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June mummies 2 - the gangs all here!!

(489 Posts)
katzguk Wed 20-Jul-05 20:06:49

one crisp new thread!

redheadmum Wed 20-Jul-05 20:14:15

fantastic the new thread!

so Lynny...maybe an odd question, but what do you do when J won't sleep?

I feel like I'm in some sort of Twilight Zone....last night I was in the lounge and just sat on the couch with Ds in a sling. That way I got to doze and he got some sleep. Otherwise breastfeeed to sleep. Currently he's being rocked to sleep by MIL - y'know all those things they tell you NOT to do.

I'm figuring that I'll do all that now and then pay the price later on when the colic

LipstickMum Wed 20-Jul-05 20:16:02

Ah ha! Better jump on board before I lose track

Dd is getting ready for a marathon feed before bed, I can feel it in my bones AH well, might get 4 hours sleep in a row, fingers crossed.

uwila Wed 20-Jul-05 20:39:30

Oh you lot are going to be . And sorry to gloat, but DS slept through the night last night and the night before. 9:00 - 6:00. ~~Woo ho!!!

BUT, he's been asleep all afternoon evening, so I suspect I'm in for a bit of disappointment tonight. And we have to go pick up my mum at the airport tomorrow so no sleeping in.

KVG Wed 20-Jul-05 20:44:45

Message withdrawn

PinkArjuna Wed 20-Jul-05 20:54:35

Well I have been rather absent lately. Surprise surprise the painters haven't turned up stuck on another job.

Does anyone else dread feeding time? I find that DS is so demanding these days and is quite finickity having 'snacks' and sips here and there which are just killing me. I wish he'd just stay on for a long feed rather than having short ones here and there. It is once and hour for alot of the day and to be honest I just sometimes think god I want my boobs back.

How is everyone else? I'm going to go over to the other thread now and attempt to catch up.

PinkArjuna Wed 20-Jul-05 21:00:47

Oh KVG I'm sorry things are so difficult. I must confess I felt rather like you do when I was pregnant. It was so overwelming and you think things should be alot smoother as it is supposed to be such a happy time. I know it is different but I really sympathize. Make sure you talk to people who you feel comfortable with. So many people feel like this. Perhaps there is a local group? I know here in Bristol we have mothers for mothers which also put on days out for mums who are feeling fragile to meet others who feel the same. Asl the midwife/Health visitor about it. Bug hugs.

MrsWednesday Wed 20-Jul-05 21:17:40

Too bloody right I'm Uwila. Have you got any tips to pass on?

Redheadmum, you must be going mad with this level of sleep deprivation. I really, really hope things get better soon.

Lynny, had my 6 week check today and the doctor weighed me (arrrrghhh! with shoes on!!! So I've taken a stone off to allow for them ), did blood pressure, asked me about my bits but didn't seem too keen to see them (not that I was keen to show them off), asked about contraception and that was about it. Not sure about the coil as I've gone for the mini pill. About periods - are you breastfeeding? If not, there is a chance it could arrive just when you don't want it next weekend.

Lua, I'm exactly the same - really struggle to find the energy to put DS2 back into the cot after the first feed of the night. Ah well, at least they start the night in their own beds

Right, just put DS2 to bed so I'm going to go and read my new book (for ten minutes until I fall asleep).

MrsWednesday Wed 20-Jul-05 21:21:37

Good to see you Pink. I do understand what you mean about the constant feeding, it can be incredibly tiring and almost invasive after a while. DS2 is a bit of a snacker and a fidget too, which drives me mad. How is Osiris doing in general, apart from eating all the time?

uwila Wed 20-Jul-05 23:47:17

Sorry. No tips that I can think of... besides maybe haveing a good and consistent bedtime routine. But, really I think it's just luck of the draw. Some babies are good sleepers. Some adults are good sleepers. I personally could sleep through world war 3. Perhaps they've just inherited that trait. Also, DS is a bit older than most of yours. He was born 19 May.

Oh I do have one tip. Space feeds out as far as you can. It will encourage babby to take bigger feeds. And that will help them sleep longer. Ds now takes 7 oz. feeds if he is good and hungry. I make sure he's hungry before the last feed of the day (which currently is about 9:00)

I hope some of this helps, but really it's probably not due to my credit.

JonahB Thu 21-Jul-05 09:02:44

Coop, happy birthday for yesterday!

Mrs Wed, you know it’s a proven fact that shoes are getting heavier by the season. Shoe manufacturers are racking their brains with how to deal with this problem . Hope the rest of the check went well.

Redhead, sorry you are having colic trouble there. You’re going to hate the next paragraph – my sincere apologies in advance

For all the people who asked me for the GF update, it was day 3 yesterday. I will whisper this in case I jinx myself, but we had the perfect Gina evening and night yesterday. For the first time, I got to spend a lovely, leisurely dinner with DH AND get a good night’s sleep. I fed at 6:15pm, settled him by 7pm. He woke for a feed at 10pm and 4am, then I woke him this am for a 7am feed. So, I basically got 12 hours to myself, interspersed with a couple of feeds. Like Uwila says, I think its luck of the draw, but I’m keeping everything crossed that this will last. Doubt it though, we got him off at 7pm by driving to a dinner at my cousin’s, so unless I go family visiting every night, it won’t last. Here’s hoping….. .

