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ZoeC Thu 28-Jul-05 15:29:41

Thought this was about due, hope that's okay

Well, no solids here (forget who asked that, sorry) - except she licked my finger when I was pureeing some apple but I don't think that really counts ). I have icecubes of carrot, apple and pear ready in the freezer though but really she's fine on milk and I'm in no rush.

She's now all formula fed though - we did mix feed for a bit but she quickly forgot how to draw the hind milk so was getting less and less from me, plus we got thrush again so I really wasn't sorry to finish to be honest. I much prefer the routine we can have now and am just pleased she got 4 months of breast first. It really was as much as I could do and stay sane.

She is such a smiley baby it's untrue - you only have to glance her way and she beams, it's so nice to see. She naps better too - 2/3 hours in the afternoon plus a small nap in the morning - and that helps her be happier I'm sure. She was 15lb a couple of weeks ago by the way.

She's 4 months, 1 week and 3 days old today.

Cristina well done and good luck misdee with the driving.

I keep meaning to take rebecca swimming as I'm sure she'd love it but I haven't figured out how I'd manage two of them in the pool and changing room yet, maybe I'll talk dh into going with us at the weekend - that'd help. Dd1 is so lively and into everything I'd probably lose her while looking after dd2.

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Leogaela Thu 28-Jul-05 15:35:21

Niklas is losing his hair ! I've been suspicious for a while but thought maybe his head was growing faster than his hair, but I just ran my fingers through his hair and ended up with lots between my fingers!

Charlie, what about your dd and solids?

jambot Thu 28-Jul-05 15:42:58

Lauren is 4 and a half months and weighs 17 pounds 3 ounces. She has been on solids since 4 months and now has pears for breakfast and sweet potato for lunch and dinner. Nothing else till 5 months. She loves her food and I am now up to 8 teaspoons per meal.

JoPG Thu 28-Jul-05 17:55:31

Freya is 4 and a half months (19 weeks today) and weighs approx 16lb. We are just bf at the moment and have not started solids, am not in a rush to start as will mean more work! Also, she is still sleeping thru the might and feeds about 5 or 6 times in a 24 hour period so I guess that means she is ok for now. DS1 had started in solids by this age and got eczema soon after so am not too keen for that to happen again.
Bought a door bouncer for Freya today. She loves it! Loads of smiles and giggles, and then she got hiccups which made her cross! Have to keep a close eye on DS1 while he is playing with her in it, or it seems to turn into 'extreme door bouncing' which I don't think is recommended for a 4 month old!

sweeney Thu 28-Jul-05 19:08:31

haven't logged on for AGES but thought i'd just say........ aggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! difficult day

charlie95 Fri 29-Jul-05 08:02:22

holly is 19 wks now. started baby rice at 13.5 wks cos she was so hungry and colicky. asked hv advice and she said try everything else first, which i did - increase milk, change milk, increase it again - last week at 18 wks she wiehed 17 lbs. when hv came round to chat again. but when i mentioned on the phone when i started baby rice i had the 'oh shes only just just 4 mths now and only now should you be thinking of starting her on it' after what she told me in the first place!
on 90/91 centile. but shes really long as well. i cant help worry that she shes perhaps too big, looks, but then i tell myself it cant be helped if we have a hungry baby whos growing fast. shes alredy fitting some 6-9 mth clothes at 4.5 mths !!
besides only the last 2 wks have i been introducing tiny bit of furit/veg. been mainly on small amounts of rice products. and paediatrician said i could start at 13.5 wks when we saw there ( i thought when saw hv)!

sweeney Fri 29-Jul-05 10:09:40

cosmo is 20 weeks and weighed 17 odd punds 3 weeks ago. he's still fully demand breastfeeding only, so perhaps it's a genetic thing, charlie95, how big they are. i've worried that he's too big, but he's long aswell and i've been told that you can't overfeed them if you're demand feeding. he just doesn't take milk if he doesn't want it. it's only as we get a bit older that we stop listening to our cues for food, when we're hungry and when we're full. we must trust our babies, that they know best.

