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Jan 2010: Weaning, sleeping crawling too...at least we've moved on from discussing poo

(785 Posts)
CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 11-Jun-10 09:48:39

Roll up roll up - let's get chatting...

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 22-Jun-10 12:04:11

Ali - good luck for today's appointment. Let us know how you get on.

New - I don't have a set routine on times as such, but we've always pretty much gone down the route of Eat, Awake time, then nap/sleep. They say if a baby has been awake for 2 hours they definitely need a nap then. In fact, on timings, I can pretty much tell when Olivia needs her naps because she gets ratty and frustrated and the times are always spot on. If I feed her between 7 and 8, she'll nap around 9ish. Particularly if we're out and about, she will sleep for quite a while until next feed around 11.30/12. Then she'll nap again around 2ish. Feed around 4-4.30, nap around 5.30 and bath, feed and bed at 6.30-7:00. If you set the Eat, Awake and Sleep routine, the times then follow on.


mistletoekisses Tue 22-Jun-10 13:11:17

Hi all

Ali - hope your appt is ok today.

New - Nico was fine again. Woke earlier (3.30) and fought being resettled, but then slept until 6.30. So we are getting there.
The key to anything you try with the bubs is consistency I am afraid. The older they are, the longer it can take to settle them into new techniques/ routines. And a lot also depends on their personality. DS1 always adapated to things a lot easier. With Nico, I have to almost steel myself when trying something new.
When I started PU/ PD, I could be doing it for 20 mins, picking him up and putting him down almost constantly. It improved over the following 10 days.
Re routine, am very similar to CTFN. Nico always needs a nap 2 hours after he last woke. He wakes between 6/6.30 - naps at about 8.30/9. I try to keep this nap short (1 hr ish) as I like his next nap to be longer and also to coincide with DS1's main lunchtime nap. That way I get at least an hour (2 when I am lucky) of both of them sleeping. Up by 2ish, short power nap around 4.30ish, bathtime at 6, plays for a little while while I do DS1 bathtime then both boys into bed by 7/ 7.15
I think routine definitely helps the PU/ PD. If you have a set routine and set signs, then they start to learn what is coming and not fight it so much. Nico (touchwood) is put down for his naptimes and majority of the time, he goes straight to sleep. But a routine needs to work with your lifestyle. I am quite a homebird who enjoys pottering at home most the time, so it is no nuisance to me spend the time at home setting the routine.
If you have any specific questions about PU/ PD, let me know and I will try my best to help.

What a mammoth post. grin

Anyone else watching the budget?

whensmydayoff Tue 22-Jun-10 17:57:56

Quicky - I promise. Just checked in to see how ali got on today???

Oh, and ctfn, my Olivia was weighed yesterday and is 17lbs blush!!!

crumpette Tue 22-Jun-10 18:23:44


I LOST THE THREAD haha for some reason it was beyond my capabilities to actually find it myself

just checking in, I'll be back (terminatior voice) when P buggers orf and lets me have undivided MN timewasting.

naps- J never ever naps, is he a freak? Literally not one nap from wake up time til bedtime confused

<mwah>- flings buttery crumpets to all in fairydust fashion-

alibobins Tue 22-Jun-10 20:58:11

Well appointment went as well as it could Dd's eyes are still the same with slightly less inflamation. The consultant was happy to carry on with medication and to see us again in 2 weeks the only down side is that the drops are increasing the pressure in her eyes and can cause glaucoma if there is no change then he ant to try an injection behind her eye.

The rumatologist is ringing me in the morning to see if they want to change the dose of her injection or to try the iv steroids.

Jacob was showing off at hospital grinning at anyone who would look at him a proper little charmer.

