october 04 - nearly 10 months!

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biglips Thu 04-Aug-05 12:19:45

haaaa - thats better!!

last nite, we had my DP's cousin at our house with his wife and 2 kids... there were 1.5 yrs old and 4.5 yrs old (i thought she was 6!! as she takes after her Dad who is 6.5).. anyway got to know them and had a lovely evening.. i went upstairs to get babas bodysuit ready for bed as she was worned out playing with them two.. i came back downstairs and my baba let out an almighty scream (everyone was in the living room with baba), what had happened was the 1.5 yrs old bit babas hand and baba just stood there in her playpen in shock and suddenly WWWWAAAAAAAIIIIILLLLLLLL (awww poor thing!)

ive gotta go as baba is tired and need to put in bed for her nap (cant you hear her?!)

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biglips Thu 04-Aug-05 14:27:54

babas having a cry day day as i put her in the chair from her highchair (the ones that you convert from highchair to table and chair) but she slipped thru and got stuck , baba panicked as i couldnt pull her thru or pick her up as she was truly stuck so had to put my hand on my botty and glide her out !... gave her plenty of cuddles and kisses XXXXXXXXX

gotta start keeping an eye on her whilst shes in walker as she can climb out of it now (my resting days are over )

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biglips Thu 04-Aug-05 22:25:11

its here girls

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nannyjo Thu 04-Aug-05 22:28:19

DS is everywhere now, very hard work wants to stand up ALL the time, and thinks plant pots and plug sockets are great fun.

I've changed nappies for 10 years and never have they been as hard as it is with DS i have to litterally sit on him to do it.

biglips Thu 04-Aug-05 22:35:11

i know what you mean about the nappies as i have to either sign a song to DD or give her a nappy to play with (and try not to eat it!)

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biglips Thu 04-Aug-05 22:36:01

sing a song (or sign if i can be bothered!)

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nannyjo Thu 04-Aug-05 22:37:19

we go through about 10-15 things each one lasts for about 2 seconds distraction....toys, medicine bottles and their boxes, wipes, anything i can get my hands on.

He won't even cuddle me any more just climbs up on my shoulders in one swift move.

cazzybabs Thu 04-Aug-05 22:48:53

#HOW did this happen - how did they get to be nearly 10 months - thats nearly a year and thats no longer a baby OMG!!!! Where does the time go - wish it would blomming well slow down.

Biglips - hope your baby has recovered from being stuck and bitten!

Nanny Jo - I know exactly what you are going through - I olook on it as a sign of intellengence!

nannyjo Thu 04-Aug-05 22:49:59

is anyone already thinking about birthdays partys yet??

cazzybabs Thu 04-Aug-05 22:55:05

oh god she won't be having one - not till she is at least 3!

maisiemog Fri 05-Aug-05 00:33:21

Hi All,
AlfiePog is terrible at nappy changing time. The only thing I can do that works a bit is sit him on the nappy on my lap. Everything else is boring for him.
We're coming up for nine months adjusted now, as he was due on the 18th November, but he has just turned nine months in 'real' months.
I agree it's intelligence that makes them escapologists and it's intelligence that makes them wake up twice a night so they can stand up and play and sing (obviously simaltaneously working on solving the world energy crisis in their heads) and intelligence that makes them have a nap for 22 minutes for the whole day (just got too many experiments to conduct)

maisiemog Fri 05-Aug-05 00:34:16

Or is it ADD?

maisiemog Fri 05-Aug-05 00:36:27

Geo - can your ds have nut butters of any sort? They are pretty high in calories.
More milk?

Bellie Fri 05-Aug-05 14:28:59

no no no - dd can't be nearly 10 months
off for my first night out on my own tonight - and tomorrow - best friends hen night - can't believe that it is 10 months since I have been out on the town.... bet I pay for it all on sunday .

BibiTwo Fri 05-Aug-05 15:25:36

I've got dds 1st birthday all sorted (ha!). Well, in my head it's all sorted, who to invite, theme etc.

Anyone else?

DD plays with a nappy (clean one!) too when i'm changing her, or the talc bottle, which is her absolute favourite.

Standing is the best passtime int he world now, even though she wobbles back and forth so it looks like she's humping everything! {grin]

CoveredInDribble Fri 05-Aug-05 21:34:45

Hi all! Did start thinking boiut ds's first birthday a while back when one of my MILs (yep, lumbered with 2, tis soo unfair!) informed me that the day before ds's birthday is someone's big birthday, so we are expected to travel miles and stay overnight ... so ds will be knackered, we'll be knackered, we'll be miles from the rest of his family (my lot live in the opposite direction) and it'll be pointless anyhow cos ds goes to bed by 7, so unlikely we'll be attending any evening parties! TBH, have already started thinking of excuses as to why we can't go! So for ds bday, am very tempted to just invite those people that he actually sees fairly often (and therefore doesn't howl at if they cuddle him!!) round for a bit of cake! Soz, rant over ... can you tell how much I like my MILs??