bonym Fri 29-Jul-05 18:42:02

No solids yet - will leave as close to 6 mths as possible. Grace will be 19 weeks (I think ) tomorrow and was 13lb 9oz when she was weighed last week. She is on about the 20th centile for weight but the 98th for height so looks as though she will be a tall slim thing llike dd1 and me (although sadly not so slim as I once was ).
Leogaela - Grace is also losing her hair - she has a large bald patch at the back of her head and there is always hair on her bedsheet every morning!
Is anyone else's baby transfixed by the TV? Grace was sat in her bumbo just now and Dd1 is watching CBBC - Grace couldn't take her eyes off Blue Peter - she seemed really fascinated!

bonym Fri 29-Jul-05 18:42:38

Sorry you're having a bad day Sweeney - good to hear from you though

3mummy Sat 30-Jul-05 15:37:09

Didn't manage to get to the clinic yesterday so I can only guesstimate Faith weighs about 13/14lbs as she was 12lb 3wks ago. I can tell you she is now 19wks and 3days (4mths + 2wks) and has just gone into 3-6mth clothes. She is a little dot!

She is very sweet and is giggling a lot these days. She's also very nosey and when we are BF she often looks around if some one walks in the room or if she hears a noise - in fact she's so distracted she often doesn't feed properly. In an effort to curb this distraction I tried draping a light white shawl over Faith and my shoulder..........she just started chuckling, she thought I was playing a game !! So that didn't work - think I'm going to have to resort to lying on my bed upstairs out of the way. But that is easier said than done with my other two DDs wanting my attention too!

Ah well, we are all happy and healthy, even if the school holidays are beginning to drag already!! We might get away for a couple of days next week to Devon, DH can't have any more than his usual 4days next week and some friends of ours are going on holiday for the week and have said we can go see them where they are staying if we like - mini holiday!!

Must go, DH wants to get on here. Love, sleep and happy healthy baby vibes to you all .

popsycal Sat 30-Jul-05 15:40:15

Harry rolled yesterday for the first time. We havent been to the clinic in ages! Might go on Monday if I can be bothered. Operation 'sleep in your cot' has been abandoned!

tamula Sat 30-Jul-05 17:59:52

Hey guys, just a quick one.

We are currently broadbandless at home so im sat at the local internet cafe...

Ava was weighed yesterday for the first time in donkeys!! She weighs 7.7kg / 16lb 9 oz. She is 4 months on Friday.

She sleeps 11 hours straight at night and about 3-4 during the day. She has 4 bottles a day and an early moring suckle on the boob daily.

She is beginning to teeth but it doesnt seem to bother her much, just lots of dribbling and knawing at her fist! I give her these homeopathis tabs and they go down a treat, i tasted them and they taste of nothingness but she likes them!

I'm not intending to begin weaning for some time but playing it by ear.

She is a big talker and doesnt stop rabbiting on all day, she's a big smiler and has always loved to stand, but recently she's really getting soo strong, she stands on my lap quite fiercely!

Anyways thats the low down, I hope you are all doing really well. I'll try stop in again some time next week...

Tam n Ava X x

Cristina7 Wed 03-Aug-05 01:01:56

Sylvia also has a baldy patch. She's had it since birth, I first thought she'd had her hair shaved for ultrasound, but it still hasn't grown. It's a small, 20p size patch of very thin and rare hair.

Tonight she started rolling. She'd done it a couple of times before but tonight I saw her doing it a few times. She seems to like it too!

I made Sylvia a ring sling tonight! For someone who doesn't "do" sewing it's quite an achievement. Let's see how it holds tomorrow. I haven't got a sewing machine.

I did a bit of driving on Saturday, as it happens on the test route, as if I hadn't seen enough of that.

Also a nosey baby here. I can't read a newspaper or do anything else if she'd feeding at the time as she turns over to see what the action is.

