July 2006 - Four Years Old? Going to School? Our babies? HOW???

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AnnieOneForTennis Wed 30-Jun-10 14:37:50

2010 Birthdays

27th June - Sophie (HC)
1st July - Bella (Pavlovthecat)
4th - Roisin (spin)
5th - Ryan (Impy)
9th - Charlotte (beadmum)
14th - Jacob (Flick)
14th - Josh (CB)
16th - Emma (Pixel)
18th - Kayley (Who? Mimi!) (Annie)
25th - Leo (Wallace)
31st - Dom (Rhinestone)
1st Aug - Eilidh (algach)
2nd - James (kbaby)
8th - Toby (Bloss)

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AnnieOneForTennis Wed 30-Jun-10 14:46:02

Ok girls, here we are in our new house smile

Hope everyone is well.
Bloss when are you going away again (and where?) [sieve brain]

Pix, so good to hear from you!!
Thank you for your lovely words re photos!
I'm sure Emma will be fine in school - they can't all be rowdy surely! Plus if she has her best friend there, that'll help her confidence. Joey was soooo quiet and shy when he started last year, he didn't know anyone, and now he's absolutely fine, a group of friends (all about a foot taller than him, mind) and coming along really well with his confidence.
How did she get on on her transition day?

HC, when you get rid of the nits, use a drop of tea tree oil in each blob of shampoo as a preventative. I always do it and so far so good. How comes you're on the ADs again? Are you feeling blue? Hope they help [hugs]

Wallace, great to hear from you again and CONGRATULATIONS!

CB I bet Josh is super duper cute in his uniform! How did he get on at the school?

Well, here's to a new thread, a new year and all that... x x

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PixelHerder Wed 30-Jun-10 15:18:07

Aw thanks Annie, and thanks for the new thread, great title, sums it up for me! grin

Having said that, Emma got on fine at 'big school' today. In fact she's now saying she prefers it to preschool, so let's hope that lasts! Her class don't actually seem to be that rowdy (yet), they all looked like little angels this morning, bless 'em.

HC - I second Annie's tea tree oil tip, I've been doing it for about 6 months and no nits yet (awaits nit avalanche grin )

How did Josh get on Ceebee, he's going to school today too isn't he?

Bet you can't wait for your holiday Bloss, hope work's not too stressy in the meantime.

Emma is a paddling pool fiend at the moment, keeps her occupied a treat. Just have to put up with little bits of grass and drips all over the house as she trots in an out. Oh well shouldn't moan, gotta make the most of summer while it lasts!

Love to all xxx

HumphreysCorner Wed 30-Jun-10 20:23:03

Annie, I love the thread title. smile Just like when Sophie was 9/10 months when I got PND I could feel it starting again now Matthew is 9 months. Tried to work through it but was having more down days than up. Went to the Dr before it got as bad as last time. Should feel hunky dory much quicker.

Sophie is going to school at 12pm tomorrow <gulp> We then have the welcome meeting at 6pm, won't be any wine though. Have ordered some name tags and am hoping to buy some uniform tomorrow night.

Big wave to all, was reading through our PN thread when Sophie was 10 months and there were so, so many posts. sad


Ceebee74 Thu 01-Jul-10 19:23:04

Just checking in - will be back later smile

Josh got on absolutely fine at school - but I did have to stay with him so next week will be the test. I think Josh and his friends from nursery all just thought it was trip out of nursery hmm and basically they just played for an hour grin

HC - how did you get on today? How was Sophie? Hope you managed not to cry wink

Ceebee74 Thu 01-Jul-10 21:24:48

Had to dash to my Step class before!

Wallace - congratulations grin What fantastic news!

Pixel - glad Emma was ok at school - lol at it not being as rowdy as pre-school - Josh is one of the ones that makes anywhere rowdy grin

Been birthday present shopping today at Toys R Us - Josh is currently obsessed with Toy Story so bought loads of Toy Story stuff but I think I might save some for bribes Christmas grin Bought Sam a Postman Pat telephone aswell in an attempt to stop him dragging my handbag to me and DH and begging us to get my mobile phone out....and he hasn't put it down since grin He has even taken it to bed with him!!

