Dec 08 Ladies - Maybe this thread they'll ALL sleep through the night at the same time!

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Beans33 Tue 01-Jun-10 17:04:31

Apologies for rubbish title, couldn't think of anything - mind is totally riddled by hormones...!

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Beans33 Tue 01-Jun-10 17:05:42

Hope everyone can find it? x

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SummerLightning Tue 01-Jun-10 17:19:11

Hi Beans!
Like the title. It'll never happen though!! There'll always be one ill/teething one!

EffiePerine Tue 01-Jun-10 17:25:20

Dammit, posted on the wrong thread! That's my words lost to posterity. Not that posterity will mind much!

spotofcheerfulness Tue 01-Jun-10 18:28:04

Beans I admire your dry wit grin

Veggiemummy Tue 01-Jun-10 18:33:08

I read your post effie bur here it is for those who didn't
"Beans, enjoy your party! And do practise telling your DH that you need help. No, not in a minute. Now (firm voice) .

(That was you to your DH not me to you)

Mom: lovely to hear from you. I'm glad you had a good weekend. I would be the same re: telling work.

Kiwi: cheeky DD showing off her walking and then keeping you up all night! I'm sure they plan these things out.

Rubes: how are you doing? I thought your DB had come round or is his partner stirring again? I hate to think of the stress spoiling

this special time before DD arrives.

Aaargh the phone is about to eat my post! Sorry for brevity. And wish me luck cos I am being a crap mum at the moment and need to sort things out."

Veggiemummy Tue 01-Jun-10 18:39:29

Sybs I'm glad you got the package but gosh it was slow I sent it a week ago!

We just had the Hamster out using her little running ball thing. we saw it on bolt and thought it was brilliant so got one for Emily. She happily gets into it then rolls around the livingroom. Unfortunately when we put her out in it for the first time yesterday DS2 got a bit excited and thought it was a football. Poor Emily went flying across the room when DS2 landed a nice right footed kick!

Rubena Tue 01-Jun-10 19:00:17

Effie (via Vaggie - thanks Vag) Thanks for asking, well after he sent an email the other day asking to forget the petty argument, it seems he thinks it can all go back to plan A and asked for tickets again for all of them. Then started getting arsy when I said I need yo to actually have a proper conv with me about it all and don't think it's much to ask for an apology and a few explanations, and he gave me a real in sincere one then basically asked am I going to help him or not. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that it has been taken the wrong way due to context of email etc and that I could call him and then he went quiet - perhaps went to bed, but I doubt it - he just wants it all to wash over and me to get them here.
Anyway, it's getting quite dull now. I just have to get out and do stuff or I sit here and wallow and then email when I shouldn't. However Tesco at rush hour and returning things to Topps Tiles isn't exactly the best stress reliever hmm

Loved the video of dd Kiwi

traceface Tue 01-Jun-10 19:48:35

Thanks for the thread Beans - I like the title - it gives us hope grin
Rubs that's so rubbish that dbgate has re-emerged. Can you maybe have no contact for a few days and let the waters calm a bit? Maybe he'd see that he can't just give a half-hearted apology and expect you to bend over backwards for him? I'm useless at these kind of things though so I'm be talking nonsense!
Effie why do you say you're being a crap mum at the moment? It seems very unlikely to me smile
Oh I have a funny thing to tell you. Lucy has basically trained Phoebe with a party piece. Lu says "Lady" and Phoeb says "Gaga" in response grin It's so funny! We thought it was a coincidence at first that P said it just after Lu said "lady", but she now does it on demand every time L says "lady" to her!
Oh and talking of DHs (thinking of WG and Spot) - dh and I have been really bugging each other and have just figured out that we want time on our own - just to do our own thing, like watch TV or read or play on the PlayStation (him!). When I worked shifts we ended up with quite a few evenings when he was in on his own, and various mornings when I was on my own - sans kids - for just being ourselves. But now I have the school hols, we have ALL our evenings and weekends and holidays together, which although a dream for many people, and for us in many ways, is actually taking some getting used to. I'm glad we've pinpointed it and admitted to each other that we don't always want to spend time together, so hopefully we can do something about it. It's a shame we've only one room really for relaxing, and one TV, so if one wants to watch TV, the other can't play WII or whatever, which brings a few constraints for doing stuff on our own, but we can work round stuff like that. Anyway I've waffled on for no reason there but found it quite cathartic. Sorry!
Oh dear Lu has just come out of her bedroom with a sore ear. Calpol calls...

sybilfaulty Tue 01-Jun-10 19:57:39

Love the thread title Beans. Many thanks

Had a trying day, nearly dying on the A3 in the rain, then an emergency dash to the Dr's with M whose temp would not go below 40. Once we got there of course, it settled at a nice 38. I'm hoping he'll sleep it off and be OK to go to nursery tomorrow as I'm off to chez Beans with Lucy loo. I've made cake for us, so am all ready to see pg ladies and their offspring, my own offspring willing.

