April 2007: Here come those THIRD Birthdays!!!!!!

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CaptainDippy Sat 27-Mar-10 20:09:26

Thought this deserved a new thread!! winkgrin

Here's the list again .....

Autumnlover - 1 March 00:00,Boy, Patrick, 5lbs 4oz
WestCountryLass - 25 March 04:05 - Boy, Leo James, 7lbs 4oz
Bubblez- 27 March 05:45, Girl, Tianna, 6lbs 8oz
Bramshott - 27 March 08:15, Girl, Orla, 6lbs 7oz
Kneehighinnappies(1becomes3) - 27 March 11:00, Girl, Lola, 5lbs 5oz
Kneehighinnappies(1becomes3) - 27 March 11:00, Boy, Zed, 5lbs 7oz
Mavornia - 27 March, Boy, Daniel, 9lbs 5.5oz
Mammyjo - 28 March 10:10, Girl, Ffion May, 8lbs 1oz
Oooggs - 29 March 20:50, Girl, Erin Grace, 6lbs 14oz
Oooggs - 29 March 21:09, Boy, Jack Nathan, 7lbs 14oz
Doobydoo - 2 April 09:43, Boy, Milo, 7lbs 13oz
AngeG - 4 April 02:48, Girl, Isobelle, 6lbs 12oz
YvieE - 5 April 09:59, Girl, Sarai, 6lbs 12oz
MMK - 5 April, Girl, Rachel Ester
Littlefrog - 5 April, Boy, 8lbs
Cazboldy - 6 April, Girl, Molly
PuppyMonkey - 6 April, 02.00, Girl Esme, 8lb 6oz
Pinions - 7 April 08:00, Boy, Theo, 7lbs 12oz
Smole - 7 April 21:20, Boy, Jesse John, 6lbs 5oz
WaspElly - 9 April 04:20, Girl, Thomasine Kay
Hensden - 10 April 08:02, Boy, ?
Twinkle183 - 10 April 12:33, Girl, Evelyn Catherine, 7lbs
Runnyhabit - 11 April 06:00, Boy, William Luke, 7lbs 3oz
Whywhywhy - 11 April 13:04, Boy, Keir William Theodore, 8lbs 10oz
Birdiemum (Greengirlforever) - 11 April 19:23, Girl, Rose Eleanor Beatrice
LesleyR - 12 April 03:45, Boy, George Edward, 7lbs 12oz
ClariceBean - 12 April, Girl, Ruby Laura, 8lbs 2oz
2HotCrossBunnies(Hotlipsmummy) - 12 April 17:08, Austen, 8lbs
Normabutty(Nuttygirl) - 13 April 03:22, Girl, Erin Grace, 7lb 3oz
Pillockofthecommunity/iMustBeMad(EllieK) - 13 April 10:14, Boy, Joe Philip David, 8lbs 7.5oz
Doghouse - 13 April 12:32, Girl, Alice Mabel, 6lbs 5oz
Eddas - 13 April 14:26, Boy, Harry Michael, 8lbs 3oz
Mumcab - 13 April, Girl, Maia Grace, 7lbs 4oz
Muminabigtumi - 16 April 09:57, Girl, Robyn Caroline, 7lbs 9oz
Octo(x CornflakeKid) - 16 April 10:17, Boy, Ernie Jack Flash, 9lbs 8oz
Liath - 16 April 23:00, Boy, Jonathan Fraser, 7lbs 4oz
Lusciousladylush - 17 April 07:44, Boy, Ethan Morgan, 8lbs 11oz
Bubbaloo - 17 April, Boy, Ethan Samuel, 7lbs 13oz
NellyHel - 19 April 0400am Boy, Fraser John, 8lbs 13oz
tcmummy (Eca) - 18 April 24:00, Boy, Torrin Charlie, 7lbs 4oz
SexOnLegs - 20 April 02:45, Girl, Katie Elizabeth, 6lbs 11oz
LuceWheel - 20 April 09:28, Boy, Samuel Stuart, 8lbs
Zazas - 20 April 10:07, Girl, Sienna Grace, 7lbs 9oz
KazzaL - 20 April 13:34, boy, Ethan Michael Charles 8lb 1oz
Weeonion - 21 April 19:47, Girl, Caiomhe, 7lbs 15oz
NorthernLurker - 21 April 02:38, Girl, Beatrice Amelia, 7lbs 15oz
Pesha - 23 April 22:35, Boy, Dylan Joseph, 8lbs 13.5oz
PenelopeRabbit(Thewilderbeast) - 23 April, Boy
IsabellaMoi - 25 April 03:00, Boy, James Tristan
Tili - 26 April 17:50, Boy, Alex Stephen
StealthPolarBear(Katy44) - 27 April 17:35, Boy, Tristan, 7lbs 12oz
Bugmum - 28 April 10:48, Boy, Gabriel, 7lbs 15oz
Maveta - 28 April 14:00, Boy, Noah, 8lbs 1oz
CharNbump - 28 April, Girl, Coco Eloise, 7lbs 6oz
ellsbelles - 30 April 11:45, Girl, Alexanne, 9lb
CaptainDippy - 30 April 22:51, Girl, Phoebe Elisabeth Joan, 7lbs 9oz
Elkiedee - 4 May 04:29, Boy, Daniel Patrick, 7lb 7oz
GMM - 4 May 13:00, Boy, Charlie, 8lbs
IDreamOfChocolate (Emmymummy) - 5 May 09:57, Girl, Sophie Rose, 8lbs 12oz
Heidle/Finbarr - 5 May 23:??, Girl, Harriet Mary, 8lbs 7oz
GlitterKitty - 7 May 07:55, Boy, Harry, 8lbs 9oz
Bumble75 - 9 May 01:35, Girl, Lucy Kate, 10lbs

