Dec '09 - We're learning to roll, we're learning to eat, all we need now is to learn how to sleep!

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hendo77 Mon 21-Jun-10 16:59:07

New thread everyone...!

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AlCrowley Mon 21-Jun-10 17:47:13

Ooh a nice new thread.

EthelredOnAGoodDay Mon 21-Jun-10 18:10:03

Hoorah! Well done Hendo.

Hope you are all ok. Hendo, glad things are going better with the bottle. I think I have finally stopped bf'ing completely. Was still giving A her first feed of the day, but seem to have also dropped that now, so she is completely FF.

LaDiDaDi, hope things are getting better with your DD. Can't imaginewhat that must be like but really feel for you.

ABF, am well impressed with the 7am return home! Don't think i have ever managed to stay out that late, even when i was a student...well...apart from when i was doing the walk of shame, the morning after the night before! wink those days are LONG GONE though!

Anna has not been very well the last few days. She seemed to have picked up a cough and then we noticed on Sat and Sunday, sorry if TMI, that she had lots of snot-like gunk in her eyes that we had to keep wiping out. Anyway, had a terrible night on sat with her where she would just not settle and then we were up with her at 1 am and 3am, which is just not like her. So, at 3am i brought her into our bed and she went to sleep after a bit of tossing and turning. She was coughing quite a bit and really fidgety so we thought she was just under the weather. Anyway, last night she slept even longer than usual and when i got her up this morning, her eyes were really puffy and stuck up with gunk. So managed to get her an appt at the docs and apparently she doesn't have conjunctivitis, it is some sort of virus. Lovely. Anyway, I've just to keep bathing her eyes with a very dilute home made saline solution and see if that helps. Have canceled her place at swimming tomorrow as don't want any of the other LO's there to catch it.

Currently trying to sort out a present for MIL's 60th birthday. We are joining together with DH's brothers and might get her a voucher to go for dinner on the orient express!! Think it sounds good and you can get on all over the UK. As an aside though, don't know how come I am sorting it out as it is DH's mother and he has 3 bloody grown up brothers, two of whom are married!!! hmm One of the joys of being on mat leave!

AmazingBouncingFerret Mon 21-Jun-10 19:10:38

Ahhh Nottingham, have had some amazing nights out there, love Rockcity, was there not long ago.

We are heading there for my mates night out but are staying at a hotel so dont have to worry about waking up DH and the children!

hendo77 Mon 21-Jun-10 19:34:08

Ethelred - I don't think it will be long before I stop bfing completely too at this rate. Today she had formula all day, no fuss about it at all until bedtime when she only wanted a bf, but that's fine with me. She had about just under 650 mls of formula throughout the day and I think she should be having between 720 and 900 according to what I've looked up on the internet so I reckon she'll still want feeding twice between now and tomorrow morning. I'm hoping over time she'll increase the amount that she takes in one sitting until eventually she won't need any in the night at all!

I hope that Anna feels better soon as well, poor thing, it's miserable when you don't feel well.

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LaDiDaDi Mon 21-Jun-10 19:50:25

Poor little Anna, hope that she's on the mend soon. It must be awful for them when they feel ill but don't have a clue what's going on.

Ds has happily drank 130mls from the bottle tonight smile and sad too.

Dd has been lovely today, took her straight tothe park after picking her up from nursery school, picnic and ice creams and a little ride on her bike. Then at home we have made a baked cheesecake (though I'm not sure about this tbh) and she planted some seeds in the garden. It's been one of those days that I thought being on mat.leave would be like iyswim.

Claire236 Mon 21-Jun-10 20:20:10

Been lurking of late but feeling a bit out of sorts so haven't posted. Got back from visit home yesterday & I actually felt like I could live back in UK whereas normally I'm relieved to get back to Germany. Saw Bon Jovi Thurs night at O2 which was totally amazing. 8th row surrounded by massive fans so was great atmosphere. ds2 was little star on the trip over & back (approx 7 hours in the car) as well as sleeping well both in hotel & at my mums which was a relief. Had DVD player in the car for ds1 for the first time which was revelation as he was actually quiet rather than talking non stop like he usually does.

Ethelred - hope Anna's feeling better. It's awful when they're poorly

AlCrowley Mon 21-Jun-10 20:44:53

Poor Anna. It's horrid being ill when you're big enough to know what's going on! Poor little babies must wonder what on earth is happening sad

Nice to see more Rockcity fans. I haven't been for years but was there all the time while I lived in Loughborough. Was a bit disappointed last time I went though, has it gotten better recently? Maybe if we ever arrange a Dec '09 meet-up, we could do it there?

Your day sounds blissful LaDiDaDi. We've been home today and have had the paddling pool in the garden and played with the lego - between loads and loads of washing!!. It's been lovely.

Sorry you've been feeling down Claire. Glad you're posting again. It must be hard to be so far away from your family. Mine are only 3 hours away and that seems too far most of the time.

JeanLouiseFinch Mon 21-Jun-10 20:59:33

Just marking my place for later. Haven't checked in on this thread for a while so hope everyone is well.

LaDiDaDi Mon 21-Jun-10 21:00:13

I think blissful would be pushing it Al!

AlCrowley Mon 21-Jun-10 21:06:07

I've been a SAHM for more than 3 years now LaDiDaDi - I have low expectations for 'blissful' days at home now wink

SunshineOnLee Mon 21-Jun-10 23:11:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmazingBouncingFerret Tue 22-Jun-10 08:25:21

Elizabeth slept through. Why the fuck why does she seem to have one night on and one night off?????