Trace, can't say there is much action going on here at the moment but I too have a weak pelvic floor and have the odd splashdown when running, coughing, etc. Not had one recently when at it, but it wouldn't surprise me. I'm going to get some cones, so I'll let you know how I get on. However, I think I have experienced this before I had kids and it could be due to, er, <<whispers>> female ejaculation !! I read up on it when I was younger and when I was never to be found in the Tena aisle and some Drs believe that it could be something rather wonderful happening at that moment rather than a bit of wee popping out. You can google if you would like to know more.

Avo, how was your difficult chat with the nanny? Is it all now resolved? would rather take the shine off your weekend though, I do feel for you.

Veg, the post round here is dreadful. SOrry it took so long. Bloody delicious though.

Meet up sounds top. Is anyone on for ano london one (apart from the mini meets, of course - am looking forward to visiting Rubes and the coun'ry to see LadyT not in situ, plus anyone else who is at a loose end....)

Must go. Swim cancelled tonight as M sick, so I'm off for a beer and a night with Gok. Hope all are well and happy.

traceface Tue 01-Jun-10 19:57:45

calpol done and back to bed. Tidy.
I've been invited to a friend's 50th party on saturday, which I'd quite like to go to because although I've only recently got to know her properly, she's a good friend and I'd like to be there. DH doesn't fancy it so I think I might just go on my own - saves finding a babysitter - and we both get some time on our own! Now what to wear...
Ah I feel like I'm doing a pubes/ Spot / veggie just chatting away to myself grin Maybe I should start a journal and stop boring everyone else with my drivel...
I was making tea earlier and was telling dh how I prefer cooking with lamb mince rather than beef mince (less fatty, separates more easily...) and he just laughed at me for making such a dull comment!

sybilfaulty Tue 01-Jun-10 19:59:00

Sorry Rubes, I meant to say how sorry I was that the agro with your brother was still ongoing. Last thing you need right now darling. Let me know if I can help at all. My ear and shoulder always ready. Plus I bring cake smile

traceface Tue 01-Jun-10 20:00:45

Syb sorry to hear about M. Poor thing. Any idea what's causing his temperature? And thanks for the reassurance re splashdown - and I might get on google about your other suggestion!

Avocadoes Tue 01-Jun-10 20:05:21

Oh Rubes it spuds as if your DB is taking the piss. If he can't even manage one phone call to save himself thousands then he doesn't deserve any of your perks. I think he is being very cheeky indeed.

And Beans talking of taking the piss - how very dare your DH and guests not help you tidy??? I am flabbergasted at the guests inparticular. If I stay at friends' parents houses with them I am fastidious about tidying. And if my host was 8 months preggers I doubt I would let her lift a finger. I am flabbergasted at their rudeness... And if they were baby bores as well then that is so much worse. Please get invited to theirs and be the worst guest ever.

Trace - I highly recommend pilates for strengthening that pelvic floor. Do you have a local class? Most of the exercises are based on the pelvic muscle. As for your particular prob I have the opposite. I have never been able to wee after experiencing a "moment of pleasure". Even if I am desperate I can't squeeze out a drop. I have to wait at least 15 mins. I always wondered if that is normal. Anyone know what I am talking about?

Effie - I hope you are ok. Why do you say you are being a bad mum at the moment?

MoM - I am so glad you managed to enjoy a few moments of this weekend. I hope those good moments continue and multiply.

WG - how utterly infuriating that Her Smugness has even more reason to be smug. Has she written about it on her blog yet. I would check but last time I nearly died of boredom.

And finally YAY for baby panda. DD2 started using walking properly last week having gagged around with a few steps here and there for months and months. Isn't it strange suddenly having a little upright person wandering about? Suddenly they don't seem like babies anymore.