As for ds, sympathise totally with those having nappy changing nightmares ... he insists on trying to roll on to his tummy etc ... found a pair of spare socks works well as a distraction as he's very into waving "flappy" things around ... though not as much as he's into standing up and bashing anything that could make a loud noise! On the plus side, his eczema is looking soooooo much better at the moment .. fingers crossed he's growing out of it!

maisiemog Fri 05-Aug-05 22:42:24

Yeah yeah!! Don't go Dribble!! You'll think of something.
Sounds like it would spoil the next day too much, and that's a bigger day than old whathis/hername's birthday (I think]
Had a big nappy peepee nightmare today, Alfiepog was soaking, because he had pee'd on the waistband of his nappy (I think it was on too loose). The changing room pull out changing thingy had no safety belt, and AP was thrashing around with a pooey bot. So I just held him under the very posh taps at the posh marble sinks and took him home in a just a nappy and a cardi (only thing still dry).

CoveredInDribble Sat 06-Aug-05 21:30:20

Maisie - am inclined to agree with you! Have until October to think of stunningly good excuse not to go ....

Ds's new habit is trying to dive off stuff ... nearly leapt on my lap whilst out for lunch today ... tries to mountaineer on and off the sofa ... nothing seems to fase him at all! Seems to have got over his morbid fear of other babies though, now finds them deeply fascinating!

biglips Sun 07-Aug-05 10:46:48

CID - my baba started to do that - dives off my lap as seh did one day out of the blue!! and she loves lying backwards on my lap too - strange thing!!

yesterday went to DPs sis house and all baba did was wailing everytime DPs sis went anywhere near her !! (Babas always guaranteed wails at DPs sis and Dps mum).. after she calmed down she went back to her usual self - shouting at everyone (headache time again!!). DPs Dad bought baba a Magnum lolly ice!!!!! i thought thats abit rich for baba so baba had some and i had the rest - yum yum!

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biglips Sun 07-Aug-05 10:47:59

About the birthday - prob have a small open house party where everyone come and go. - dunno yet though!

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maisiemog Sun 07-Aug-05 22:28:09

Geo how's the ds getting on? I don't know if all that weighing babies is good for mummies. .
All you think is 'ooo that's too light/heavy' or whatever.
I was wondering if your ds is kind of going towards the centile he is supposed to be IYKWIM?
I say that because I have a couple of friends whose girl babies were a bit heavy (8lbs 8oz) and very heavy(10lbs 8oz). Both of these babies were on a high centile, but both are now around average.
The first baby had slim parents and an average height daddy and tallish mummy, so I would have thought she was always destined to be slim.
The second baby has an average height mummy and a small daddy, both of whom have a medium frame, so there's not much chance that she would have stayed on such a high centile. She is now 4 just over average height and slim. If she had stayed on her centile she would have been very heavy for her height.
Just rambling.

biglips Sun 07-Aug-05 23:47:27

any of yous thought about the MMR injection yet? as ive talked about it abit but DP is against it..

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hotmama1 Mon 08-Aug-05 12:45:26

Hiya Girls - getting around to posting again!

I started back at work on the 1st August - so this is my second week - and going surprisingly well. I have stacks of annual leave so am taking off Thursdays and Fridays until Christmas - and then go on maternity leave again - hurrah.

Pregnancy is going well. Had a CVS in July - results were good - and found out last Thursday that I am having dd2 - just think of all the glittery nailpolish I'll have to buy!

DD (10 months last friday) is crawling like a demon so my favourite word is "No" - and she has started pulling herself up to stand - no cruisng yet though (always thinks this sounds a bit pervy IYKWIM).

Still no teeth but can gum away quite happily.DD seems to be happy with nursery - obviously was snotty - don't they always pick up bugs?

Must get back to work - speak to you all soon.

Hope everyone is O.K etc.

biglips Mon 08-Aug-05 13:18:56

hiya hotmama - long time no hear! glad youre well and another DD on the way - bet youre all excited now!

i had a shock this morning as i put baba in her walker, moved everything out of the way and i went into the kitchen to make myself some toast, baba went all quiet so i thought best to check on her to see what is she up to!!, i was as found her crawling and she was laughing at me like she was "look what ive done" , she must've of climbed out of the walker and wiggled down onto the floor!!

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maisiemog Mon 08-Aug-05 13:31:48

Hi Hotmama,
back at work eh? Glad you're feeling OK.
What is a CVS??? A cherry vodka shot?
I don't think that is enough to go on when trying to work out the gender of your baby.
Biglips - scotch tape might work (keeping her in her walker)
Does anyone use a playpen here?
We are thinking about it - I don't really mind AP roaming about, as long as I remember to move EVERYTHING before I leave him alone, he seems fine. Opinions? Are they any good?

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