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Jan 2010: Weaning, sleeping crawling least we've moved on from discussing poo

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CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 11-Jun-10 09:48:39

Roll up roll up - let's get chatting...

quickchat Wed 08-May-13 21:02:25

countmyblessings so pleased for you congratulations smile!

Im so sorry, id only jump on here quickly read a few posts above and around and seem to have missed yours.
What a hard time you had but all good in the end. You so deserve it.
There's me, panic stricken when I found myself PG with #3 you must have wanted to slap me blush. I wish I had seen it for what it was at the time - good and exciting instead of 9 months of wasted worry.

Enjoy your little one.

What did you have, boy or girl?

Charlie is 8 months now and super cute. Love this age. He is my worst sleeper though. Started off brilliant and downward spiral from there!
I was lucky with DS & DD, they slept 12 hours from 6 months but he decided to shake thinks up a bit!

Olivia is 3.5 nearly, as is everyone else's on this thread obviously! I wish I could bottle her right now too.

Evan is nearly 6, Id like to move on quickly with this stage grin!
I look at Olivia, playing dolls and fairies and singing to herself.
I look at Evan karate kicking everything, obsessing over monsters, aliens, skeletons and suggesting everything should DIE and think hmmm, I have to do the boy thing all over again - oh joy of joys!!

Loving new house although still plenty to do, no hurry, im staying put after 9 moves in 15 years.

citi Wow,, good to hear from you and even better you are away from that nightmare ex. How is your littleman?

sock how are things with you?
cant How are you?
superparty Is your little guy alright then?

Hi to everyone else xx

Countmyblessings Thu 07-Mar-13 13:52:04

Baby count born 25/2/2013
6lbs 5oz delivered by csection due to breeched!
Enjoying loads of baby cuddles and sleepless nites!
Big wave to everyone!

sockmonkey Tue 25-Dec-12 20:41:36

cafecito! So glad you are doing well.
Hey all!
Hope you and your children are doing well.
Happy Christmas... or babies will soon be three!! shock

Countmyblessings Mon 24-Dec-12 17:22:38

Hi cafecito- ( name changer I'm guessing)
Glad to hear your in a good place with your life and things are good for you, 2nd year med student who said you can't get on with life after children or with a young child!
Well done you and I hope you have a wonderful relaxing Christmas and as you enter into 2013 you can reflect and think - well done me!!

cafecito Sun 23-Dec-12 05:20:21

<peers in> is anyone still here? I took a 2 and a half year MN break blush after a rather embarassing thread and ensuing chaos. (was crump...) If anyone's still here, I left my firm and I'm a 2nd year med student now and totally free from exP. I feel so much better I only wish I had done it years ago. Thank you to all who supported me your words and kindness gave me strength. xx

Countmyblessings Sat 03-Nov-12 19:15:42

Hi Quickchat - you really sound like your enjoying being a mum again which to me is priceless! Enjoy x
Oh Socks- wow what a roller coaster but its good that your coping and just getting on with things as we all know life goes on! Big hug you wonderful superwoman!!!
Just saying hi to everyone else who is still looking onto this thread!
Well just to let everyone know I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant and still so worried I'm a wreak most days just would accept im pregnant again until I'm holding this one!!!!
After ectopic and tube removal didn't think I would 1 get pregnant again and 2 so quickly!!!!
But so grateful and can't wait for feb 2013!!!!!

quickchat Fri 02-Nov-12 10:35:32

Hi everyone Thanks!

Charlie is 9 weeks and I am LOVING it!! Surprising myself really.

Going from 2-3 had definitely been easier than 1-2 in my experience anyway. He is sooo cute and smiley and sleeps pretty well. 9.30pm- 4.30/5.30am. Not bad going for his age. Im not counting chickens obviously as i now have enough children to realise he could turn on me in a few weeks and be back up every two hours smile!

Olivia is settling a bit now although we still have the odd jealous tantrum. She will be 3 15th Dec. I bet you are all in shock with how fast it's gone since our first Jan 10 posts! She is still a baby in my eyes though!

Evan is doing well at school. Doesn't listen to a bloody thing but he is having fun! I suppose he is happy to go to school and see his friends and not kicking and screaming so all good. Starting to get a bit cheeky though angry. Not enjoying that much.

Sock im glad you seem ok (although what do I know as im virtual)! Hope you enjoy getting a break at least and I hope he has a nightmare with all 3 in his flat - haha!

Wave to everyone else/ xx

flyingma Tue 02-Oct-12 16:16:27

sock Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you are coping with it ok and that family and stepping in for you to take a break now and again.

quickchat Congrats on the new baby and hope all is settling in well.

sockmonkey Fri 21-Sep-12 11:55:49

Massive congratulations quickchat sounds a bit of a scary birth, but glad you and Charlie are doing well. Hope you are fully recovered soon smile

We are doing ok, finally got housing benefit sorted which was my big worry.
(X)H is having all three kids over night for the first time tonight. I am very much looking forward to my first lie in for about 9.5 years. hahaha.
He's only got a 1 bedroom flat and hasn't had a bed up till now, just a blow up mattress. He had just had the older two boys before. He really needs to sort out a house with room for the children, but he obviously didn't take that into consideration when he first went.

