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May 2007 The sun is out the sky is blue

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charleymouse Tue 22-Jun-10 12:11:03

theres not a cloud to spoil the view.

largeginandtonic Mon 28-Jun-10 19:50:51

Well done you for braving the dance. It must have been so hard. I am sure the family must be in bits. So hard to see why these things happen sad She was such a smiley, pretty girl.

Jammy tell about the party.

AM i need to know how far away the train station is from you. Dh will have to train it to the meet as SOH and co. will have to drive down straight to you as it is G'mas B day the day before now.

We don't all fit in our car!

Tills the hol sounds amazing. Good ol F
erg smile Can't wait to meet the boy.

TMAM was telling dh about your charity. He is so impressed. I bet you dod fab at the running. I would have been flat on my face within seconds! Well done you.

Having day from hell. Oven broken so phone MOD to fix it. No answer, call cut off twice so gave up. Had to shop and be back to open toddlers up at 1245.

Raced to bank (farcking bank cancelled old card before new one arrived so have to traipse to bank for any money) raced to Sainsbo's.

Shop. Home to find kitchen flooded. The sink had overflowed from washing machine draining in to it! WTF. It had gone under everything, dishwasher, tumble, fridge, freezer, washing machine. Had to mop A LOT. Took bin out to empty as soaking wet. Rubbish bag broke on drive. Cried.

Was late for toddlers. School run. Raced back to sink still full and washing machine not draining. Tried everything. Kids going mad.

Friend over plunger. It worked! After almost killing myself plunging. Cleaned up again.

I kid you not DH walked in just seconds after i had pushed all appliances back in tp place. Cried again grin

What a farcking nightmare. I know check the sink out of the corner of my eye!

JamInMyWellies Mon 28-Jun-10 20:22:38

MrsJB that is very lovely about the dance. Honestly I would take the DC with you to the funeral. Little ones understand a lot more about death than we give them credit for. There is a group called Winstons Wish who would be able to offer you all some great advice. Much love to you all.

LG&T bloody hell thats one heck of a day.

TMAM amazing on the run well done you.

Party went really well. John and I spent no time with each other all night so it completely reaffirmed our happiness at running away and actually enjoying our wedding day. It was lovely to spend time with friends and family we haven't seen for ages. We also got tremendously trollied. John invited loads of people back to ours for an afterparty hmm I went upstairs to check on the boys and fell asleep. I am such a good host wink Shmoks woke at 5.30 shock I was still pissed went downstairs and found John dribbling on the sofa in his pants! We then spent the entire morning on the sofas practically crying we felt so rough. Then we had some friends over in the afternoon. Hangover finally disappeared after we ate 30 squids worth of chinese food.

JOhn took the day off today and we took the boys to Mersea Island to play on the beach. Lachlan managed to eat half the beach. I am not looking forward to that nappy.

Themasterandmargaritas Tue 29-Jun-10 10:53:17

Oh Jammy that sounds like it was good fun as it should have been smile

Gin, I'm afraid I did giggle last night at your day from hell. However I hope it all got sorted in the end.

I'm afraid it's more sad news from me, I've just learnt a good friend of ours was killed when he came off his motorbike on Thursday. sad I like to think that perhaps he is watching over Amelie.

largeginandtonic Tue 29-Jun-10 13:08:04

Oh no TM sad That is terrible news. I hope he is sat with Amelie.

Jammy the party sounds brill! Just what you needed i think.

I am having period from hell. 1st one after MC. Have been ferrying little bro around to hosp this morning (post cancer check) and had to keep diving in to the loo and grinning inanely to hide pain. Surely no one bleeds this much and survives?!

JamInMyWellies Tue 29-Jun-10 21:52:40

Oh TMAM how terribly sad.

I just used I beg of you on a thread. Where is Scoot?

Themasterandmargaritas Wed 30-Jun-10 06:44:37

I'm sitting here having a weep about him and about my family.

My dsis has pissed me off big time and I need to rant. I told them months ago when we were coming back and could we see them all. I suggested one weekend to meet up with her and my other sister, now she is saying she can't come cos she has a wedding to go to. She has been to more weddings than I can remember. Obviously they are more important than seeing us. I'm just not going to bother with her anymore. And when she has dc in the future, I am not going to make any effort at all and THEN she might understand.

Can you tell my af is due?

