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April 2007 - Here comes the sun - Doodle Doodle!! (Well I bloomin' hope so anyway!!)

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CaptainDippy Mon 10-May-10 15:16:07

That OK? winkgrin

Here's P's pre-school after Sat night's suspected arson attack sad
Charred Remains

Just awful sad

I was up til 11pm writing Press Release last night. Hoping to get temp premises til half-term, then start looking for something more permenant.


So there you go.

How's K today SOL?

My girls are all off school / CM - DD2 puked at about 5pm y'day; then DD1 at 11pm & DD3 threw up an entire bowl of Weetabix at breakfast this morning; then proceeded to sit and eat two further bowls of cereal. Gross. DDs 1&2 have also had runny bottoms too; but not P hmm Not more sick though, which is good. P very tired and whingy now, which is tough. I am tired!!!!

What a week!!!!!!

Bramshott Mon 10-May-10 15:46:20

Oh blimey - hadn't realised that it was P's pre-school Dippy shock sad! Presumably they lost all their equipment too - how awful!

Sexoncleggs Mon 10-May-10 15:50:04

Thanks Dippy.

What a mess; people are awful aren't they (assuming it was arson )

Sorry to hear you have a vomity/pooey house. Hope that goes away soon.

K much better today thanks. Much more herself and the spots have started to crust over.

Doobydoo Mon 10-May-10 17:51:43

Thanks for up dates.Will get organised to send money and cardhmmDippy am sorry re pre school[dreadful]hope your lot get better soon.Glad to hear K improving SOL and that you had a fab cruise with your mum and that the test results seem positivesmileBoth my boys ill.M has antib's and swollen glands they think he has Asthma too.Ds1 is asleep!!!!unheard of.He has big temp off and on but insisted on going to school as they have SATShmmwe said not to worry about them as they are not hugely important but he wanted to go...he has them all week.Will have to see how he goes.Dp and I feel pants too.I am working and feel I am too delicate for full time work generallygrin
Hope we all have a good night.

CaptainDippy Mon 10-May-10 21:54:13

Yep. They lost everything sad

Haven't heard anything from POTC for a day or so - will text to find out what's happening.

SecretPollingBooth Tue 11-May-10 10:14:52

Sorry to hear about all the poorly children, glad K is a bit better SOL.
Dippy shock about pre school
Hope your 2 are better soon dooby

cazboldy Wed 12-May-10 11:34:52

update yeaterday 14.28

" Joe is having a bad day today. Yesterday they repeated the infection indicator blood test. From my limited understanding, the higher the number, the worse the infection. When it was last done it was over 200. Yesterday was down to 45 so looking like good progress being made. Temp still high and spiking, no real pattern and they had expected change by now. In himself he had been better, eating and playing, building up strength again. Today he woke up grouchy, and that hasn't changed all day. He's eaten nothing and drunk very little. No interest in anything, can't even focus on a dvd for more than a few minutes. Doctor this morning was a bit concerned he is grunting again, but said his air entry sounded improved. I have asked for them to look at him again this afternoon as I feel he is down from where he has been last few days. We are in until Thursday for definite when they will review and do more bloods. "

Poor little chap. I was hoping to go and see her as I am only about an hour away, but my eldest is poorly with "mump like symptoms" and don't want to take anything else along for him to deal with sad

How are you getting on with finding temporary premises Dippy?

CaptainDippy Wed 12-May-10 11:49:33

Thank you for doing the update Caz - save my poor fingers winksmile Really feel for POTC and little Joe - and for Matthew too sad Wish there was more I could do and wish that I lived closer. Saying that, I'm off to Center Parcs in Suffolk next week - so thinking I might try & find some time to seek her out in Bury Hospital - want to join me Caz? PM me your mobile number on FB and perhaps we can liaise or something!!? smile

Am looking forward to our holiday - boy do I need it!!!! What a week!!!

cazboldy Wed 12-May-10 12:56:29

ok will do

will join if I can x

elkiedee Thu 13-May-10 23:25:59

Sorry I've been absent recently, have been posting on some of the election/post election threads, and talking about books on another website entirely most of the time.

I'm very sad to hear about the burning down of P's preschool Dippy - what a horrid thing to do!

Also sad to hear that Joe is still in a bad way.

Hope your dd feels better soon SOL.

cazboldy Fri 14-May-10 11:36:59

better news from POTC smile

yesterday @ 15.45

"We went out on day release (although not for good behaviour!)Back in hospital now for iv meds, and staying the night but then should be home tomorrow!"

cazboldy Fri 14-May-10 11:37:24

Hi elkie - how are things with you?

oooggs Sat 15-May-10 21:50:39


cazboldy Sat 15-May-10 22:46:50


CaptainDippy Mon 17-May-10 00:07:09

shock Woah, not many posts at all!!!!

Had a lovely weekend at work conference with DH, DD1 and DD2. Have missed P (with outlaws) though!! We're in a Travelodge tonight and then on to Center Parcs for the week tomorrow smile

Have spoken to POTC tonight & she & Joe are home smile No anti-b's for whole w/e and temp is stabilised. He still needs various bloods / tests and may possibly need a blood transfusion as he is anaemic. I am hoping to see her later this week - will text soon Caz, but must go to sleep now as am knackered!!!!

