August 08: World domination

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cyteen Fri 18-Jun-10 11:35:37

Thought the title might be appropriate for both mums and babies grin

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hotterpotter Fri 18-Jun-10 11:43:39

Excellent Cyteen grin

oopsandbabycoconut Fri 18-Jun-10 11:44:14

OOh hellooooo

MrsMiamla Fri 18-Jun-10 11:47:32

so was that last one less than two weeks? we normally do a roughly tuesday to tuesday thread

MrsMiamla Fri 18-Jun-10 11:48:21

blimey, just checked...we managed more than three weeks on the same thread!!

cyteen Fri 18-Jun-10 11:50:47

Slacking, girls, slacking <tsk>

Anyway, I can't talk, I'm in the middle of writing some dissertation so had better get back to it. Back later for the red wine crew grin

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springaporesling Fri 18-Jun-10 13:05:35

I'm enjoying a nice glass of said tipple now! DH is back watching Germany and Serbia all is well.

TwilightSurfer Fri 18-Jun-10 13:08:44


alittlebitshy Fri 18-Jun-10 14:26:32

getting ths one on my threads i am on.
miamla and pert was next week when we had ideas of a picnic? blush - had forgotten. when? where?

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 16:00:11

count me in too!

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 16:01:45

Dh now been excused from court from Tues to Thurs so may be taking DD2 and D to Belfast after all - depending on PIL stumping up for the flight charges hmm

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 16:05:55

and thank you all for kind words re aunts, I'm a bit glum about it tbh <sigh> had a wee bubble earlier too when DH was saying his mum got the all clear from her tests and have spent part of today sorting out his father's day stuff for FIL hmm which annoyed me immensly as my dad only getting a card

TwilightSurfer Fri 18-Jun-10 16:10:07

who mentioned google calendar? my "do nothing" day has been warped by plugging in calendar details. i am so swayed by suggestion.

great news dizzy*.

maybe you too need google calendar????

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 16:14:47

TS, I too am swayed by the google calendar however am avoiding it like the plague as have so much to do at the moment!!

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 16:39:03

PIL now offered to pay flight charges so am on hold again to Flybe to make the changes

DH has to go to court on Fri morning though which means he will miss DD1's sports day though and she was so excited about him going too sad can't win can we hmm

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 19:08:28

ok, so I've had a bit of a result - the lovely lady on the Flybe telephone (when they finally answered after 22minutes) has waivered the charges and so swapping L over onto my ticket has now cost £45 instead of £145!! yipee!!!

on the flip side the bill for private hip consultation has come in <thud>

CrispyTheCrisp Fri 18-Jun-10 19:22:26

Evening all smile

SO pleased about the flights dizz and good on Flybe. Well finally, after spending £100 on phone calls hmm. Crap about unthinking aunts and sports day though sad

Nice day here with friend over for lunch, swimming and over to the neighbours for a pre match beer. Managed to convince (a knackered) DD1 that at 6.50 it was past her bedtime and cbeebies had finished blush. Both gone to bed nicely and DH off to get a chinese. om nom.

miamla are you taking over TS's shoes as stats woman? shockgrin. Hope DH has had a lovely birthday

TS you are so suggestible grin

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 19:32:02

envy re chinese, DH got the shopping today so dinner was crackers and cheese hmm How is R's leg?

I'm about demented with this blog, as I'm sure Red is too blush It's not quite ready for public grand reveal but would you kind lot please cast your eye and let me know what you think? I haven't managed to carry over your comments on the wordpress blog sad but other than that I think I'm quite pleased <<collapses in heap>>

kitschnbake new blog here ta da!!

oopsandbabycoconut Fri 18-Jun-10 19:42:08

Dizzy - it is perfect -WELL DONE to you and redster.

CrispyTheCrisp Fri 18-Jun-10 19:47:20

Absolutely fab Dizz and very, VERY professional looking. Well done to you (and Red) for pulling it all together so fast. I tried to comment on the blog, but I guess that as it is not published, it won't register?

R's leg seems much better and he is driving again thank feck. Stitches out on Mon

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 19:48:04

mainly Redster - she is an utter delight and very VERY patient lady grin

Oops - your turn now, am needing all the help I can get recipe and pricing wise, it's not like you're exceedingly busy with a brand new baby or anything grinwink

oopsandbabycoconut Fri 18-Jun-10 19:49:25

Dizz mail me what you need/want and I will do my bestest to help.

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 20:05:57

thanks Oops <mwah>

dizzydixies Fri 18-Jun-10 20:12:12

have sent you a message on FB smile

right time to get the filthy kids to bed as they are neglected tired and DH on till 4am so I can have some peace time onMN working on pricing etc

cyteen Fri 18-Jun-10 20:23:31

LOVE IT dizzy Very well done yourself (and Red too for sterling support). At least one of my non-MN friends now likes you on FB too grin Am pleased to share the cakey love!

Poor old DP is feeling a bit under the weather spiritually He is wearing a glum face. I'm encouraging him to go and visit some friends this weekend - he never gets a break. In the meantime, must think of excellent Father's Day present to give him on Sunday, apart from the new Melvins album which is what he's requested.

Mood probably wasn't helped by my driving like a complete twat when I went to pick them up blush Honestly, some days I'm calm and confident, then days like today I just drive like an utter, utter penis who's never sat in a car before.

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