Next weekend I'm off up to visit my sister. She had twins in July and now has 5 children under 7 years old. We have all said its very considerate of her to have two, so there are plenty babies to pass around for a cuddle.

Newbeginning1 Sun 16-Sep-12 21:39:54

Quickchat massive congratulations on Charlie. How are you doing now? I can only just manage one, never mind 3 so hats off to you.

sock how are you doing now youve been on your own for a bit longer?

countymyblessings sorry for your news although I appreciate it's belated sympathys. Are you and DH trying for anymore?

quickchat Mon 10-Sep-12 21:32:23

Oh sock I just glanced up after posting and saw yours. Im so so sorry.

You always sound like a positive person and that will help you through. Bastard! He will miss out not you. Sending hugs xxx

quickchat Mon 10-Sep-12 21:30:41

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all good. Can't stay focused to read posts today. My new little boy, Charlie is 11 days old smile and is not for settling between 7pm and 7am!

He was born 30th Aug, in under an hour and nearly in an ambulance! The birth was easy peasy but after that, because of the speed my womb just stopped contracting after the birth and I hemorrhaged 2 litres/4 pints blood.
They did a blood transfusion but they were a bit tight (replaced under 1 pint) so I will be recovering for the next month or so. Just what you need with 3, 5 and under!

Charlie doing well though and Evan and Olivia love their little brother smile.

Will come back to you soon to read how everyone else and their 2+ yr olds are doing xx

sockmonkey Tue 21-Aug-12 16:04:38

not been on here for a while. Hope everyone is ok, & summer holidays are going well.
I am now a single parent. H decided he'd had enough of family life & moved out. (Honestly nothing to do with the woman he was sending flirty messages to on twitter after he told me he closed down his account)
He's been gone a couple of months now. I'm still trying to sort out finances, and doing my best to be civil with (X)Dh.
13 years down the drain, but I have 3 wonderful children so am trying to stay positive.

TBH the kids have been great, although I did everything before anyway so not much has changed in that respect. ho-hum. that's it really.

superparty Thu 31-May-12 20:56:23

Aww count I'm so sorry for your news sad

Quickchat.. nice to hear from you, glad all is well with house and baby x

Had appointment for Louie in may and doctor said he was developing normally and he didn't see anything wrong, he's taller and heavier than average but his fontenelle should close and his head is normal size. He is very nervous and avoids eye contact with new people adults or children and he still wakes on the night for a bottle, but most times its just once about 3/4 oclock and then goes off again. So not too bad
Erin is adorable most of the time but her terrible twos are a tad taxing, more so at bedtime screams for about an hour on and off

Hope everyone is well

Will try to check in again soon

Take care x x

sockmonkey Thu 31-May-12 11:22:18

Oh Count, that's really rough. Hope your family is being a support at this time. sending you big hugs ((squeeze))

Countmyblessings Tue 08-May-12 20:07:20

Ohhhhh quick chat - that amazing do you think time went quick August is round the corner! A touch to the finish line! Whoop!
Hope everyone is fine and enjoying our little just passed 2 year olds!
Where has the time gone, oh my gosh!!!!!
Well last time I posted I was recovering from having a MMC at 13 weeks and in all honesty I was happy with my lil man being the last but after the shock was happy and excited till the scan and finding out baby died and had to have an operation!!!!! 1 year on and im home from hospital after having a routine scan to be told my baby is in my tube and I need a urgent op to remove!!!!! What!!!!!!! It's a year today I had my BFP now I'm being prepped for a op!!! Looking at the shocked look on my hubby's face and him trying to comfort my now crying baby as he can see I'm
Upset!!!! A week on I'm still numb and wondering why me again!
Sorry for the rant just can't believe it! So grateful to have LM I don't think I could handle it if I never had him telling me " sorry mummy"

quickchat Tue 08-May-12 10:17:50

Hi Everyone,

Man it has gone quiet here! Super, your man will be 16 months then shock.

No sleep for a year eh - OMG, how do you stand up straight?

Im nearly 24 weeks PG with #3. I have got over the shock since finding out grin but I still dread me having 3, 5 and under if im honest.

Loving the kids right now, Evan will be 5 in a few weeks and Olivia 2.5 soon.

They are out in the sunshine having a ball together. They get on well most of the time which is great. I just hope number 3 doesn't change that!

Olivia was a real terror and still has her days. Just moany and tantrums constantly but I think it's more down to a 2 yr old who never naps and hasn't done since last year. As she is getting a bit older she is definitely calming down a bit. She talks really well mostly due to the fact her big bro never stops talking!

Evan is so excited about the new baby and regularly pats my tummy and says good morning and good night to it! Olivia couldn't give a rats ass!!

We sold the house that DH built grin. Still in it but it goes on the 30th of July and we move into our new house not far from here on the same day. Im due 31st Aug but my two were over 3 weeks early hmm. Yes, great planning.

New house needs major work too just to add to the fun. Id rather rent a holiday cottage near by for a few weeks just to get the heating in and carpets ripped out and renewed/floors sanded and at least get the kids room decorated. DH nearly agreeing but the cost of that plus storage is high.

