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April 2008 - The one with Mother's Day....

(652 Posts)
ThePFJ Sat 13-Mar-10 11:28:59

07 March: Ashton, a fourth child for gemprincess, 5lb 13oz @ 34+6
09 March: Ted, a second DS for Daftmoo, 7lb 14oz @ 36+0
21 March: George William, a first baby for KnitterintheNW, 7lb 2.5oz @ 37+3
25 March: Olivia, a second baby for TheMaskedPoster, 7lb 2oz @ 38+4
28 March: Pablo, a third baby and first DS for vacaloca, 7lb 14oz @ 39+4
28 March: Matteo Alexander, a first baby for Gangle @ 38+0 (?)
30 March: A baby girl, a second child for PortAndLemon, 8lb 15oz @ 39+5
02 April: Jak, a baby boy for rainbowdays, 9lb @ 39+1
02 April: A baby boy, a second child for bunyanvillas, 6lb 14oz @ 37+5
02April: Struan, a baby boy for Donnabels, 6lbs 15oz
02 April: A baby boy for mummyofaprincess @39 weeks
03 April: A baby girl for PippiCalzelunghe @38+2weeks
03 April: Aeryn Daisy, a baby girl for Denny185, 9lb 8oz @ 39+3
03 April: Benjamin, a baby boy for Micegg, 8lb 3oz @ 39+4
03 April: Roelof Grové, a first DS for SalLikesCoffee, 7lb 5oz @ 38+5
03 April: A baby boy for siikibam, 6lb 8.5oz @39+1wks
04 April: Matilda, a baby girl for AprilsFoolsBaby 7lb @
05 April: Ellis, a baby girl for MadameOvary, 9lb 12oz @ 40+6
06 April: Henry Peter, a baby boy for Sheds, 7lb 130z @ 40+4
07 April: Sebastian George, a fourth DS for Peachy, 8lb 4oz @ 41+1
07 April: Jack, a first baby for ThePFJ, 7lb 5.5oz @ 41+1
07 April: Lexie Bea, a fourth baby for babywhiting, 8lb 1oz @ 39+4
08 April: Alasdair, a second DS for bunnyrabbit, 8lb 5.5oz @ 40+3
08 April: James Samuel, a third baby for honeybee10, 6lb 7oz @ 37+2
09 April: Zara Mia Martin, a first baby for V1KK1M, 7lb 10oz @ 41+0
09 April: Jasmine, a baby gilr for Niceychops
11 April: Kyran for rdk, 7lb 13oz @ 38+3weeks
11 April: Sebastian James, a second baby for Fleecy, 10lb 2oz @ 40+4
11 April: A baby girl, a first baby for CeylonSapphire, 7lb 12oz @ 41+1
11th April: Florence, a baby girl for LouMoose
12 April: Maya Alice, a first baby for egyptianprincess, 8lb 15.5oz @ 40+3
12 April: Sophia Viviana, a second DD for AussieDivaonaBreak, 6lb 12oz @ 39+3
15 April: Alexander Oliver, a third baby for VictorianSqualor, 10lb 3oz @ 41+0
16 April: Ailish, a first baby for Mollyfloss, 6lb 11oz @ 40+3
16 April: A baby girl, a second baby for elfsmummy, 7lb 13oz @ 41+1
16 April: Zoe, a baby girl, a first baby for ToastAddict, 6lb 10oz @ 39+3
16 April: Jasmin, a baby girl, a first baby for Eggandketchup, 9lb 3oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy for paranoidmumy, 8lb 9oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy, a second son for lorisparkle, 7lb 12.5oz @ 41+6
17 April: Benedict, first baby for LadyBee 9 lb 3oz @ 41 +2
18 April: Millie Grace Jessamy, a baby girl for scorpio1 8lb 9oz @ 41
18 April: Cameron, a second baby for munchkinmum @ 39+5
19 April: Oliver Michael, first baby for bashboid, 7 lb 4 oz at 41 +3
20 April: Samuel, a first baby for Velbels. 8lb15oz at 41+1weeks.
20 April: Angharad Mai, 8lb 4oz, 40+6, first for 7monthsplus
20 April: Emilia, 7lb15oz, a first baby for SuzeM, 40+6
20 April: A baby girl for SushiMama
21 April: Eve, a second baby for OMaLittle, 8lb 4oz @ 39+3
21 April: A second DD for Monmoo
22 April: Sam, a second son for Soph73 @ 40+0
22 April: Molly, a first baby for EllieG, 8lb 8oz? @ 40+5
22 April: Daisy, second baby for AttilaTheHan @ 40 +3
22 April: Zoe Olivia, second daughter for Piccallilli2 7lb 1oz @42+1
22 April: A second DD for blinks.
23 April: Jessica Elizabeth, first baby for BabyBratt @ 40+1 7lb 12oz.
24 April: A baby girl, a second daughter for christmaspixie, 9lb 2oz @ 40+6/41+5
24 April: Miya Jade, baby girl for ShelleySare at 39+4
25 April: Amelie, a first baby for Dondons, 9lb, 41+3 (i think!)
25 April: Aisha, a second baby for Jaq39 7lb 14oz @ 41+4
26 April: Hope Olivia, a second dd for northeastmummy, 7lb 11oz at 41 .
26 April: Gabriel, a third child for Bainmarie @ 41+5
26 April: Eli Michael, a baby boy for LittleMissTurquoise, 7lb 15.5oz @ 40+5
27 April: a baby girl for Ayomi, 6lb 1oz @ 41+0
28 April: Jacob Andrew, a 2nd DS for Kaybeeand2boys, 8lb 4oz @ 41+5
29 April: Thomas Henry, a 2nd DS for TLSM, 7lb 8oz 40+3
30 April: Harry Samuel, a fourth ds for Chipmonkey, 9lb 5oz @ 39+2
30 April: Ellie, a baby girl for Annamama
30 April: A second DD for luckymummy74
01 May: Sophie May, a baby grl for Annieroo, 6lb 5oz @ 41+4
01 May: Euan George, a baby boy for Jenniejennie, 8lb @ 40+4
02 May: Robyn Olivia, a baby girl for soph28, 8lb 1oz @ 42+1
05 May: Nora Martina, a first baby for Eva07, 7lb 8oz @ 41+2
05 May: A baby boy for Beeper, 8lb 10oz @ 41+0
05 May: Gabriella Summer, a first baby for MommyHasAHeadache, 8lb 4oz @ 40+6
06 May: Wilf, 8lb 60z for bigbadmom @ 41+6
07 May: James Andrew, a second ds for Moominsmummy, 8lb 13oz @ 41+5
08 May: Ellie Isabella, a first baby for Carey87, 7 lb 8oz @ 42+1
08 May: Robin David, a 2nd baby for Woollymummy, 8lb 11 oz @ 41+3
09 May: 4 kittens for scorpio's cat!
10 May: Astrid Mary, a second dd for TheShipsCat, 8lb 8oz @ 42+0