Leogaela Wed 03-Aug-05 18:32:56

Hi everyone, we've been away for a few days to the mountains again. It was nice but the weather wasn't great and dh played a lot (far too much) of golf ! I did manage to go running and did a mountain bike tour which i found really hard work but absolutely exhilirating and wonderful. Niklas had lots to entertain him as we were there with dh's sister, husband and their 3 boys!

Charlie95 - I suggest you ignore those charts. who cares what percentile your baby is on so long as she is doing well and growing. people keep telling me ds looks big, but according to the charts he is average so don't listen to what people say. some of his clothes are 6-9 months and some 2-4!

Bonym - sadly (dh claims) niklas likes watching the grand prix (one of my pet hates!). my mum got him a 'Baby Bright' dvd which he also likes watching.

Leogaela Wed 03-Aug-05 19:11:27

I've just put up 2 new photos on the photo page.

busywizzy Wed 03-Aug-05 19:14:51

Hello everyone.

I hope you don't mind me joining your group but I've been following your thread for a few weeks now and have found much of the info you share very helpful.

My DS is 19 weeks old (born March 18th) and I have a DD who is 7. They love each other with a passion which is really lovely as I was quite worried about jealousy problems with such a big age gap.

DS has been bottle fed since he was six weeks old and currently weighs 17lb. He has just this week started solids as one night feed had increased to two and was getting close to three. We've been having rice this week after his 11.30am feed and he loves it so much that I've introduced today a second feed of rice at 5.30pm. Trouble is, he's never been a big fan of milk feeding (probably why we're still night feeding as he only takes small feeds) but today, he has refused EVERY ONE OF HIS MILK FEEDS apart from his bedtime feed. Not sure what sort of night this is going to lead to.

DS is also cutting teeth at the moment (teething and weaning at the same time!!) so we had two nights from hell at the weekend where we were up between 4-6 times followed by inconsolable screaming on and off all during the day. I've bought Nelsons teething granules today (saw someone talking about them on MN but not sure if this group) so we'll see if they make a difference.

Anyway, that's an introduction to me and mine. Any tips on teething (how to make easier for DS) or sleeping (how to make easier for me !!) will be greatly appreciated.

3mummy Wed 03-Aug-05 20:43:23

Hi everyone, and a big welcome to Busywizzy .

Finally made it to clinic today, Faith weighs 13lb 5oz. Had a dreadful night with her on Monday - because of DH chickenpox Faiths last jabs were postponed until Monday and unfortunatley she has reacted badly this time. DH was away and Faith had all the bad side effects - Diorhea (sp?) sickness, high temp, very unsettled, so much so she was up all night from 12:30am. I tried to get her back to sleep - tried putting her on the boob, she wasn't interested at all. So I watched a lot of MTV (thank God for sky TV!!) early hrs of Tuesday. And my poor little love is still not right . I was shattered all day Tuesday, the older two were good for me but I couldn't get any rest as Faith would only doze at all if I held her.

I had started weaning but since the jabs she's gone right off her food, even unsettled at the breast .

On the plus side we are going away for a couple of days down to Devon (to visit the in-laws ) and we'll also see some friends of ours while down there. Hopefully the sea air will do Faith some good!

Oh and because I stayed up all night Monday with Faith DH kindly took a day off work today and let me lie in this morning , isn't he lovely - he took all three DDs downstairs and kept them quiet while I snoozed!

Busywizzy - the only tip I can really give on the teething side of things is to try those teething rings you can put in the fridge/freezer. Worked for my eldest.

Oh Leogaela - I'm a bit of a Golf widow too, my FIL keeps wanting us to go out to SA so he can take DH golfing but I bluntly refuse to go - I wouldn't see DH the whole time!

busywizzy Wed 03-Aug-05 20:51:48

3mummy, thanks for the tip on teething. What a lovely DH you have. My DH is currently doing up our bathroom and when I had my horrendous night on Saturday, his kind words were to ask did he need to do anything to help as he really needed to get on with his tiling !!

Hope Faith gets well soon. My DS reacted to her jabs and was poorly for about 4-5 days and then got better as quickly as she got ill !