Im excited about moving out of here and clearing all of our debt. A new start, just not a very relaxing one!

Im not big on sitting on the computer nowadays hence the reason im rarley in but I do peak in just to see if everyone is ok now and then.

The next time you hear from me it will probably be to tell you what I have had!! I didn't find out, didn't with the other two either.

Hope everyone is ok and let me know how you and the terrible lovely two's are? xx

superparty Fri 04-May-12 22:12:31

Hello all long time no speak,
Hope you are all well
Erin is doing great speaking eating growing really well, is starting playgroup in Sept for mornings, which Will be great as I Will be able to give Louie all my attention
Louie is doing really well had his hearing checked and he isn't deaf, do not sure why not forming words properly,although had started saying mama, his grunty sounds sound more like words so hopefully its just a matter of time. He has an appointment for his head on 15 may so Will know more then Will keep you posted

Quickchat - how are you hope your ok would love to chat more....are you on fb if so private message me and ill add you. Am on there more than here

Well TTFN speak soon

Love super

sockmonkey Thu 15-Mar-12 11:21:07

Oh Super... No sleep for a year?!
Hope all is well with Louie. Did you get any answers about him?

All is well here. Children growing nicely. Naomi seems to pick up new words every day. My favourites are peeeeeza (for pizza)& watudoin? She also calls hot chocolate spoon. hmm
I'm not quite as impressed with her saying shuttup & moove!

superparty Sun 26-Feb-12 19:28:17

hi sorry its been a while
sneakasoddingpeak omg a baby aww im well jealous, hope your ok.
sock twins awwwwww now im even more jealous.

all is well in the super household, erin was 2 at end of jan and louie was 1. gone sooo fast.
would love to have another but as louie hasnt slept a night ever we are sleep deprived and knackered, he is so gorgeous though, am sure there is something not quite right with him, doesnt speak at all only grunts so first thing is hearing test, and has an odd lump on head (bone) so is off to see a specialist about that.
all others fine and trying patience as usual.

if any of you do facebook me and cant and ali are on there as friends, im susan jones manchester, and have a profile pic of all 8 of us look like the waltons we do smile

speak soon see you on the dark side

love super x

sockmonkey Mon 30-Jan-12 10:10:01


Well, Noop is now two. She seems to be enjoying it. Spent her birthday watching her new Peppa Pig DVD & eating malteasers. Isn't that what birthdays are all about? grin
My sister has found out she's expecting her 4th and 5th. Twins!! She's really happy. Not sure that I'd be, but her & her DH want a big family & this is a bargain two for the price of one grin

Countmyblessings Fri 27-Jan-12 07:51:41

Hi all - its been awhile since I was on here!
Former mama5isive - I just felt so low after the MMC and just crawled over to the miscarriage /loss threads, lil man is now 2 and I'm still in tears that he is not my needy baby boy any more and he is a lil dude all to himself! He is a daddy boy all over and mummy don't really get a look in!
Unless he is hurt, tired or hungry!!! Then it's Mum!!!!
Im now in the place of wanting another one!
I guess with the broody mood I'm in and the fact that dec 11 I would of had my baby! DH is in full support do hopefully just a matter of time for us!
Quick chat - I guess your over the huge shock!!! How you doing!!!! Ermmmm maybe a late but one but I hope your over the shock!

alibobins Sat 21-Jan-12 10:13:03

I tried to persuade Dh to go for a 4th last night but it was a definate no!!!!!! think he is right to be honest lol
Jacob is getting funnier by the day his language is brill and he is a charmer he follows ds1 round like a little shadow and copies his every move smile such a lovely age xx

sockmonkey Wed 18-Jan-12 12:12:08

Hope Aiden had a lovely birthday.
I was due to have Noop this time two years ago. Funny but it seems like we've had her forever.
New words are coming in quite regularly now. It's great to be able to communicate more & know she's understanding some of what I'm saying.

We seem to be getting through milk milk milk. She's obsessed. As a family we'd get through about 6 pts a week, now it's more like 18-20 pints. Bonkers. But good for her I guess.

My sister has just announced she's having her 4th. Thought she looked a bit grim at Christmas, so guess that explains it. I'm now having fun teasing DH that everyone else in the family has 4, so maybe we should have another. grin

Just trying to get through January really. Just had to pay out £300 for the car fixing, and have 5 family birthdays next week. (Noop & DH included). Boys are both complaining that their shoes are too small.... cry

Roll on February & pay day! wink

Hope everyone else is doing well.

flyingma Wed 11-Jan-12 21:53:13

Hiya sock! Not promising to be constant with replies but am here for now. Put out an SOS call on the pushchair forum as bleddy Thomas Cook destroyed ours over the NY and I need a replacement ASAP for next week when we go away again.

Anyhoo quick hope you have gotten over the shock of PG. I guess congrats is in order once you head is sorted. But LOL re the thought of twins etc you have not lost your sense of humour/ imagination.

DS Aidan turns 2 next Monday so can't believe it's been 2 years since we were on baby watch with that copy and paste list. Hope everyone else is well. xx

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