Mama2b5 Tue 22-Jun-10 21:14:50

Ali - Big Hug to you and your DD - lets just pray that the pressure doesnt increase and glaucoma is no-no!hopefully things will get better for her real soon xx
Hi all-

So here we all are again!
Superwomen- hows everything with you?
Sockmonkey - hows the feeding/weaning going?
CTOFN- liking the routine thats really good!
and also MK- well done!
WMDO - well done for the 17 yers and your relaxed attitude about whats been done has been done, cant change it!
Flyima- im still BF although am trying him with foods its not everyday, and its just taster, his face is so funny when he doe not like it!
well we must be doing something right for our LO r gaining weight right!
lil man makes me laugh he does this thing with his legs they r in the air its like he is trying to land a plane, also getting much better doin the worm ( crawling head first) and also sitting up unaided ( not a complete straight back) and reaching for his toys!
P.S- good news for Maygirl's MIL - hopefully she will have a quick recovery!
Im off to bath lil man - for his feed then bed time - 10pm so he will sleep till 8am - yehhhhhhhh!

whensmydayoff Tue 22-Jun-10 22:46:56

ali glad there was no change and no bad news IYSWIM.
Fingers crossed. x

crumpette Wed 23-Jun-10 17:02:44

ali glad no change for the worse, it sounds like they are going to tackle this in a cautious but aggressive manner which is the best that they can do. I hope you have some good news soon x

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 24-Jun-10 09:22:07

Morning ladies. I do believe our chatting is subsiding a little in this summer season! Are we finding that babies and RL are taking over more of our time? I know I am. It's been a really busy week and I know I have more to come in the next few weeks. Olivia's christening is happening on Sat 3 July and it looks set to be a fabulous day. Lots of school stuff going on as we are nearing the end of term and I'm trying to do more things with Olivia too. Baby rhyme time on Tuesday of this week, swimming on Wednesday. I have to go out shopping in a moment for some birthday presents for my great-niece. Oh the glamour never ends grin

sockmonkey Thu 24-Jun-10 10:01:01


Posting quick before DH gets up... he's taken the day off for DS1's birthday.
My little boy is seven!!
How did that happen?

DD now tips the scales at 13lb 11.5. It's all in the thighs! Poor girl, don't think she has inherited her dad's shapely legs, more my sausages which end in feet. She can roll onto her side, but not all the way over. i'm sure some of you have said your babies are rolling now.... still a baby which cant roll makes for easier nappy changes grin

flyingma Thu 24-Jun-10 11:52:29

So after my last post, I finally sucummed to weaning too. My bubs was kidnapped and replaced but some really unsettled child who would not be left alone and fight at every nap time and moan/ squirm/ cry for nearly an hour before bedtime in the evening whether or not he was well-rested during the day. He was not just possetting but bring up a fair bit after the evening cluster feed and last bottle. His tummy would be really full but he'd be crying coz it was not enough, having necked 7.5 oz in 5 minutes or less!

Mum swore blind that it was because he was not quite satisfied with milk and needed something more substantial. I know babies only need milk till 6 months but short of grounding ourselves in the afternoons and not go out in order to feed, I thought may as well give some weaning a go.

I was supposed to do purist BLW but had some baby rice and cereals in the house from before I decided to go down the BLW route. So tried spoon feeding him the baby rice but not impressed and not really moving the food to the back of his mouth. So I sat him up in his high chair and gave him some loaded spoons and some BLW-cut bananas. He loved playing with the spoons and in the process must have gotten some into him.

Day 2, he's much better at handling a loaded spoon although he still cannot work out which end is which so I help him by turning the spoons the right way. Also we have a hit with steamed sweet potato and baby corn (not chewed, just sucked). I am waiting anxiously for the output to see if any actually went into him or just got smeared all over the tray! After that he went to sleep more or less immediately after he was put down at 7pm (reverting to normal) and after the dreamfeed at 11, had to be worken up this morning at 8.30 for class!

