

Just a quick post to ask Jimmi what the EAT allergy study is? And how did you get involved? Assuming it's too late now for us but still intrigued...

ssmileWithFairylights Tue 20-Dec-11 20:40:45

Your all vgd making Xmas cake, I normally bake but couldn't be bothered this year so bought one. DH doesn't eat it so its only me. Just asked him if I should bother with a tin of sweets as its mostly me that eats them and I'd rather not this year as being at home on maternity leave all I seem to do is eat!
Lo has got passed the suck whole fist till I choke stage, but mega finger& hand sucking ongoing. Her chin has dribble rash now, I've had to start putting some barrier cream on to reduce the redness. Praying she doesn't get the cold DD1& DH have.
Finally found some casual knee high boots I like from sketchers and they had my size so have ordered them in advance of getting some money for Xmas grin just hope size 8 fits as my feet have definitely grown wider again with this pregnancy! I've tried about ten pairs boots on recently and all too narrow. I'd loved some from animal but noone had size 8 black in stock, I guess everyone else liked them too.
Right off to bed now hoping Lo sleeps till midnight at least.....zzzzz sleep well Lo's....

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