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Feb 06: We are all too poor, busy, overweight, worried, or pregnant to care

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Flame Sun 21-Mar-10 10:43:09

Thought we don't give a shit could cause issues for thems that don't like swearing.

Spring clean day today. Urgh. Freecycle and ebay galore.

I need iron am all wibbly.

Um, forgotten most of what I meant to say.

Frizbe - gonna send you a cheque. I typed in your bank details wrong and it bounced back blush

Strawberry not a well bunny. Hoping it is just a bug, but she has a suspiciously poxy looking spot too...

mustrunmore Sun 21-Mar-10 11:11:56

<dont freecycle anything I might want>

I owe you a split of the fererro rocher Flame!! Thanks for that bit of genius.

I almost felt comfy in jeans last night; a bigger fitting pair do kinda do up again now (but the real jeans still dont).

I think we made about a grand profit on rough estimate grin

Frizbe Sun 21-Mar-10 18:56:07

MRM What genius 'nosey'? Yay for Jeans smile

I spent yesterday all achey, as did a torture class on friday am shock or at least that's what it felt like to me! have had a lovely day today, all nice and chilled out with dh and the girls, walked by the canal, ice creams, then home to all do some baking (dh is very chuffed with his biscuits and cake!) grin

Flame Sun 21-Mar-10 19:00:56

murder mystery team name "die dammit die"

Frizbe Sun 21-Mar-10 19:25:25

grin 'snurk'

Hey Flame, dh just came downstairs with a glass from Gabes room, circa your last visit...ahem blush we do clean in there honest! we could place it, as it had a strawberry straw in there, and that was the last time we had them shock duno how it got missed, or why ss didn't bring it down, when he supposedly cleaned! it's sitting in milton fluid now....although maybe we could cure something with the stuff that was in it?

mustrunmore Sun 21-Mar-10 19:44:35

<omg disgusting, would never do anything like that here>

So, tonight we had leftover puddinhs from last night grin

Flame Sun 21-Mar-10 20:05:30

I noticed a science experiment growing in our coffee pot blush

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 21-Mar-10 21:30:44

Thanks for new thread .

Made a grand profit on what?

Sorry to hear about chemo Jas. Is that because they found stuff in lymph nodes?

We went to see Peppa Pig live today - kids loved it.

Have spent last couple of days recovering from a very nasty fall on Thurs afternoon. Pic of one of my grazed arms on my profile - both are similar and I couldn't really move my knee on Friday, and my shoulders were killing (aching in sympathy probably), but I'm def getting better now thankfully. Was of course worried about bump too at first, but movement has been fine after an initial quiet couple of hours.

Frizbe Mon 22-Mar-10 09:01:41

Ouch CSWS looks nasty, glad you and bump are ok smile

Saw your facebook about Peppa this am smile glad you had a lovely time, we're off to see the Gruffalo in a few weeks time, pondering what that will be like?

I got woken up by birdsong (and dd2) this morning, for the 1st time this year, I can't usually hear the birds on my side of the house (road at back is noisier) so that tells you they were mighty chirpy at 6am hmm

mustrunmore Tue 23-Mar-10 14:24:35

And how did you fall csws? I'm assuming that pic is outside side of elbow, whichis an odd palce to scrape. Am imagining all sorts of falls now!

profit was on murder mystery night..

Phoenix Tue 23-Mar-10 20:30:13

I've looked at my days off again today and i worked it out wrong before, the 15th May isn't my day off. So if it's still on at csws i'll be coming after work.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 23-Mar-10 20:32:04

It's sort of forearm, just below elbow mrm. Where you'd land if you put your arms out in front of you to break your fall when you were falling flat on your front, which is what I was doing. I was rushing outside to rescue ds who had blood spurting out of his mouth after dd rammed the double swing seat into his face, tripped and went skidding along patio on my front.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 24-Mar-10 20:43:59

Jas- sorry to hear about your mum. Hope you are all keeping well, and that her treatment gets underway soon.
DD asked for your DD2 this weekend- she actually wanted to know when you were all visiting again- I cannot believe she remembers, it was so long ago now, but she asked for DD2 by name (cue blank looks from me, followed by a minor tantrum, as she initially didn't bother to mention any of the rest of you, as if DD2 had visited by herself!)