How are feeling today Gin?

Moijaimelacountry Wed 30-Jun-10 12:47:50

THMAM, I'm sorry about your friend. sad

Gin, what a day, hope you have a better one today.

Funeral Wednesday now for Amelia. The church service will be fine I think, the crem service for family after is going to be the tough one. sad We have decided to take H but I have asked a friend to look after the girls during the afternoon, we will pick them up after the crem service to go to the hotel wake... (hate that word) sad

Jam the party sounds like it was fun. The morning after sounds even better.... grin and the chinese after that sounds the best. wink Yummm think I might try to sneak a chinky in next week whilst we are back.

elkiedee Wed 30-Jun-10 14:01:34

Sorry to hear about Amelia and TMAM about your friend.

AprilMeadow Wed 30-Jun-10 15:42:18

LG&T hope today has been a better day for you.

TMAM, so sorry to hear about your friend, how awful. Also grr at your sister!!

MrsJB, Will be thinking of you all on Wednesday. I sent C&K a card on Saturday as I had their address from sorting Disney. The dance you did sounds beautiful and i bet there wasnt a dry eye in the room.

Jam, party sounds like it was great fun although the hangover not so much!

Been blitzing the house today as i want the house to look super nice when dh comes home on Sunday.

18 days until i am on my way to France

largeginandtonic Thu 01-Jul-10 07:00:08

Sure the service will be full of rainbows MrsJB. She sounds like she really was a rainbow in everyones life.

TMAM i feel for you i really do. I have given up on some of my family and am trying forge ahead with others. It is exhausting and i spend too much time being bitter about the whole affair sad I just don't understand people sometimes.

I had to wake dh up yesterday as i had soaked through the bed sad Had been up in the night changing the brick sized tampons and super, super nappies. It just wasn't enough. Couldn't leave the house yesterday. Got a miigraine last night too, first one for a couple of years. Hormones i guess. I got a warning with the crazy vision first so could neck more painkillers. Am on a ton anyway. My liver and kidneys will be groaning soon.

Hoping it abates a bit today as we have to go to Ikea and buy another sofa. Could only fit one in the car last week!

Crikey it is early. Bloody kids.

Hope everyone has a better day today.

AprilMeadow Thu 01-Jul-10 07:37:40

Oh LG&T that sounds awful, poor you

Off to J's first sports day this morning, he is very excited.

All up and dressed by 7.10 today!! It would seem that Daddy is a slow snail and some how when he is here it adds an extra hour to the routine!!

JamInMyWellies Thu 01-Jul-10 08:38:23

Ah TMAM the never ending family problems. As you know mine are a bunch of useless twonks. So no words of wisdom just support. x

LG&T that sounds horrendous, do yo think you should get it checked?

MrsJB god I feel for you lovey. YOu are in my thoughts and I hope that there is some sort of peace for you with the celebration of Amelias life.

Went to see Kings of Leon last night. TBH only knew one song oooh your sex is on fiiiirrrrre. Was a bit mediocre as concerts go, but it was lovely to escape the house of whinging children for a few hours. Was really nice to spend a bit of time with DH you know holding hands not having the boys hanging off us.

Unfortunately L woke at 3 and didnt go back to sleep until 5 then woke again at 6. I do wonder whether it was a mistake to put him in the toddler bed where he can escape from. BUt I cant go back to the cot as I have lent it to a friend. Any words of advice over what to do? He just seems to be unable to settle himself. He spent ages twitching and shuffling just cant seem to be still. I am KNACKERED.

Pebblemum Thu 01-Jul-10 22:38:19

LG&T hope today has been a bit better for you

TMAM sorry to hear about your friend and your family problems sad

MrsJB Ill be thinking of you all Wednesday

I have just had to hunt Ethan's slow worm, the little bugger has escaped twice tonight. I had said no pets but then he found this little fellow in the garden and the neighbours cat was after it so we are 'looking' after it although it seems to be me who has to go hunting in the garden for worms and slugs etc for it to eat. Dh caught me talking to it this morning, think he was ready to phone for the men in white coats lol

Its been a day of bumps and bruises today, poor Alana ran into a lamp post, Deacon headbutted the radiator and Ethan tried playing football barefoot and stubbed his toe on the path ripping the skin right off the tip of his big toe. I was so glad to get them all tucked up safely in bed lol

AprilMeadow Fri 02-Jul-10 12:56:06

Please add yourself to this thread if you are able to make the meet up at mine on the new date.