Going to my sisters wedding venue today, I am unofficial wedding planner so im having to go because apparantly I have all the questions!!
Elizabeth is officially out of 3 to 6 months clothes. I bought her some lovely little packs of cotton trousers and tops from Sainsburys in age 6-9 months and even they are kind of snug! I havent had her weighed in ages, I would do the weighing myself holding her thing but I think my scales are shafted. I weighed myself yesterday and I was 9 stone 1. Weighed myself this morning and im now 9 stone 5?!?!?!

Im out with my friends again tonight blush Not on a mad bender though just a civilised meal out. My friend is moving down to Devon this weekend so it's kind of like our 8th goodbye meal/night out!! grin

SunshineOnLee Tue 22-Jun-10 09:13:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlCrowley Tue 22-Jun-10 09:32:27

Glad it's not just Catherine

We got a sleep through last night (hooray) but adding to my list from the previous thread, that makes it:

Monday night - woke at midnight and 5am
Tuesday night - woke at 10pm and 6am
Wednesday night - slept 7.30 till 5am
Thursday night - woke at midnight and 5am
Friday night - slept 7.30 till 5.20
Saturday night - woke at 11pm and 6am
Sunday night - woke at 3am and 4am
Monday night - slept 7.30 till 5.30am

Woke up with very sore boobs as obviously they were expecting a feed at some point during the night and she never had it! Why can't we just do the same thing every night!?! <sob>

I wish I had your social life ABF! I'm off to organise a meal out with the girls before I feel completely out of the loop!

We're going to Twycross with my family at the weekend. It's my sisters birthday and she was getting a bit depressed because she had nothing planned so we're going to take a picnic and cake and hope the weather is nice.

It's beautiful here today. Just put my shorts on! Poor people who have to see my shiney white legs wink

SunshineOnLee Tue 22-Jun-10 09:45:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmazingBouncingFerret Tue 22-Jun-10 10:09:17

Oooh Al We're just up the road from Twycross.

This is the wedding venue

Im actually really enjoying the planning. I was 18 years old when I got married and although I was really happy with how I did it, it didnt even occur to me that there was so much choice and options out there!
Plus I dont get the horrible sick feeling this time round when discussing prices!

hendo77 Tue 22-Jun-10 10:21:41

ABF - just enjoy the fact she has some nights at least where she sleeps through! Also if that pattern continues the good news is you'll be out for some of tonight when she's waking up...!!!!

Lee - meant to say that I think some babies can have this reaction to pectin (? something like that) that is found in most or all fruits. You could try just veg for a day or two and see if that makes a difference? My understanding is that if it is that and it is just a rash that doesn't bother them too much not to worry about it and they usually grow out of it... although that is by no means professional advice obviously!!!

JeanLouiseFinch - hello! Hope you are well too - how is everything going with you?

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hendo77 Tue 22-Jun-10 10:23:19

Sorry thought I'd posted that ages ago, but it's only just done it!

I am very envy of all the sleeping through. I think Imogen is definitely going to be the last, if she does it ever...

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Sonilaa Tue 22-Jun-10 10:32:57

sleeping through? what is that? something to eat like chocolate?
dd wakes about 3 times a night at the moment. still bf.
how is feeding going?
we started 2 weeks ago, she*s having porridge (we share a bowl) in the morning and she*s eating maybe 4 spoons full. lunch and dinner is blw and it is more play than eat, but a little comes up in her nappies...

SunshineOnLee Tue 22-Jun-10 13:46:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlCrowley Tue 22-Jun-10 22:16:39

Catherine fell asleep after bathtime before I could feed her so she had to be woken up to feed and went back to sleep really quickly. I'm guessing tonight will have a couple of wakings to make up

AlCrowley Wed 23-Jun-10 09:24:29

Well, I was right - 2.30am she woke for a feed but then slept till 6am at least.

Hope everyone else had a good night

hendo77 Wed 23-Jun-10 10:28:10

Al, it sounds like your nights are much more settled than a couple of weeks ago, even though it's frustrating with the unknown feed times overnight!

Imogen didn't bf before bed again so woke up for feeds at 9.30, 1.30 and 5 am but then slept until nearly 8 am. She's had formula this morning quite happily again and all day yesterday during the day so I think I may never need to bf her in public again and can have a ceremonial ditching of my feeding pillow! (Well somewhere safe in case of another baby ever in the future!!!). I'm currently trying to get loads of formula down her during the day in the hope she'll sleep better at night, it's interesting though to see how much (or little) she does have each feed and then it totally makes sense the number of feeds she has overnight.

ABF - that does look like a lovely venue! Hope your meal out was nice and you got in before 7 this time!!

Lee - how is it going with the veg? is the rash still there?

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LaDiDaDi Wed 23-Jun-10 11:28:27

Ds took 180mls of formula last night and slept from 7.30 until 11.30pm, then awake again at 2am, 4ish and awake for the day at 6.30am. I need to try to push his bedtime feed to a bit later to see if that makes him sleep a bit later in the morning.

How quickly have you been dropping bf hendo? I gave ds some formula on Sun but he didn't have that much but a good amount on Mon and last night so thinking that maybe tomorrow I could drop another bf without getting too sore.

Went out last night with two friends, one is due in Oct with her first. She's pretty stressed about the whole thing, esp as pregnancy was unplanned but it was really hard to reassure her. I could kind of tell she was thinking "OMG will my life be like that?" when I was telling her how I'd been bf ds whilst in the bath with him and dd.

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