crumpette Thu 24-Jun-10 13:52:59

CTFN! Absolutely not grin get back here from your Real Life, damn you!! grin

Well just the usual rubbish here, DP jobless, suing employer, am stressed, erm, told DP I was leaving him (after ridiculous behaviour) last night and he said that he would get baby J taken away from me if I dared to leave him. I said 'but you said I am the best mother you've ever known..' and he said 'but they won't know that, I can say whatever I want to say about you and they will believe ME.. don't cross swords with me.. revenge.. 'blabla sad I am scared he would do this if I left him.

on the weaning front (well done flyingma!!!)
J has scoffed broccoli very happily, and other than the odd bit of pear is quite happy with pureed stuff and porridge/rice. I am only giving him solids twice a day and sometimes it's not very succesful but will up it to 3 times a day in a couple weeks time

do you think he is too young for a cup with handles?

he's very whiney at the moment, I think it is his teeth combined with the hot sticky weather, he's getting more difficult at night [argh]

best go he's jumping out of his chair (have ordered highchair but tis taking aaaaaaages to arrive)

crumpette Thu 24-Jun-10 13:54:42

happy birthday sockDS!!

Newbeginning1 Thu 24-Jun-10 15:03:53

ctofn - i know things do seem to be a bit quiet. Maybe its because of the poo talk ban hmm Well i'm happy to break it and talk about Jacks cute poo face which is very funny but so are his carrot poos grin I'm sure everyone will flood back not ctofn, you watch wink

ali - sorry that your DD didnt get better news, how is she doing now? Jack is the same as Jack with the grinning at the hospital, he loves the attention.

flyingma - it sounds like your DS is loving his food and that weaning is going well

mk - how is Nico doing?

sock - happy birthday to DS1. What have you got planned for it?

crumpette - your P really annoys me. I know that he is saying it to frighten you and it's working but i doubt people would believe him especially considering if you were such a bad mother that he would leave you with J all the time. It's just not believable. Also, depending what he said, if you're such a bad mother and he makes serious allegations then he wont be able to keep J either because he's "known" how you're meant to have been with J and let it happened. Ooh, i'm doing angry typing just thinking about it!!!!! Have you got a phone with a recorder on it? If so record him saying this stuff so that you have proof but dont let him know you're recording it. I'm not sure how you would stand if you just took J one day and left. I think it's when the father does it that it's classed as kidnap. The offer to stay here is always open xx

Right lovely ladies i seem to have become craft tastic. I keep making random stuff which is of no point. I am also eating rubbish and i'm back to 13 stone 9lb sadI need to give myself a good talking too!!

Whats happening with the meet up with lottie or have i been ousted from it? hmm grin

flyingma Thu 24-Jun-10 15:14:14

crumpette I'm training Aidan to use a Doidy cup which is having mixed results but he is learning quite fast. I want him to be able to drink from an open lidded cup asap before giving him the free-flow lidded beakers for when we are on the move.

He now understands the concept of a cup being taken to the lips and tilted up to drink. He tried to drink the fake glass of milk from the story bag at the library the other day which elicited a whole of lot "awwws" from the other mums. But he's a bit wobbly managing it on his own and often tips the little water I give him all down his front. But baby steps and we'll get there, mum was amazed that he even managed it coz he is unable to hold his own bottle still (too heavy). If I can just get him to understand that water is to quench thirst and is not a game... then I'd be laughing!

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 24-Jun-10 19:05:21

New - second everything you said about Crumpette's P. Really Crumpette - don't be worried. He does not have a leg to stand on. Grrrrrr.

Also - no news on the Lottie meet up as yet. We just have a blanket coverage of dates when she's here. She will let me know once her plans are more firm I'm sure.

somewhathorrified Fri 25-Jun-10 15:31:04

hey guys, I just can't seem to get on here like I used to. Tobin's still waking 3 times a night for food (and takes loads of it!) and now he's decided to drop his nice 1-2hr long daytime naps to be replaced with a max 10 mins twice a day The boy just doesn't sleep!