PixelHerder Thu 01-Jul-10 22:01:52

Hope Sophie got on okay HC, and that you got uniform etc sorted. This uniform thing is a bit of a challenge, isn't it! So many bits and bags confused

Ceebee - glad Josh got on okay too. I'm sure he'll will be fine next time, especially if he's got his nursery pals there smile Bless him being a rowdy boy grin

Yes, it's funny, school does seem oddly calmer than preschool, though I didn't stay with her so my perception might be way off! She's such a girl, she doesn't really do rowdy, she likes a good old whinge though hmm

Annie - sorry if you got an odd FB message from me - I made a drunkenly hilarious inane comment about your cake, then thought your family might wonder who your weirdy friend was, so got paranoid on your behalf and deleted it! (Not that I'd mind btw if any of you wrote on my FB pages, were I ever to get my act together and put anything on there...)

HumphreysCorner Fri 02-Jul-10 17:07:57

Hi all

Sophie was fine yesterday, dropped her off at 12pm and collected her with Emma at 3-15pm. We had the parents meeting at 6pm but of course we have heard it all before. Did get Apple, Orange and Tropical fruit juice along with Twiglets, Pringles and Tortilla chips. However, they were too noisy to eat during the talk so had to put them on my knee. Not allowed to buy the uniform bits until the last week of term.

Hope all OK.


micku5 Sun 04-Jul-10 00:10:23

Hi, not sure if anyone still remembers me, haven't really been on the post natal site. I was thinking about how quickly its all come round and in just a couple of months they will be starting school.

I had Talia on 21st July 06.

ImpyChica Sun 04-Jul-10 13:39:51

Just jumping in quickly to wish all our babies a happy birthday! Four already... blimey!

We're off to the park this afternoon for Ry's annual birthday picnic with his mainly girl friends (such a Don Juan!).

For those who don't know, I'm expecting no. 2 in mid-August. Not sure what sex yet... so I won't be jiving around too much at Ryan's party! Congratulations to Wallace on your baby news!

Good luck with all the school stuff - I'm sure it'll all go well. Ryan survived his first year at school (with quite a few grumbles but in the main ok). I'm sure he'll find in much easier this coming year, as will all yours - four is more manageable than three.

Anyway, hope all is well. Big hugs, Impy xxx

PixelHerder Sun 04-Jul-10 20:04:39

Happy birthday Roshi!! grin

And cumpleaños felices Ry !! grin (disclaimer: if that's not right, blame freetranslation.com blush )

Hope you both have/had lovely days.

Big kiss to you too Spin, and muchos besos grandes to Impy (August, wow, that's not long shock grin xxxxx

HumphreysCorner Sun 04-Jul-10 20:32:04

Gosh Impy, you kept that quiet smile Congratulations!

Happy B'Day Roshi! smile


Ceebee74 Sun 04-Jul-10 21:32:43

Happy birthday to Roshi smile

And happy birthday to Ry for tomorrow - hope he has a fab day smile


TheGoddessBlossom Mon 05-Jul-10 11:59:21

Happy birthday to Roshi yesterday and Ryan today. Congrats Impy! Great news! now the fun really starts.


AnnieOneForTennis Mon 05-Jul-10 14:40:58

Happy Birthday RYAN!!!
And Happy Birthday ROSHI for yesterday (we miss you!)
Congrats Impy! I knew though!! wink Hope the party went well, I'm sure Ryan will have enjoyed it with all his ladeees.

Sorry Micku, can't remember you and Talia at all! But it has been four years... Welcome along though, this is a great thread smile

HC glad the school meeting went well and Soph enjoyed her afternoon. LOL at you sitting with twiglets on your knee waiting to eat them at the end!!!

Pix I'm happy for all inane comments on my FB photos! My family are used to my weirdy friends!! I didn't get to see what it was though, do it again, pleeeeease!!

All well in this household. Very tired though, social lives of children are exhausting...

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HumphreysCorner Mon 05-Jul-10 15:49:57

Happy Birthday Ryan, have a great one! grin


ImpyChica Tue 06-Jul-10 19:16:12

Thanks everyone for the lovely congratulations and birthday wishes for Ry. The fun certainly does start here, Bloss! Terrifying really... just as Ry is getting more independent and helpful we're starting the whole rollercoaster again!

The boy had a great birthday thanks. Hope Sophie and Roshi did too. Early happy birthdays to Charlotte, Jacob, Josh and Emma in case I don't logon in the meantime...

And I second Annie, Pix, I love your drunken FB comments ;-) Replay please!!!