Have a good time in Devon.

Pidge Wed 03-Aug-05 22:04:52

V. quick message from me - we DO finally have broadband at home, but still I have little time to post! This is mostly because we're just back from 10 days in Wales, and in 5 days we're off to Spain for 2 1/2 weeks. So things rather hectic.

Really enjoying life - sleep is slightly better. Iris now only waking 2-3 times per night rather than 6 times! And older dd sort of going back to a reasonable night's kip.

Main challenge at the moment is that older dd has taken to assaulting Iris at every opportunity. She's mostly very sweet with her, but then will unexpectedly hit her or scratch her. The poor babe is looking a bit battered. Anyone else having to defend their baby from older siblings?

popsycal Wed 03-Aug-05 22:15:33

pidge you are not alone....ds1 had his third birthday today and has been hyper but lovely with harry
but yesteday he bi harry's finger

JoPG Thu 04-Aug-05 09:53:44

Well, I've taken the plunge and have started to use 'real' nappies on Freya. Boots were selling some Cotton Bottoms at half price, and I have also invested in some Tots Bots which a friend recommended to me. She looks really cute in them! Am still using pampers some of the time (at night, am still not convinced that a Tot Bot would last all night) but maybe I will be converted. Could get addicted to all those lovely wraps though!

JoPG Thu 04-Aug-05 09:59:02

Hi to BusyWizzy, nice to meet you.
I was also worried about DS1 (age 4) and Freya would get on, but have no concerns at moment. He is really kind towards her. We'll have to see how it lasts when she is crawling around and messing up all his toys!

Pidge Thu 04-Aug-05 10:20:05

JoPG - I'm another new convert to reusables, I now feel really feeble that I never got round to it with dd1. We still use disposables at night, as the reusables definitely need changing every couple of hours. We use Moltex at night which are supposedly a more environmentally friendly disposable. And they easily last the night without leaking.

Popsycal - we've had biting too. I guess some kind of reaction is inevitable at some point. Dd1 was gorgeous with Iris for the first 2-3 months, and generally is sweet with her now. But I think she kind of likes provoking a reaction if she's bored or tired, so that's when the full-on assaults happen. It's pretty wearing.

BABYD Thu 04-Aug-05 20:24:50

Hi 2 all new ladies,
Dylan will be 5 months exactly tommorow, he weighed 16lb 9oz 9 days ago. ive just started weaning and hes a big fan of porridge. i have a cold at the mo and he has caught it, hes really snotty and was up every hour last night! i now know what it feels like to have no sleep, hes always slept for 7 hrs min.
arranged to start work in october, dreading it now we've set a date. Dylan is going to nursery and i'm sure it will be good for him. hope your all well and getting enough sleep!
Stay happy

bonym Thu 04-Aug-05 20:46:58

Welcome bizzywizzy - my dd1 is 7 and Grace was born 20th March so we are in a similar situation. DD1 has also shown no jealousy whatsoever and is lovely with Grace - she just adores her. Also she makes Grace laugh more than anyone else manages to!

We have the Ashton and Parsons teething powders which I think do make a difference although the powder often seems to go everywhere but in her mouth .

3mummy - sorry to hear that Faith had a bad reaction to her jabs. Grace had her 3rd set yesterday, but apart from sleeping more than usual afterwards, she fotunately didn't seem to have any adverse reaction. Glad they are over for a while now - hated having to put her through them.

She wants to be on her feet all the time - more often than not, when I take her hands to pull her to sitting, she will push her feet down hard to stand up and then looks really chuffed with herself . Seems to have forgotten how to roll though - she did it a few times (front to back) a few weeks ago but not since - she just seems to get stuck now!

Sleeping has got a bit better - decided not to feed her as soon as she wakes, but leave her for a bit to see if she will go off again, and, if not, then offer her a dummy. Last night she woke at about 10.30 but then went back to sleep with her dummy and then didn't wake until 4.30am for a feed and then slept again until 7am.

Note to self - *Must, must, must* do something about starting reusable nappies!!!

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