Got teeth, well tooth coming through now, he's been great about the whole thing until we noticed yesterday that it's actually cut through adn I was saying how proud I was of him for not being a grizzly monster about it...cue today and the monster emerged. Bless it must really hurt though.

Weaning's going ok, still 2 meals a day. We do need to be more adventurous with what we give him, but I'm loathed to get too much stuff in that we don't esp the expensive stuff. Although found that frozen blueberries are much cheaper than fresh ones!
Thinking about it most of what he gets/likes is fruit, or veg mixed with fruit...oh dear, the family sweet tooth is continuing.

crumpette your P is an ass, and I'm very suprised you believe a word he says...do you honestly think that a court will award him custody over you? Mums are way more likely to get it, you're young and you had a good job, why on earth would you think that a judge would listen to him? You want ot leave, leave!

whensmydayoff Fri 25-Jun-10 17:40:28

crumpette my brother tried all of that bollocks with his ex.
She told the doctor about her stresses,
he put her onto a support type thingy (ask your doc) and they gave her the REAL facts.

This is the most common thing they hear.
Idiots like your P trying to scare/control their partners into staying.

It never washes and the fact she has kept them in the loop is proof enough for them.
They know all the typical signs.

FFS, they couldn't move fast enough to get baby P from that pair of evil bastards so they certainly aren't going to side with a liar/dad of 20 uncared for kids - on his word alone and whip J from you!
He is mind f*cking with you.

Oh, Olivia crying. Hope everyone ok x

mistletoekisses Fri 25-Jun-10 17:41:40

Hi All

ali - great news about your DD

CTFN - hope all your activities have been fun! I have been a little home bunny today/ yesterday. Am not a massive sun worshiper and am enjoying the coolness of the house!

sock - hope you had a lovely day with your DS

Flyingma - glad the weaning is going well. I saw such a difference in nico once I started.

crumpette - grrr at your DP! How dare he! You need to record him making these threats!
Re. the cup with handles, they are never too young. I have started giving Nico milk with breakfast in a doidy cup. He has his water from a little soft spouted tommee tippee cup with handles. He lifts it and puts it in his mouth. And that is only after a week.

new - nico is doing great - thank you for asking. still going 7pm to about 4/5am. Give him 3 fl oz of milk and he settles til 6am. Once he is on proteins for lunch, then will reduce that milk feed also. But we are onto 3 solid meals a day - and he is loving his food.Have finally gotten him taking mix of veg at lunch without it mixed with baby rice. So tomorrow plan to make some chicken stock and simple lentil/ veg soup to start adding small amounts of proteins to his food.
How is the PU/ PD going with j? And how are you doing otherwise?

SWH - poor little Tobin. Hope he feels ok soon. Re the sweet tooth, I find that using sweet potato as a base helps the transition to veg only meals. Parsnips are also a winner. Babies are such funny creatures - Nico was hard work with fruit!

Well hope everyone else is doing well. We have an uber lazy weekend planned with family round on sunday to watch the game. Have great weekends all!

sockmonkey Sat 26-Jun-10 08:45:14

SWH given the choice would you go for sweet or savoury grinBabies aren't daft are they. MK yeah, I remember the DSs liking things with parsnip or sweet potato in. Good point!

Crumpette I'm sure no other father ever bad mouthed the mother when they left hmm Don't let him threaten you!

Ali Hope the treatment they are using for DD is helping.

DS1 had a great birthday thanks. We took him to a soft play place with his best mate, then back for cake and a massive water fight with his new water-pistols. I hid behind the baby and stayed indoors smile

Noop managed to work her way from the middle of the room to the corner under the radiator where the wires for DH's surround sound are in the time it took me to go in other room check FB and help DS spend his birthday voucher. She was very happy pulling all the wires out shock for a baby that can't even roll over she can manage to move about... but how?!!

whensmydayoff Sat 26-Jun-10 10:00:32

Mad wriggling and bum bouncing no doubt sock. Olivia is the same.

