Jan 2010: Weaning, sleeping crawling too...at least we've moved on from discussing poo

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CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 11-Jun-10 09:48:39

Roll up roll up - let's get chatting...

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flyingma Fri 11-Jun-10 10:05:04

If we fill this thread up can we then revert to talking about p00? grin

alibobins Fri 11-Jun-10 11:15:17


sockmonkey Fri 11-Jun-10 17:47:33

POO!!!! Hahahahahahaha
<runs away>

alibobins Fri 11-Jun-10 20:27:18

<thinks about hiring a doorman> grin

yangymac Sat 12-Jun-10 23:24:57

Message withdrawn

Newbeginning1 Sun 13-Jun-10 22:57:00

Just to be clear ali can we still talk about other bodily fluids such as sick etc on here as thats featuring highly with Jack at the moment grin

alibobins Mon 14-Jun-10 07:35:20

new poor Jack and lol lol

alibobins Mon 14-Jun-10 07:35:48

that was meant to be a

Partyofsevensoontobeeight Mon 14-Jun-10 12:43:10

Hello, hello, hello, just marking place so you don't all run off and leave me

superwoman25 Mon 14-Jun-10 16:05:46

Hello re scenting my place with new name smile

Party x

sockmonkey Mon 14-Jun-10 16:13:33

like the new name... it fits you well.
<considers changing name to coveredinsnotanddribbleanddrinkingahotchocolate>

superwoman25 Mon 14-Jun-10 16:28:36

Like it sock I was also considering






Mama2b5 Mon 14-Jun-10 21:25:10

you can type but you cant hide, im here!!!!!!
Lol to superwomen!
NewB- hope jack get well real soon x
Hi - has anyone got anything fun planned for Fathers day?? (only for the ones who deserve a gift or being made a fuss off i guess)
DD15- has now only 1 more exam on friday and thats it!my gosh i remember when i had her wow time has flown by and thats what i dreading with lil man i want to enjoy every second of him! and already i can see his personality coming through he can be so cheeky and just flatout ignore you when he wants no matter how much you call his name, and when he can finally be bothered he looks at you as to say "yeh wot!!! grin

superwoman25 Mon 14-Jun-10 22:16:19

grin mama, erin personality is showing through as well, a grumpy little demanding madam, that wants attention, I love it.

sockmonkey Tue 15-Jun-10 07:50:51

Noop's Default setting seems to be "unimpressed".
She also doesn't seem to like DH very much. Everytime I handed her over yesterday she started to cry. To be fair, he goes to work before she wakes up and she is up for maybe an hour after he gets home. She probably wonders who this strange man is that I keep passing her to.

DH is getting a Daredevil book for fathers day. Yes, it's what he wanted. Yes, I married a geek.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 15-Jun-10 08:50:07

Er hello??!!! Why are we chatting on here while other thread still going?!

<CTFN ticks off fellow posters and slinks back to other thread to see if anyone is around>

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superwoman25 Tue 15-Jun-10 10:28:36

Party/super hangs her head in shame and apologies for sneaking behind cants back, will go back to other thread until told we are allowed on this onegrin

Mama2b5 Tue 15-Jun-10 22:14:24

lol - i also hang head in total shame - c u on the other page i guess!

mistletoekisses Fri 18-Jun-10 19:24:21

marking my place grin

the other one is nearly full!

somewhathorrified Fri 18-Jun-10 19:50:35

ooh am I the first on here legit like?

WMDO could your DH be telling porkies cos he didn;t want to worry you? Not saying that's the case, just wondering.

Tobin's eating away now, 2 meals aday of purees, he still hasn't figured out that if he doesn't like something he can keep his mouth shut...so it's all very easy atm. Desperate not to give up on the breastfeeding, no teeth yet, but I'm hoping to keep going til at least a year old, if only a couple of feeds a day and a bit of shameless mummy dummying. But I love it...I know I sound like a broken record.

Ok my minds now gone blank. I have a serious case of baby brain.

whensmydayoff Fri 18-Jun-10 20:21:46

> WMDO peeks round the door at you all

AH HA found you! You can't escape my extra long posts.

I think somewhat that might be the case but I still find that un nerving.

I wish I enjoyed BF as much as that. I find it much easier now that the reflux has calmed a bit
(waves to fellow sufferer Yangymac)
I hope I can carry on though because she is very attached to my boobs. Glad someone appreciates the new look saggy boobs!
I also love the fact she downs a 7oz bottle of formula every tea time and sleeps all night even more grin.

Oh there's DH with our Thai takeaway
om nom nom........

alibobins Fri 18-Jun-10 20:34:32

Phew that's better it was taking my computer ages to load the other thread.
It's a little sad too moving on from our old threads it means our babies are growing up

Jacob's reflux is getting better slowly but now he's weaning we have multi coloured sick grin just glad he's not moving or he'd be leaving a trail lol.

Dh is out watching football Dd is sleeping at my Sil's and Jacob is fast asleep so me and Ds1 are having mummy snuggles on the sofa oh and pizza nom nom nom

somewhathorrified Fri 18-Jun-10 20:44:57

ali it doesn't mean ourLO's are growing up it means us lot are a bunch of gossips who talk/type too much. Well that's my excuse, my LO is never growing up, he's going to live at home til he's 40 and never have a girlfriend...only kidding, he can have a girlfriend when he's 30!

maygirl Fri 18-Jun-10 21:06:15

Hi everyone! Not caught up yet, hope everyone is fine.

Been visiting mum in law, she had op to remove the lump early this week and found out today is benign grin Going to take a while to get her mobility back, but we're all so relieved. Thanks for everyone's support last week!

DH away for 3 nights so coping with DCs alone. Hats off to single mums out there, I'm knackered! DS has made him a photo frame with pic of the two of them in at nursery for fathers day. Realised DD should get him something!! Think DS and I will make brownies tomorrow for when he gets back Sunday, help him recover from stag weekend he's on !!

Seen a few newborns last couple of days and made me realise how time is flying and how big DD is getting, 18 weeks now, enjoying every minute too, after tough start she's a joy now

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