Night all smile

elkiedee Mon 17-May-10 18:04:34

Hi there. Great news that Joe and POTC are finally out.

Hi Caz

What were you doing up so late Dippy? I thought I was the thread's night owl.

I'm shattered because my childminder is off sick, so though we got up as if to go to work, I've had both of them for a lot of the day. I took them to Jolly Babies with only one single buggy, ie Danny had to walk to and from the bus stop for both journeys. He is exhausted!

If she's still sick tomorrow it's Mike's turn while I go to work.

Pesha Wed 19-May-10 22:14:38

Hi all
Sorry to hear of all poorly children, specially Joe and Ellie who sound like they've really been through it. Not spoken to Ellie for ages, really must ring her soon.

Things not going well here, ended up in hospital couple weeks ago as could barely walk. Also have various twitches and jerks and pains and cognitive problems. Had MRI, chest xray and some blood tests (no idea what for!) which were all normal. Was going to have lumbar puncture but they decided to leave it to neurologist to decide if i need one or not so waiting to see them ("urgent" appointment on 12th June hmm). Also had lumbar xray last week to determine if hip and back pain has a mechanical cause from some previous injuries or is another symptom, not had results yet though.
Doing much better now but still have to be careful not to over do it, which I did yesterday as very busy work day so struggling today but week gets easier now.
Discharge notes had quite a few physical problems noted which is good as the week before my Dr had told me to meditate and get out more so at least now its all being taken seiously and something is being done but on the other hand it has made it much more real to me and although I always knew there was something not right there was still a bit of me thinking perhaps I was just a hypochondriac or something. So am now starting to worry more, have googled (obviously!) and there is nothing 'good' that can cause my symptoms that I can see, nothing curable just lots of things that get worse, the only difference is how much worse and how quickly. But I know googling is not definitive and there may well be all sorts of less serious things I dont know about. But still having the odd moment (like tonight!) when it gets to me!
Plus I have fucking horrendous tooth ache and after having a week and a half off already cannot afford to take more off to see a dentist, Thank God for Paramol!!

Sorry for completely self absorbed post but needed to vent somewhere and doing the whole brave face thing in real life!!

elkiedee Thu 20-May-10 09:30:50

Hi Pesha, nice to hear from you but sorry you're in such a bad way.

StealthPolarBear Thu 20-May-10 09:39:27

shock pesha that sounds awful, hope you get answers soon & get you tooth sorted too.
DO NOT GOOGLE - i have never found it to be any good. MN on the other hand is always accurate.

elkie, how's your mum?

cazboldy Fri 21-May-10 21:36:22

pesha you poor thing! sad

cazboldy Fri 21-May-10 21:36:43

when is this thread going to have some good news?

Eddas Sat 22-May-10 08:31:19

I'm sorry to hear all the sad news. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I'm so glad J and POTC are home and hope they can stay there. I can't imagine what they have been through.

Did someone want some good newsgrin

Well we have some, finally!

I don't know whether I've posted about it on this thread but DH had a car accident on 1st Maysad Suffered quite bad whiplash which was not good timing as he had a half iron man two weeks later. But he managed to complete the iron man on sunday, he took 7hours 50minsshock but he did it and raised around £1,000 for Cancer Resaerch which is amazingsmile

That seemed to start a roll of good events. We'd been convinced the car would be written off(quite bad damage to the back end) but I called the garage on monday and they said they're going to fix itshock yay!! The insurance company were also threatening to take our hire car backangry but agreed not to on tuesdaygrin

Then dh went for an interview on wed for a better job and was told yesterday he was 'head and shoulders above the other candiates' so GOT ITgringringrin YIPPPPEEEEE

And I also have a 2nd job now too.

DD has been unwell for what seems like forever, tonsilitus and chest infection, but this week after the 2nd lot of antibiotics she seems to be back to her old self. The cough hasn't totally gone but the doctor said her chest is fine and the end of the cough could take a couple of weeks to go.

So it's been a brilliant week in the Eddas household. That doens't happen often and dh and I are grinning from ear to earsmile

cazboldy Sat 22-May-10 08:32:58

Oh that's lovely Eddas - Congratulations!!

thanks for the good news! smile

elkiedee Sun 23-May-10 22:15:27

Thanks for the good news Eddas.

SPB, thanks for asking. My mum has started her first of 9 courses of chemo, each 2 weeks on 1 week off. She's finding it quite rough. I guess we can only wait and see.

Before she was diagnosed we talked about going up there in July for an event. She's said she thinks she could cope with us for about 3 days and she's obviously desperate to see her grandsons again. Hopefully she'll be impressed with how much they're learning and doing since early March when she last saw them.

Bramshott Tue 25-May-10 21:49:13

Gosh we've been quiet recently! Hopefully everyone is outside in the garden enjoying the lovely weather!

Nothing new here - plodding along . . . . grin

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