bubbaloo Thu 21-Jul-05 10:02:33

i also had a really good night.

we bought the travel cot(which is nearly as big as his normal cot!)and i think it could be a hit.
it vibrates,plays music and even has a light on it-just a shame it barely fits in our room.

we also bought some infacol which we tried out last night when ds was grizzling and it worked like magic.he had his last feed at 11.30pm and he's just waking up now

lynny70 Thu 21-Jul-05 10:24:49

Message deleted

lynny70 Thu 21-Jul-05 10:28:19

Message deleted

tribpot Thu 21-Jul-05 10:37:21

Will have a proper read but just wanted to check if anyone's around, has anyone else's little one thrown up big stylee after taking gripe water? In desperation I tried it in the middle of the night after I'd been up with Toby for 2 hours - massive pukes and then had to re-feed him anyway

bubbaloo Thu 21-Jul-05 10:45:01

oh lynny-really feel for you.
must be awful to have jessica crying most of the night.'fraid i cant offer any advice but im sure it'll get better.

re:fake tans,i use clarins self tanning milk which i find gives a lovely natural looking colour,without streaks.
that reminds's about time i used it.

just a quick question for those of you that use you tend to use it before EVERY feed or just every couple of feeds? just wondered what was the best way.

bubbaloo Thu 21-Jul-05 10:48:50

hi trib-x posts.

i havent used gripe water on oscar.was going to but bought the infacol instead.
i do give him cooled boiled water during the day though,inbetween feeds but have noticed that if he has quite a bit of water near his normal feed,he brings his milk up afterwards.
its only happened twice but it was a fair amount and not very nice.

tribpot Thu 21-Jul-05 10:51:02

Cheers bubba. Re: infacol, advice from our hv was to use before every feed (or most feeds anyway). Not just if you think he's going to need it.

Well done on getting Oscar to take water, Toby seems fairly opposed to this idea as well ... on the plus side we did go on a little trip to Cambridge yesterday and he slept well both there and back. For those with the Matrix car seat (poss on me and Charley?) it seemed to be that he prefers it without the hood on in the car - less enclosed/hot?

Right, off to catch up properly.

welshmum Thu 21-Jul-05 13:01:04

I'm pleased to report that my back's loads better - thank goodness.
Also took action to leave the RCS Club (reluctant co-sleepers), We've put his cot matress next to me on a couple of small tables wedged against a chest of drawers so he can't roll off. Last night he slept on his own bit of bed although he tried to wriggle his way over to me, it's so wonderful getting the bed back - and better for my posture too.
He still won't go to bed in the evening but I'm trying to live with that and resist tying myself to a routine just yet.
So sorry to hear lots of us have upset windy babies - I keep telling myself it's only a phase and ' the only way out is through'
Love to all x

welshmum Thu 21-Jul-05 13:01:37

P.S The colief is still mosly working for us - although last night wasn't too good.

berolina Thu 21-Jul-05 13:15:11

hi there junies!
happy belated birthday coop!
sorry about your night lynny. mine wasn't all that hot either, but i did have to start reading the last few chapters of the new harry potter during samuel's 3am feed, which made sure i was just drifting off when the next feed came around...
anyway, just as dh is getting better, i get ill . fortunately not bronchitis, it seems to be some kind of tonsil/throat/ear infection. doc said it could be the same bacterium that caused dh's bronchitis and i'm just reacting differently. fortunately samuel still seems healthy, though i'm wondering for how long... i don't feel all that ill, but the pain when swallowing is annoying. still at sil's and again i really want to go home but dh wants me to stay, and is also still a bit ill himself and on antibiotics so a 4-5 hour drive would be a bit much for him. (i don't drive and certainly don't think i can cope with the train). it's his 30th bday party on sat eve, which means staying up till midnight as his bday isn't till sunday (in germany it is a genuinely serious social sin to wish someone a happy bday ahead of the day, as they all consider it bad luck - have done it before and received some seriously shocked reactions). they want to have a bbq and do it out in the garden in a big tent despite the relatively cool weather being forecast - not ideal for me or samuel, so expect will stay upstairs . pil are coming too so (unless dh is v firm) bang goes any peace and quiet with samuel... almost the worst thing is that pil and sil's family have let me in on what they're getting him - an electric shaver . okay, it's a sparkly top of the range very expensive one, but he won't WANT it - the money would have been much much better spent on supporting his doctoral research fund or getting him something he'd really like. i hate this annoying 'practical' present giving without consulting the givee (baby things are generally an exception to this rule). i spose I'll be getting an iron from them for my 30th
sorry for mememe post. moan over

Lua Thu 21-Jul-05 16:39:19

Sorry quick post as DS is most unhappy today...
How often are babbas pooing??
DS was pooing everyday, but now is going the 2nd day without... Probably the reason for his disconfort. Any suggestions what to do?

berolina Thu 21-Jul-05 17:17:08

Lua, is he bf? After the first few weeks, it's normal for bf babies not to 'go' for several days (or to go several times a day, as my ds still does!)

Lua Thu 21-Jul-05 17:20:51

Thank bero. yep bf. he was going everyday, and the suddenly nothing and much contortion
I'm not sure what to do

berolina Thu 21-Jul-05 17:52:51

poor little lamb it's possible he's constipated, but I don't think it's that common. Could the contortions be trapped wind? if he seems very uncomfortable you could go to the docs.

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