Need to start planning food etc otherwise it will be here before you know it and i wont have enough stuff

Themasterandmargaritas Fri 02-Jul-10 14:22:42

Done smile

How did Jack get on in his sports day?

MrsJB, how are you lovie? You are quiet. Are you travelling this weekend? I meant to say I too had a blub reading about your gorgeous waltz but I got too distracted by my own self-pity. blush I can imagine a church full of colours on Wednesday. I shall have a quiet moment of reflection next week and celebrate both hers and Dave's short but sunny lives.

<squishes down next to Gin on her lovely new sofa>, I hope you are feeling a little better? It does sound horrendous, have you called your GP/hospital to make sure it is par for the course? I don't remember mine being that bad.

Kings of Leon envy Sorry about the early waking though Jamster. I reckon only another year month to go and he will have got the hang of it.

Have you found that snake yet Pebble?

Moijaimelacountry Sat 03-Jul-10 09:37:36

I'm OK TMAM... my sister arrived for a few days on Thursday so haven't had much chance to get on. I will think of your friend too on Wednesday. sad We are travelling back over night on Monday, have a 5.30am ferry booked from Calais so should be down south by lunch time Tuesday.

AM was it a "real" sports day? or a UK everyone wins no ones a loser sprots day. hmm Did Jack have a good time? Can't wait to see you, not long now... whooop!

AprilMeadow Sat 03-Jul-10 10:40:24

Jack did really well at his sports day thank you. Each class is split into teams (red, green, blue & purple) and you do a series of events (hopping, egg&spoon, throw the bean bag etc) and from that you get a winning team per class. Then at the end they have a running race - boys in one and girls in another. This is the only totally competitive event of the morning and they award a sticker to 1,2&3 and everyone else gets a 'well done'.

Hope the journey on Monday is a smooth one for you & will be thinking of you all on Wednesday MrsJB.

Just over 2 weeks and i will be with you

Pebblemum Sun 04-Jul-10 11:00:09

I found Syd but then he escaped again, the little bugger was escaping through the air holes. We are now digging out Ethan's fish tank so we can make a better home as it seems he will be with us a little bit longer.

I wish sports days went back to how they used to be. Ours were always so much fun and it didnt matter if you were last, of course no one wanted to be and so they all put in maximum effort but it didnt matter in the slightest. Each child had a race/sport they were good at and so that was the main event they were entered into so they had a good chance of winning. Also the whole school took part but now its done year by year seperately sad Not the same

I am now off to brave Asda, i must be mad, then i think i will lounge in the hot tub and leave Dh to cook dinner lol

Themasterandmargaritas Sun 04-Jul-10 15:15:12

Good luck with the long journey tomorrow MrsJB.

Sports day for B and J and is on Thursday. Luckily for us we are about 20 years behind the UK so it's plain old fashioned run as fast as you can races here. smile

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 04-Jul-10 15:44:43

Good Luck for journey MrsJB. Still thinking of you xxx

Tils has her playschool sports day tomorrow. She is very excited. Ferg has slept through three nights in row - whoop whoop !

Hi to everyone else.

AM - I would love to come to the meet up but just need to sort out logistics/whether DH is coming etc. What normally happens ? What time does it start/finish ? Just trying to work out whether it makes more sense to stay over somewhere on the Sunday night or the Monday night. We have some friends in Fordingbridge so we're trying to tie in a visit to them at some point

AprilMeadow Sun 04-Jul-10 19:13:11

Well done to Fergus!!

Last year everyone started arriving from about 12ish and stayed for as long as they wanted, was about 5-6pm i think. It's pretty much an open house all day. The girls are in nursery for the morning so that i can get on and sort things out.

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 04-Jul-10 19:49:49

Thanks AM. DH is going to call his friend tomorrow and try and make arrangements. Should be able to confirm for definite in the next couple of days smile Would love to meet everyone

Themasterandmargaritas Sun 04-Jul-10 20:01:56

Ooooo Tils, you MUST come, I'm dying to meet you too. I may even wear heels wink

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 04-Jul-10 20:09:17

Heels ?? And foundation ?? wink

Themasterandmargaritas Mon 05-Jul-10 06:25:39

That might be a step too far for me. grin

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