I have been hanging about for a few days waiting for the new thread, so I thought I'd get off my ass and make one myself. Happy weekend all, and Happy Mother's Day!


SuperSoph73 Thu 29-Nov-12 11:25:17

Hey Ayomi. I haven't been on MN for a couple of years so it's amazing to see so many familiar names. Unfortunately I don't remember yours. Did you join later than some of us?

Anyway, just a brief catch up. We're still here in Gran Canaria. DS1 is in Year 6 and Sam started school in October. He goes to a special school and is absolutely loving it. It was a bit of a nightmare getting his schooling sorted as the school I work at - who had agreed to accept Sam - had a change of headmaster. He got the governors to side with him in denying Sam's place. As you can imagine it was a very stressful time and I'm still very angry about the whole thing. On the up side Sam gets fantastic support at the school he goes to and there are only 4 students in his class. He only says a few words but they are in English and in Spanish. He's just an adorable little boy and incredibly cheeky.

Scorps - sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Hope you feel fully recovered soon.

Big hello to Denny and Ellie and Knitter. Wow, so many more babies since I was last here. After I had my MC a couple of years ago we are resigned to the fact that there aren't going to be any more for us. I'm happy and sad at the same time but ultimately I know it's the right decision.

Well, better get back to work.

Take care everyone, Soph xxxx smile

Ayomi Thu 29-Nov-12 05:42:27

Wow life smile would be good to catch up with how everyone is doing now x

SuperSoph73 Tue 27-Nov-12 11:29:52

Well hello there! Remember me??? Have to work now but will be back tomorrow, god there's soooo much to catch up on xxxxx

Ayomi Tue 02-Oct-12 11:15:26

Hey anyone still out there? X

Scorps Mon 14-Nov-11 13:32:34

Where are you all? I fancy a whinge grin

1. Lacey is just so into everything. she keeps doing (yes, i know they're small things...)things like pulling out DVDs, unwrapping the hoover cord, putting her fingers all over my black glass tv table, and just generally making her presence known. I Have Had Enough.

2. Bit poor atm (and really worried about the new benefit changes)

3. Root canal tomorrow and other dental work - am massively dentist phobic and now i need alot of work doing - no NHS dentist so parents are having to foot the bill (guilty feelings)

4. Knobber still hasn't got his own flat sorted and is living in a single bedsit. He cannot have the kids for overnights - is happy to sleep at mine and i go elsewhere but I DON'T WANT TO - sort it out!!!! Like tonight is contact visit and he will be here for 2.5 hours with me - i don't want that. He says he has no money and no-one to lend him any and it will be about 10 - 12 weeks until he can maybe afford deposit etc for a flat. Not fair - we are all used to the 2 nights a week..... but i tried leaving the house for weekends (it's been 12 weeks already!) and i hated it. It's my house, my stuff. Like this weekend is my birthday, i want to go out, but how? If he stays here, where will i stay? What about Xmas (he has them 26th - 2nd)? I need so much to be able to have my own part of life, or the chance to go out even if i don't.