Sticky (38º) hugs to all, Impy xxx

TheGoddessBlossom Thu 08-Jul-10 09:38:42

That's true Impy, but I do think you are doing it the "calmer" way if that is possible. I met a woman once who had 4 bous all 4 years apart. So she never had more than 1 baby in the house at once, and each one had started school before the next one came along. How civilised!

My darkest moments were when i had 2 under 3 at home full time with me. Hard hard hard.

Ceebee74 Thu 08-Jul-10 20:36:29

Ooh yes I totally agree with Bloss - I think back to Sam's first year and shudder and thank god I could still afford to send Josh to nursery whilst I was on maternity leave otherwise I don't think I could have survived the 2 of them at home during those early months wink

Much easier now though and I can't imagine going back to sleepless nights etc etc grin

Party time in the house this weekend - tomorrow is the leaving party at nursery (even though he isn't leaving until September hmm) then Saturday, he is going out for the day with his best friend and his parents (am a little bit scared about this but I know I have to let go and some poing blush) and then Josh's party on Sunday.

AnnieOneForTennis Fri 09-Jul-10 11:12:37

Happy birthday to Charlotte if Beadmum ever pops by!!

Impy I'm sure Ry will be a very helpful big brother!

Have a great party weekend CB! He'll be fine, and more importantly, you'll be fine.

We had an open day at Joey's school yesterday, and Joey insisted on showing us around the whole school including the grounds. He was very proud of it! Bless him, he loves it. Met Mimi's new teacher too and visited her classroom so that was good. Mimi got to wear her new uniform to nursery, so cute. And we got Joey's Reception year report, spoke to his teacher about that, so all happy all round.

Also busy party/cake planning, tomorrow week is Mimi's party. And tomorrow is her last ballet class of the term before she moves up to the next level, and we can go in and watch smile

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RhinestoneCowgirl Sun 11-Jul-10 21:15:38

Hi all, thought there might be a school starting thread Hope you're all doing well, I see some more babies on the way... (not here!)

Dom has met his teacher, as she visited his preschool last week. I've also ordered his school sweatshirts and bookbag. They have some familiarisation visits this week and we've already had the new parents evening. He is v excited about school and is desperate to learn to read.

HC - hope you're doing ok, can't believe no3 is 9 months already. Good for you for getting the PND sorted.

ImpyChica Mon 12-Jul-10 21:56:11

Hi all.

Can I just say Campeones, Campeones, Olé, Olé, Olé!!!! Sorry - just had to get that out my system wink Madrid is awash in red and yellow - such a great atmosphere.

Thanks for the encouragement with no. 2. I feel guilty that I'm nowhere near as excited about this one as I was with Ry, haven't sorted the baby's room out or bought the few extra bits we need.... oh well, guess it's normal?

Hope the PND treatment is going ok HC - well done for nipping it in the bud/recognising the symptoms straightaway. I'm so worried about getting it too - I remember crying nearly every day for the first 6 months of Ry's life - often out of happiness - but still... (I'm crying a lot during this pregnancy - including today when I saw the video of the Spanish goalkeeper, Iker, crying and kissing his journalist girlfriend live on air - so cute!)

Hope all the birthday plans are coming along swimmingly. Glad to hear all the school visits are going well. We didn't have any of that preparation - just dropped Ry off on his first day, in at the deep end!

Hugs all, Impy xxx

Ceebee74 Tue 13-Jul-10 21:13:37

Impy - rub it in why don't you?? wink

Just popping into say Happy birthday to Jacob (if Flick is still around) for tomorrow. Got a busy day tomorrow so won't get on - off to Thomasland for the 3rd year running hmm


AnnieOneForTennis Wed 14-Jul-10 14:34:17

Happy Birthday to Jacob and Josh!! x x x

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PixelHerder Wed 14-Jul-10 16:58:42

Hi all - just a quickie to say Happy Birthday to Josh and Jacob! grin

Hope all's going well at Thomasland Ceebee, and that Jacob has a good day whatever he's up to smile

Wow has Madrid calmed down yet Impy? I bet there's one hell of a fiesta going on there still grin

I'm hopelessly disorganised re birthday - got some pressies in but have been charged with choosing the ones from the grandparents too, so I think I'll be hopping onto Amazon before the day is out. Luckily her party isn't till next week, and there will only be about 5 of them there. How are the cake plans going Annie? I'm beginning to have a bit of a cake panic now too... especially as I neglected to order the obligatory Peppa cake from Tesco this week hmm Might have to actually bake something shock

Big wave to all, hi to Rhinestone smile

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