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SPBInDisguise Sat 27-Mar-10 20:12:22


CaptainDippy Sat 27-Mar-10 20:12:27

Happy Birthday* to Tianna, Orla, Zed and Lola and Daniel!!! smile

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SPBInDisguise Sat 27-Mar-10 20:12:44

wonder how many people we'll get de-lurking for the occasion?!

CaptainDippy Sat 27-Mar-10 20:12:54


You scared me SPB winkgrin

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CaptainDippy Sat 27-Mar-10 20:15:11

Awwww, makes me feel quite emotional reading through that list!!

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CaptainDippy Sat 27-Mar-10 20:15:46

Definitely remember Orla's Birth - at the traffic lights!!!!!! grin

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SPBInDisguise Sat 27-Mar-10 20:16:13

3 years ago today I was fat, frightened and fed up

CaptainDippy Sat 27-Mar-10 20:22:05

Three years ago today ... let me see .....

It was a Tuesday and my children were all in childcare for the day and I was working at the baby shop in town all day.

I must have been craaaazy!!!!


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SPBInDisguise Sat 27-Mar-10 20:26:17

you mean both rather than all
I can't remember what I was doing, no doubt lounging around!

SPBInDisguise Sat 27-Mar-10 20:26:55

oh no, it's still March, it will have been one of my last days at work

Bramshott Sat 27-Mar-10 21:23:09

Well clearly three years ago I was sitting thinking "WTF just happened, I seem to have had a baby"! Thanks for all the good wishes guys! Hope Lola, Zed, Tiana and Daniel have had a lovely day too - 27 March was a busy one wasn't it!

Eddas Sat 27-Mar-10 21:27:28

Happy Birthday Tianna, Orla, Zed and Lola and Daniel smile

I can't believe they're 3 shock wow!