5. I'm sick and tired of feeling lonely a lot of the time - i see friends alot, but i mean lonely in a 'special' person kind of lonely.

I think that's all.

Scorps Mon 31-Oct-11 19:44:38

Ellie - yes I have been poorly, and went to France for 2 weeks to rest, am still recovering. Had a virus that made a part of my brain swell up, it affected everything - I forgot my birthdate and how to use cutlery at one point. Social Services funded the children for daycare for a month, which runs out this week. ExH had the dc whilst I was in France. Decree Absolute on 29th Nov now....

Mimi is a little darling; everything is about ballet (?!) and pink things, oh and the delightful 'You're a pooh face'. grin

Lacey is talking really well too, and gives the best ever cuddles.

EllieG Sat 22-Oct-11 23:11:31

Hey all!

scorps - saw your hair on fb - it is indeed fabulous. Good news on jettisoning that H of yours. Were you in France this weekend just gone?

Hope all well - hope the maternity leave is good knitter and baby arrives all safe. When is due date?

M is a lovely and terrible being now by turns. Very not-placid, a raging and excited and fabulous thing who needs an enormous amount of patience and parenting, but I wouldn't have her any other way. This evening she hit me across the face but then 5 mins later when putting her to bed she flung her arms around my neck and said 'Mummy I'm going to keep you forever, I love you so so much' and I couldn't stay cross. That's her all over - awful and wonderful, but I think that may be a 3 year old thing grin

Scorps Thu 06-Oct-11 14:26:15

Chipmonkey - xxxx

KnitterInTheNW Sun 11-Sep-11 21:12:47

Sounds like a nice relaxing holiday Denny! wink

Bump is actually huge, no idea how I'm going to fit any more baby in there over the next 10weeks!

Denny185 Mon 05-Sep-11 21:36:59

Hey Knitter glad to hear you and bump are doing well, not too big I hope. How r u managing with your diabetes this time round?

George will just click one day with the toilet training, my friend took her son off to the health visitor when he was 4 and still not pooing in the toilet and was told it was within normal age limits not too worry just give him some time. 6 months later all was fine.

Just got back from holiday, spent the first 2 days in hospital with Aeryn on IV antibiotics for a skin infection in her thumb, she then had slapped cheek and to top the week off she came out in chicken pox. Amazingly still managed to have quite a good holiday, lots of mooching around and sight seeing.

KnitterInTheNW Sun 14-Aug-11 22:20:17

Hey strangers!

Well, i'm 26 weeks now, have a 'normous bump and things are going nicely smile

I wonder some days if George is 3 or 13, some days he's just gorgeous, some days he'll argue for he sake of arguing and even has the stroppy teenager arms thing perfected when things aren't going his way. He talks really well, has been dry for ages now but just refuses to poo anywhere but a nappy. I know he can do it, because he did it a while ago to get a die cast sheriff from Cars. Now there's a whole row of other cars that he really wants, on top of the bookcase, but he just gets himself into a tizzy the more desperate he gets. We've progressed to either nappy on loosely and sitting on the toilet, or nappy lying on the potty, but we just can't lose the damn things. I'm just relying on the fact that I won't be following him to university with a packet of pampers!

Denny185 Tue 09-Aug-11 18:52:08

A month in France, v nice. We are into week 4 of the holidays and seems to be going surprisingly ok. Aeryn became very friendly with the bottom step for a few days but it would appear she is over that little phase (for the time being).

DD1 went to podiatrist today (having ankle pain for quite a while) he suggested to forget running and enjoy swimming, cycling and pilates. Bless her she has taken it all in her stride and is happy to wear sensible shoes (Im waiting till shes 13 for that to change!) he has suggested we look at continental shoes as she has a very narrow foot. She has some exercises to start on as well so hopefully we can avoid the world of insoles.

Scorps Thu 21-Jul-11 20:09:17

Goodness it's been quiet. Am off to the parents house tomorrow night, for a month grin. H & I divorcing (this time i'm actually going to do it!). He is really hating me atm, but Mum said it's his attitude/his problem, so I'm rolling with that.

Life is quite fun, been going out a bit, some fun pictures on fb..... a few boys ;) drinks, dancing... will be good to have some quiet and to sort a few things out in my head whilst in France. H introduced my children to his gf without asking me last weekend; have decided to support rather than fight - less emotional energy. hmm. He has already cheated on her grin - only happy because i KNOW its not me now.