Rubena Tue 01-Jun-10 20:15:34

Oooh Beans I forgot about the cuppa with Sybs at yours - is it still ok to visit tomorrow when Sybs comes? Or if not, I totally understand, and can pop over another time. I do need to get out a bit before dd arrives, but another time is fine also.
I'm tempted to have a glass of cheerfulness right now, but I feel I've had more than my fair pregnant share of unit's recently hmm Can we have a recap of all the pregnant one's cheerfulness consumption? I've forgotton what's 'ok' this time
I badly need a pedicure.... dh said I should just go to the really nice posh pricey place near us grin since Spain is all for him he's pushing me to spend money I think. Fine by mesmile I'm going to have a prego massage for 75 mins, a pedicure, eyebrow and eyelash tint and then visit St Tropez grin Just gotta decide when.

Trace I'm here....! If you buy extra lean beef mince - its waaaaaay less fatty than the lean lamb mince! I'm an expert grin

Rubena Tue 01-Jun-10 20:20:25

x posted Aubi - yeah I will reserve judgment and see if he responds shortly that he went off to bed before my last email about the call but still - he's taking the piss not talking about things and expecting me to help him. I know what he's going to say "you wanted to be kept out of it" but I still want explanations of the stuff he did already involve me in.....
Trace sorry about your tmi incident. I've never had that happen although I have recently (yesterday) done a massive sneeze and pee came out as well as other preggo lady stuff (sorry) so glam this pregnancy lark...

Veggiemummy Tue 01-Jun-10 20:57:58

Oh man I'm so tired tonight. I should go to bed but I want to have the cup of tea DH has made for me. DH keeps talking to me about work stuff but I can't keep up with what he's saying and just end up nodding and making I'm listening to you noises. I have to say though IT people use the English language in the most inapropriate and stupid way.

Veggiemummy Tue 01-Jun-10 21:02:51

Oh & Sybs I hope you ate the chocolate all at once.

Rubs your DB is really annoying me so must be really driving you mad. I think it's a bit cheeky the way they've been treating you lately to be turning around and asking for the tickets.

Trace I don't eat it but I prefer cooking lamb for the boys, it smells nicer and your right it seperate better. DS1 prefers sausage rolls that I make with lamb mince rather than pork or beef mince so it must be better. So there was are both boring!

Rubena Tue 01-Jun-10 21:10:40

you can say that again Vag. It's just so hard on here to explain the full ongoing long story and all it's details.. And therefore I keep questioning if I'm the one being unreasonable, however that said, I have spoken to my parents about it in depth and they agree with me totally as does dh

notjustanumber Tue 01-Jun-10 21:20:12

Hi just wanted to pop on and say MoM i hope you are doing OK, it happened to me between DS1 and DS2, I found it much harder than I expected. But then I accidentally got pg the next month anyway (with DS2 that is).

Sorry I feel I have missed so much I have to pop off again, but yes, Avo I know what you mean, I have that too. But I also have the odd leakage at other times (sneezes etc). Pilates is good but I have been lazy recently, I seem to have no time for anything at all.

Trace me and DH miss time away from eachother too. Thats why learning to drive has been so brilliant. I'm going to see a friend on thursday night, I never would have been able to do that before !

Anyway, only half way down my list of things to do this evening.

JamInMyWellies Tue 01-Jun-10 21:24:33

Marking my spot, been out all day. Remarkably succesful shock only a couple of mini tantrums. Will read up back tom.

urbanewarrior Tue 01-Jun-10 21:43:02

hello all. bookmarking as am typing one-handed with dd conked out next to me having vomited through the last couple of nights. aaargh. i am.not.coping.well...but will be better with sleep (can you hear me dd?)

mom i was really sorry to hear your news

and rubes. wtf with your db? i'm with veggie

syb that sounds like a shocking day hope beer/gok did the trick

avo your dh sounded like he did a proper job at the wedding...

and grin for baby panda

trace i hope lu is feeling ok

right dh is expecting me to join in watching 4000 stupid things that have happened in the world cup (sigh - trace was it you saying about doing too many things together)