SPBInDisguise Sun 28-Mar-10 08:37:16

Happy Birthday Ffion! Hope you are all hvaing a lovely day SB

CaptainDippy Sun 28-Mar-10 10:11:30

Happy Birthday Ffion!! smile

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Bramshott Sun 28-Mar-10 12:01:00

Hope Ffion is having a lovely day SB!

cazboldy Sun 28-Mar-10 19:13:23

Happy Birthday Ffionsmile

and belated wishes to hose I have already missed xxx

Doobydoo Sun 28-Mar-10 19:55:09

and to those I have missedblush
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALL April BABAS...Incase I can't get on every day!!

oooggs Sun 28-Mar-10 20:37:14

shattered I am

dh left this morning at 8.30am

this afternoon I did a party for 18 children (well 4 were my own wink) at a local nursery who have a soft play room and ball pit. We had buffet food, TWO cakes and super duper party bags.

My house (well dh is never here wink) is a mess and I can't be bothered to do anything.

Happy Birthday Ffion x

They have opened all their 'party' presents, had their bikes before Dady left yesterday and we have the onslaught of more presents tomorrow - they really know how to drag their birthday out wink

So from tomorrow I will no longer be able to say I have 3 under 3 grin - it must be getting easier hmm

SPBInDisguise Sun 28-Mar-10 21:32:15

Well in that case I'm going to say
Happy Birthday Erin and Jack
as I might not get on tomorrow
(Now I've said that I'll be on from 6am to 10am )

oooggs, you are superwoman, I ATTENDED a birthday party today with one 3yo and a 6mo and was exhausted!

Am getting all excited planning DS's party though. How silly is this idea, instead of party bags, I'm going to have mini plant pots with some seeds in, as well as chocolate / all the usual junk? Go on, tell me, I can take it!
OK, does it make it worse that I plan to paint the children's names on the pots?
What can you plant in pots in May?

Major struggle to get the DCs to sleep tonight, finally managed by 8.30, but then DH pointed out that to them it was only 7.30 - so didn't feel too bad really. DD already been up once, sigh.

oooggs Sun 28-Mar-10 22:07:41

I did paper bags with the childs name on it and inside a humzinger, slice of cake, bubbles and a plant pot with either strawberries, tomatoes or sunflower in it (3 for 2 at asda)- they loved it - no usual tat grin

Sexonlegs Sun 28-Mar-10 22:25:52

Evening all

Happy Birthday to all the gorgeous April 07 tots!

Oooggs, reading your post made me feel shattered!! How do you do it?

Dh been away since Thursday so hence my lack of mn action.

I am having a real issue with K and potty training. She just doesn't get it. I ask her all the time if she needs a wee etc, sit her on and she does nothing. Then does it in her pull-up. She knows what the toilet is for...

Apologies for whinge; beginning to get me down


ScarletBandit Mon 29-Mar-10 10:53:47

Morning ladies and thanks for all the birthday wishes for Ffion smile

We had a lovely day yesterday, went to Folly Farm (in West Wales) for the day and the dc's had a fab day. We were lucky that the rain held off too. Ffion had some really lovely presents, and is very proud to tell everyone that she is 3!grin

Happy Birthday to Jack and Erin today!!grin Oooggs, I hope you are having a good day, and thanks for the text yesterday!

I am working a night shift again tonight. Am really fed up of the hours I have been doing lately, but we need the cash so I don't really have a choice, and I should be grateful that I have this means of earning the money we need. I am just tired of losing so much sleep, feel like it is starting to take it's toll now. Have had a cold for days which just doesn't want to shift.

Bramshott Mon 29-Mar-10 11:07:02

Happy Birthday Erin & Jack
Happy Birthday Erin & Jack
Happy Birthday dear Erin & Ja-ack
Happy Birthday Erin & Jack

No longer 3 under 3 Oooggs?! You'd better get cracking and have another one! grin

CaptainDippy Mon 29-Mar-10 13:21:50

Happy Birthday Erin and Jack!! smile

Glad the party went well smile

We've done sunflower seeds in a plant pot for DD2's Birthdays for the last three years and it has worked a treat smile You can definitely plant sunflowers in May smile This year I am doing a little goodie bag with two mini bathbombs and two mini soaps and a lip balm (made by my talented friend). For P's Birthday we're having a picnic on the beach and I am planning to buy mini buckets and spades for all - plenty around here to be purchase, living on the Sunny south Coast!!! winkgrin

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