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Dec '06 - Still clinging onto sanity.

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EasilyConfusedIndith Tue 22-Jun-10 21:05:08

New thread

Olihan Tue 22-Jun-10 21:14:43

I am going to prove that thread title completely wrong before the end of the month, Indith, I can feel my sanity slipping away by the second as the building work carries on grin. Am about to post pics of the mayhem that is currently my house/kitchen on FB. Oh my word is all I can say.

<snort> at Kevin and Joany. Ds1 and Dd used to play a game where they were called Derek and France - it got a bit blush in Sainsbury's when they called each other those names. There's unusual then there's plain daft!

jabberwocky Wed 23-Jun-10 00:12:33

Thanks Indith

lol at all of the imaginative names!

accessorizequeen Wed 23-Jun-10 17:37:38

OMG Oli, surely you've moved out by now? Are you eating off a gaz stove or something?

Olihan Wed 23-Jun-10 23:51:35

grin. No eating at MILs or at friends for tea and lunch, managing breakfast at home but washing up at MILs hmm. It's a good job they're only round the corner.

MyNeighbourTotoro Fri 25-Jun-10 08:31:01

Hi everyone.

EasilyConfusedIndith Fri 25-Jun-10 17:41:34

Flipping heck Oli!

Hello Neighbourino.

I am so glad it is the weekend!

MyNeighbourTotoro Fri 25-Jun-10 20:14:25

Tell me about it Indith.

Busy busy week. Having BBq at friend's tomorrow which should be great. Looking forward to it. We have had sick bugs here and I'm hoping we're through them now...

jabberwocky Sun 27-Jun-10 15:48:36

We had a weird experience yesterday. Took the boys to a birthday party and the mom was totally drunk! It started at 10:30 in the morning shock I'm not sure if it was just alcohol or maybe a combination of that and something like xanax but she was out of it. Her husband carried on like nothing was wrong and the other mothers helped out with food and cake.

Olihan Sun 27-Jun-10 17:46:41

Eek, Jabber, that doesn't sound good - do you know her well, is it a usual state of affairs? I still wonder about BP and her alcoholic neighbour with young dcs.

I've had a great weekend, Ladies Night at the Races on friday, BBQ at friends on Saturday then my bf had all 3 dcs for part of this afternoon so dh and I went to the pub for lunch. Most relaxing!

MyNeighbourTotoro Sun 27-Jun-10 19:32:51

Jabber - need your optical expertise. Will fb you.

jabberwocky Mon 28-Jun-10 03:39:03

toto, have gotten back to you. Keep me posted on all things eye-wise

oli, sounds absolutely lovely! I had a really nice girls night out on Friday, then the whole Saturday thing was shock and today we celebrated my Dad's 78th birthday and I had my great-niece (weird family age differences) over for the afternoon.

Re: drunken hostess, I had noticed before that she never seemed really healthy looking, always tired, etc but a mutual friend said something to the effect of "oh, she had been doing better lately" so I guess this has been a problem for a while It was kind of like witnessing a crime and everyone is just carrying on as if nothing has happened. I feel a bit traumatised tbh.

EasilyConfusedIndith Mon 28-Jun-10 20:08:05

Jabber that is so sad

Had a lovely afternoon with ds on Saturday, just the 2 of us I took him to see the new Shrek film (in 2d, 3d is a little beyond us ooop North) and he was transfixed grin We shared popcorn the afterwards had a lovely walk around town with ice cream/ice lolly. Yup, the boy now eats ice lolly! Still working on chocolate and sweets grin

Still working on potty training too <sigh> Although there has been some improvement with the reward chart. Fingers crossed.

Nursery day tomorrow, yay! I have my Daisy day.

EasilyConfusedIndith Wed 30-Jun-10 13:29:30

Mmm picnic in the park with some friends. Although 2 pre schoolers, 2 toddlers, a 5 month old and a newborn means chaos never very far away! Ds did a wee in the hedge and got it all over himself then my friends dd got stung by a bee so I nipped home for change of clothes and antihistamine cream. Dd howled because I left her, the poor little girl screamed over her sting, the newborn needed feeding but it was his big siser with the sting and she was inconsolable then ds decided he needed a poo so I legged it home again. Poor wee gorl was still in full on melt down so they all went home.