Am sporting the most fabulous hair at the moment as well.

Mimi is so sweet and a real mummy's girl lately, and also in pants properly and talkign better. she is enjoying nursery too. Lacey is talking alot more, eats me out of house and home and whinges alot sometimes.

hope all ladies are well; i know i 'see' some of you on fb still smile

EllieG Tue 12-Jul-11 21:34:05

I am shipping DD1 off to my Mum's in Devon for a week - she loves going there and gives me one less week to organise! We'll cobble through for the rest of it, my Dad is helping loads, bless him. Roll on sept.

Denny185 Tue 12-Jul-11 16:21:01

Glad you and yours are well Ellie.

Summer holidays begin on Sat here, looking forward to kids having 7 and half weeks off!! Not quite sure how headmaster has jiggled to get that long. Still I do have great family support and shouldn't moan. Mum is taking them all of camping next week so I actually have 4 completely child free days. I am working but will be nice to come home from work and chill smile

EllieG Mon 11-Jul-11 22:38:53

Hey denny! Glad all good with you and that house is coming along.

I think this thread may be dead but I check just encase from time to time...all is well with me and mine too - the usual stroppy stuff from the little one but nowt out of the ordinary.

Denny185 Thu 07-Jul-11 22:28:15

Hello, after months of having the computer packed away for building work we are finally up and running again, hooray.

Congratulations to the expanding waistlines, hope those bumps are coming along nicely.

All well here, work on the house nearly finished, called it a day now till the kids go back in Sept.

DD2 finally speaking and able to understand most of what she says, she is slightly less mardy these days but quite a little madam at times.

EllieG Mon 18-Apr-11 21:30:13

Ah happy birthday Mimi! Hope she had a lovely day scorps - sorry you are having a wobble. You are lovely and strong and fabulous and have done brilliantly for coping with everything that's been flung at you over the past couple of years, so don't feel bad about the odd wobble now and then x

Scorps Mon 18-Apr-11 18:32:32

Sorry to hear that chipmonkey, is still sad even though you are still pregnant.

Mimi is 3 today, bless her. Mixed emotions.... first child's birthday i've done properly alone, keep watching the clock (she was born at 7.09pm) and thinking oh this and that was happening now, you know? Had a little cry when wrapping her presents and it's kind of OK now. I did text him that i kept thinking of her being born, he rang today and asked was I ok now, but wonder if he thinks the same?

Am having a little life wobble, am seeing someone but i don't feel the way about him i feel about someone else who i don't think is interested, feel like i'll never get it right. I feel ugly, alone, sad. Only today though.

Mimi has spent all day wearing a Dora fairy dress grin. Lacey is starting to talk as well, they're all getting so big. Reilly is 9 in 5 weeks and I'm only 26, ha.

chipmonkey Wed 13-Apr-11 23:21:09

11 weeks tomorrow but feels like 111! If I could just stop puking......

EllieG Wed 13-Apr-11 21:39:59

Hey CM - glad you are OK and that minimonkey is doing well. Sorry about the twin - it must feel a bit funny I guess. Really good that the other little one is there are doing well, but odd thinking that there were two, not sure how I would feel in your place. How many weeks pg are you now?

chipmonkey Tue 12-Apr-11 23:33:23

Meant to update this. Turns out I was expecting twins but have lost one. So the MC was an actual MC and explains the additional sickness. Didn't realise until the obs pointed out a second, but empty sac on a scan.

Don't know how I feel, really. Part of me always wanted twins but it would have been such a high-risk pregnancy, it's maybe better that I only have one now. And six dc is a lot! Feck it, five is a lot!

EllieG Tue 05-Apr-11 20:32:40

Your DS1 sounds adorable! Wish DSD was a bit more like that - she treats Mol like a pet - cute for about ten mins, but then annoying! I give them about 5 mins together upstairs before hearing 'Mummmmmmeeeee Jessie's being meeeean!'. It usually ends in Molly hitting DSD after she's wound her up and then they both yell. I hide under the sofa and feign deafness grin

chipmonkey Thu 31-Mar-11 22:35:43

Ds1 is a real little Daddy. He is brilliant with the little ones and makes their bedtime cocoa for them and reads them stories. Ds3 used to creep into bed with me every night when he was 3. When ds4 was born and I was in hospital, ds3 came in, found I wasn't in the bed with dh and instead of getting into bed with dh, he ran upstairs and snuggles in with ds1!.

Ds1 loves having little brothers!

Think ds2 finds them more annoying!

EllieG Thu 31-Mar-11 22:16:49

Oh bless, DS1 and 2 must have had a good experience with their siblings then if they are still excited! DSD said the other day thoughtfully, 'You know I love Molly, but I really wouldn't want any more sisters'.

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