Phoenix- can't believe you're back at work already sad unbelievably quick it seems.

csws- your arm looks nasty, must have shaken you up a bit; hope ds is okay after his swing sandwich though. I've probably said it before but I love that pic of you (pg 38+3 w ds)- it's just so glam, you look fantastic- wish I'd looked that rested calm and happy at 38 weeks!

mrm- our hearing test was a long wait too (though no SALT needed for dd)... and when we had it they weren't sure about the results so made us wait 3 months and did it again hmm following 2nd they referred to ENT consultant though, so another long wait <sigh>

Frizbe- no sorry, photo not on fb, I didn't take the photos! (as if I'd be adding them if I had wink)
Will try and find a link for you, and fb it, but really- it is a sliver, and you couldn't tell it was me.

Flame- hope DD2 is on the mend.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 24-Mar-10 20:47:06

Oh dear- 'swing sandwich' sounds awfully flippant, I'm sorry- not meant like that at all. Really hope he's okay, they do bleed quite easily, so hopefully it was just a minor graze.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 24-Mar-10 21:47:26

Oh yes ds was fine within about 10 minutes EPPM thank you!

Frizbe Thu 25-Mar-10 20:32:25

Gah! busy day or three/four here, lots of boring work stuff going on! had friend (with Auntie status!) over to stay last night, who treated dd2 to new shoes for her birthday! two pairs....summer proper shoes and mock crocs with the pink flower on from Next! then dd1 went all sulky, so she treated her to new plimsols as well shock but I wasn't going to say no/she wouldn't let me, in full Auntie mode grin so yay for the girls expanding shoe wardrobe!

Flame Fri 26-Mar-10 21:10:22

I know how to celebrate my birthdays

Frizbe Sat 27-Mar-10 21:04:38

Flame, more Hugs, I keep leaving them everywhere for you! I think you're doing the right thing, totally 2nd the relate thing too. Remember Meri's n my offer over Easter if u want to get away.

How's the rest of you?

Any more news on your mum Jas? how are you both doing?

My head hurts tonight, busy day at work, which thankfully is getting good feedback online, as the frigging tournament system went tits up at the end of the day and we had to attempt to manually calculate placings (frikin mare) whilst knowing that the uploaded stuff will show up online sometime and may not agree with what we've said.....judges decision is final however, so it will have to be manually altered by someone in Germany at some point to match what our head judge decided. GAH. But smalltime stuff compared to what some of you guys are going through eh sad

Phoenix Sat 27-Mar-10 21:14:45

Oh Flame, thinking of you. I hope you can sort it out. Plenty of positive comments on your thread {{{hugs}}}

I'm back at work . It's not that bad now i've got back, in fact it feels like i've never been away. Noah has just started crawling this week (he's 8.5mth). Nightmare!! He's so different to Lewis. Lewis never went near things he shouldn't touch but we spend all day dragging Noah away from things

Hope everyone's ok x x

Frizbe Sat 27-Mar-10 22:33:35

grin Phoenix, who does he take after then?
Sorry to hear you're back at work sad why can't we all be paid to stay at home with our kids eh?

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 28-Mar-10 19:45:20

Oh flame - I spotted that thread title the other day but didn't look at it as never dreamed for one minute that it would be your thread. I really really hope that it somehow helps. Is he/are you having counselling? What about him seeing the kids - how will you work that if you tell them that he is away because of work?

Flame Mon 29-Mar-10 12:28:06

Tbh B isn't bright enough is naive enough not to question how daddy is still around to see them, and yet has to live away for work. Which is a good thing.

Will go in and tell the school everything - what is actually happening, what they are told etc.

Haven't told them anything yet as we haven't found him anywhere to go!! I think the sooner he goes, the more settled I will be as I can start moving forward, we can start working on everything properly. I have no idea if it will work out or not, but as we are now will NOT work out, so at least this way we have a shot.

I have never been a grown up alone before. I am scared and slightly excited at the same time hmmblush

Frizbe Mon 29-Mar-10 13:17:49

Waves at everyone, I have a bug...looks like Saturdays stinking headache, turned into Sunday nights sweats n wanting to be sick (but I wasn't?) odd eh? have just crawled out of bed and eaten toast, dh is a hero, did everything with the kids this am, including taking ss back to Leeds at 5am, cause we tried yest evening, but M1 shut between J29-30, so we spent an hour in traffic, before turning round at 1st opportunity and going home again.

Flame Tue 30-Mar-10 22:06:25

wine good

life crap

Frizbe Tue 30-Mar-10 22:54:52

well that's good positive thinking Flame smile at least that wasn't wine crap too wink

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