My dd is refusing to nap si we are watching Aladdin but she is getting very grumpy.

jabberwocky Wed 30-Jun-10 15:40:57

Wow, that's quite the outing. See, you can take it more in stride than I would have. It would have been extra zoloft and maybe 1/2 a xanax for me blush

TheDailyWail Wed 30-Jun-10 21:36:05

Hello - I found you. grin

DD2 is finally potty trained - actually she didn't really use the potty at all. It was blinking tough to start with and I was convinced that the house would permanently smell of wee. She finally clicked and will go on anyones toilet!

We had a lovely holiday - although I don't know if that's the right thing to say since we were fairly close to the Cumbrian shootings.

I'm finding it progressively harder to post on MN - #i don't know why. Maybe it's the housework and the garden which requires my attention.

EasilyConfusedIndith Thu 01-Jul-10 13:47:48

Hello Daily Stuff the housework, we miss you!

Jabber I was most certainly not taking it all well when ds followed the abrupt leaving of friends with a poo in his pants. The another one and a wee. Then dd hit full melt down, as did ds and they both collapsed into screaming heaps on teh floor, usually with ds squashing dd and dd pulling his hair in retaliation.

At the moment all seems peaceful but you never know!

I know there are not many of you about but I have a cheeky request if anyone is reading. We have 2 wedding in August. For the second one ds is a page boy and has trousers, shirt and tie to wear but I need to get him a tank top/waist coat or something in case he needs it, British summers being what they are grin and we have no smart clothes at all for him so need to get a whole outfit for the first wedding. I'm not even thinking about shoes! Then there is dd although I may be able to cobble something together for her, dresses are a bit eaier to find cheap/in charity shops than smart boy stuff. Anyway, does anyone have smart boy clothes we could borrow? I'll pay postage of course and return it. I just don't have the money to spare for stuff that will get worn once.

MyNeighbourTotoro Thu 01-Jul-10 19:54:54

DailyWail - well done to your DD

Indith - what size is DD? I may have a pretty dress lying around.

Olihan Thu 01-Jul-10 22:44:58

Indith, what size is he in? I'll be digging out ds1's boxes of outgrown clothes shortly as ds2 is finally starting to outgrow age 2-3 clothes. I know there's a little creamy beige tank top that is age 2-3 in one of them - ds2's never been anywhere that requires such smartness (I don't think, with 3 unruly dcs that we're top of anyone's Essential People To Invite To A Posh Do list grin), but I don't remember what's in the age 3-4 box.

Your day out sounded like a nightmare eventful. One of those where it would have been easier to stay at home!

DW, don't abandon us for HOUSEWORK, for goodness sake. Surely we mean more to you than that sad. If it was Colin Firth, I'd understand, but Henry the Hoover over our scintillating convos? shock.

Jabber, if the lady has an ongoing drug/alcohol problem that's fairly well known then I guess at least she must have a good support network around her. Not nice to witness first hand though, especially in those circumstances.

EasilyConfusedIndith Fri 02-Jul-10 07:33:04


Thank you Oli and Totoro. Dd is pretty much in 18-24 now. Ds is in 2-3. Probably get away with 3-4 on top but he only has little legs grin

Off out for cake with some of the MN lot today. Dh has thwarted my plans to go to B&Q yet again by nabbing the car. No fair! Friday is my car day! I want to get blackboard paint for the dcs, going to paint the cupboard doors in their room.

jabberwocky Fri 02-Jul-10 14:02:07

I want to do blackboard paint too! Dh has been putting me off but I think I'm just going ahead with it.

Indith, do you mean a little blazer/suit coat type thing? I may still have one in that size. Can check for you.

TGIF everyone. I've decided to do some mad checking around to see if there are any appointments open anywhere for haircut and massage. I have neglected myself for far too long.

EasilyConfusedIndith Fri 02-Jul-10 15:17:48

Jabber surely the postage would be a bit ridiculous?

I'm in pain. I just bought an epilator as I'm getting fed up of expensive razor blades that our damp bathroom seems to blunt in about 5 mins flat. I've done about an inch. Owwwwwwww!

Olihan Fri 02-Jul-10 20:48:56

Ye Gods, I have one of those somewhere that I bought probably 15 years ago. I pulled out about 4 hairs and have never touched it since. They are instruments of torture.

MyNeighbourTotoro Fri 02-Jul-10 21:36:51

Indith - what kind of dress are you after? Very posh? Or just pretty? And when would you need it?

LeonardAndDeirdre Fri 02-Jul-10 22:08:44

Hello all smile

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