I was 'out out' on Thursday night. 4 girls I used to work with. Great laugh, wine and home at.....1am shock, I know, mental eh!

I was in all these trendy bars in Edinburgh West End thinking - how far removed am I from you lot!
Never mind, 2 or 3 glasses of wine in I was cackling like a witch and unaware of my mummy status!

DH has stolen most of our furniture, mirrors and other bits and pieces to dress the townhouse for sale with a different seller.
I feel like Ive been robbed!
Hopefully we can get it shifted soon as we don't have any funds to crack on with the house build.
The land we bought was repossessed from someone else, Im starting to worry it's cursed and it will happen to us. Fingers crossed it will move soon.

Out with mum and kids today, don't know where but it will probably involve lunch and cake.
Taking kids to a swimming pool with chutes, waves etc tomorrow so should be fun.
Hope you all have a good weekend. x

alibobins Sat 26-Jun-10 12:21:27

Jacob is on a milk strike only drank 11oz yesterday he has got another chest infection and has been really poorly

Dd seems to be alot happier in herself since we went to hospital

Can't believe how fast it is all going I'm back at work in 10 weeks shock I have really enjoyed being at home and keep trying to find a way to cut back so I could stay off but it just isn't possible oh well 2 days off a week is better thatn none.

crumpette really don't listen to your p I won't put dp cos he isn't angry he is trying to play mind games with you you are a fantastic Mum

How's weaning going? Jacob is plodding he does prefer blw to puree.

Enjoy the sunshine

Newbeginning1 Sat 26-Jun-10 15:11:46

ali - poor Jacob, he's having a rough time with the rest of you isnt he? Fingers crossed he's better soon.

crumpette - how are things with you and J?

wmdo - very envy at your night out but it sounds like you had a fab time smile

sockmonkey - DS is exactly the same with the shuffling around the room. I'm sure they know what they're not meant to have and head straight for it hmm

mk - are you doing purees or blw? I need to start giving DS protein but im nervous, i dont want to poison him blush I've stopped the PU/PD with Jack as we have been out and about and not getting home some nights until about 9.30pm <<bad mummy i know>>. We had an early night though last night and he was squirming when i tried to get him to sleep so i put him in his cot and he went pretty much straight off.

ctofn - i completely forgot to say thank you for your advice re sorting Jack with his sleeping

flyingma - i've got Jack a doidy too and he managed yesterday to drink some water like a big boy and was very impressed with himself but then other times seems shocked when he gets water from it

party/super - how are you getting on? Have you told more people now?

My boy is all grown up and 6 months today. I had planned on making this a 2nd birthday for him as he's a boxing day baby which is a rubbish birthday and it will be messy organisng both me and his dad having time with him at xmas and his birthday. I got him loads of presents and my sister was meant to come with my niece but she's poorly so our day out to Plantasia has been postponed and Jack and i have spent the day alone and im feeling very sorry for myself that my boys day hasnt gone to plan but he knows no different im sure.

alibobins Sat 26-Jun-10 15:50:22

new I was going to do the half birthday too grin he had a new play ring which he hates.
I really think he will be a bum shuffler as he will still not lie on his front and when he's sitting up he rocks like a loon he also does it in his entertainer and makes it move the other dc find it really amusing x x

Sleep is the one thing that is easy for us Jacob is really good at self settling he hates being held to sleep.

mama2moo Sun 27-Jun-10 11:00:00

Hi all, I have finally made it over here!

I hope everyone is ok and enjoying the weather. We are forecast rain for Thursday and I am so looking forward to it being a little cooler!!

Babymoo has 2 teeth now and I am down to one breast feed a day. I think tomorrow will be my last feed as she has started biting! She is wolfing bay 8oz bottles 4 times a day at the mo!!

party How are you finding being pg with a young baby?

ali I hope Jacob is doing ok

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