LadyThompson Tue 01-Jun-10 23:03:27

Hello! <ATTISHHHOOO> I am back but have the horridest cold, sore throat, stupid fat throbbing head, gloopy deaf ears and all sorts of other weird symptoms like itchy sore skin from neck to ankles (maybe that's pregnancy, though, who knows). There's loooooads I want to say and will do a giant catch up tomorrow, but yes, the wedding was fabulous and the bride and groom were so thrilled with each other, it was really touching. It was splendid to see Avo and to meet Mr Avo, who was a real diamond, we loved him. I am so disappointed I missed his dad dancing, though (we were first on the coach, whilst he was herded on last by Avo). I didn't realise he was that tiddly, though he did seem slightly comically animated when he got off the coach grin Avo looked very nice indeed in a very sassy little suit and I felt horrid and mumsy in a dress I bought last year for the chambers summer do. But that's what you get for being podgy and up the duff grin I was also horrifically sober and my feet were killing me in my shoes. (Sympathies, Daisy, for your hen night feet).

Yes, O was an extremely good girl at the wedding, I admit. HOWEVER, she is the original Girl Who Had a Little Curl, because for a good chunk of Sunday, Monday and today, she has been abominable and it's been quite hard. And her eating has become even worse, she has started throwing things and is now pinching me about 300 times a day. (JB, I think it was you asking about hitting; I am at my wits end with the pinching. If I tell her 'no!' she gets cross and pinches me harder, whereas if I ignore it she pinches me harder to get a reaction). I did laugh on the plane on the way over, though, when she got really cross with me over nothing and lashed out and in her fury and confusion pinched a random lady on the plane who happened to be passing up the aisle with a generous muffin top hanging temptingly over the top of her jeans. Oh dear. So, JJ, in answer to your question, yes she does have paddies grin Many, and daily, believe me. She just intersperses the paddies with bouts of supremely angelic behaviour (eg on the boat trip yesterday, she sat nicely for 10 mins with headphones on, listening to the commentary.)

All in all, though, we had a lovely time in Sweden. Stockholm over the past couple of days has been particularly nice as, surprise surprise, the city is a little more up my street.

I have yakked on about myself as usual. Mom, you have been very much in my thoughts over the last few days. I think you are brave to try to stay strong. I keep trying to think of the right words to say but am anxious not to get it wrong. But lots of love to you, and I am pleased you managed to enjoy some of the weekend. That's the ticket.

Trace, I was going to say what Syb said about female ejaculation (you never know). I bet your DH didn't even notice, whatever it was. Don't feel rubbish. Try those cone things if you think your pelvic floor needs a bit of a tone? As for conversations which other people find boring, I love to tease DP (affectionately) about the time he proclaimed "Sainsbury's were out of orange Toilet Duck, you know!" grin Oh, and he is always going on about how he's desperately in need of more time alone. I suppose I get it so much more, though I don't really count time with DD as time alone.

Kiwi, that is so cool about BabyKP. The little monkington, hiding her light under a bushel!

Beans, the friends who watched you bustle about, 8 months pregnant angry...and your DH really needs to chill down.

I loved hearing about the Northern meet up. It sounded so nice. I shall look at all the pics tomorrow.

Rubes, your brother...well, he obviously hasn't got a clue about how selfish he's being. I am sorry the stress is ongoing. It sounds very tricky and really is the last thing you need at the mo. Sigh.

Sybs, I will text you tomorrow with dates. And Katie, either of those days you mentioned suit me. 'Twill be lovely.

Have loads more people to reply to but I need to have a hot shower in a vain attempt to feel better and will carry on in the morning. Gnnnnn. Have have crummy sleeps for the past few nights and it's messing with my head. Night night all.

Beans33 Wed 02-Jun-10 08:21:31

Rubes! Of course come over at same time as Sybs today - she's popping in at 11ish after swimming. Does that suit you? Sorry have been a bit silent - had a drinks party last night that went on a bit longer than anticipated - but still caught the results of Britain's Got Talent. So I know who's through so far... Phew.

Lady - lovely to hear from you. Glad the wedding was so lovely. I am missing 3 weddings in July/August due to the newbie being so new! I know what I@m like and go into complete hibernation for weeks, then finally spring out ready to face the world at about 3 months.

Is anyone else's DH/P just crap at affection? I find I really need it at the moment and am not getting any. I'm sure he's finding me as annoying as I'm finding him at the moment!!!

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Beans33 Wed 02-Jun-10 08:35:33

PS Rubes if you wanted to come a bit earlier, we'll be here from 10 onwards - just got to nip to Asda!


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