July 2009: Crawling into spring - sunny evenings and sleep-filled nights (we're hopeful / deluded)

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activityApple Thu 04-Mar-10 10:45:09

Message withdrawn

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Misspaella Thu 04-Mar-10 13:40:58

I love crawling into spring. I am still doubtful re sleepfilled nights though ha ha. smile

I've decided to drop the "dream feed" and just soothe back to sleep. I am SO TIRED. The plus side, Tristan actually feeding better in the day so I am guessing he will adjust to tank up during the waking hours. He is 8 months today so I am not feeling too guilt about attempting to impose a routine.

He is sitting up now for a few seconds before collapsing and is rolling everywhere.

They will be toddlers before we know it.

Potty trained DD with HUGE SUCCESS. YAH! She is 2 y 9 m so definitely ready. I am hoping our nappy bill will be a lot less.

Going to sneak a nap.

Patchybob Thu 04-Mar-10 14:00:54

Loving the new thread!

Happy 8th month birthday Tristan! Well done for the potty training MissP*

exciting about the move and good its not too far. Where abouts are you in North Wales? My outlaws are in Wrexham. Hells bells MIL comes back from Australia (where thankfully they spend 1/2 the year, FIL australian) next week and coming to stay.......deep joy!

Crap, just knocked over my coffee! Gotta go! xx

babyblue4 Thu 04-Mar-10 16:39:30

Am a little annoyed angry just spent half an hour on a post, only to have the site crash on me when I tried to save it!!! Grrr!!!

Here we go again!

Well done Activity on the new thread. Love the name

MissP congratulations on the potty training!! grin My DD2 is 2y 4m, and we are hoping to start training her in June when we return from our vacation.

Been a bit emotional the past few days. One of my co-workers was killed in a car crash while at work. He leaves behind a wife and 3 year old son. He wrapped his cruiser around a pole see here. Very sad indeed.

And speaking of emotional... went on a rampage with the 2 older DCs yesterday. Had a full out meltdown re: their behaviour, chores, homework, etc. Hopefully the Blue household will be more peaceful tonight!

On a happier note Marco slept from 10pm until 6:30am this morning STRAIGHT!! Yippeeee!! <<jumping up and down emoticon>> I am hoping this will be a permanent thing... not just him teasing us for a bit and then yanking the rug from under us!! grin hmm

Jabs Took Marco in for his 6 month check up this morning... about a month behind schedule blush. He was so happy and playful, until the dreaded second jab, and then all hell broke loose shock. Thank goodness I was able to 'plug him in' quick and settle him down! Hopefully he wont be grumpy the rest of the day. He is doing well - 18lbs 5oz and 27.5in tall. Both in the 75th centile. I am happy with that.

Weather here is getting nice! Its been sunny for 3 days now, and they are predicting 11 degrees by Sunday. Looking forward to taking the kids outside, though I am sure the parks will be too soggy yet to play in. The sunshine is doing me a world of good!

QueenFee Thu 04-Mar-10 20:50:07

activity good on you for the thread it was talking ages to load on my phone.

baby so sorry about your friend

envy to all who get any sleep I am now making up for him being a good sleeper as a small baby! He drank a 7 oz bottle at 6.30 and has just taken a full feed from me greedy little monster. Lets hop he will sleep better after that. If not controlled crying here we come sad

Has anyone had to put their bubs in with siblings? If so how's it going. I am dreading moving Alfie out of our room.

Lovely sunny weather here too. I live near Connah's Quay so right in the far north of wales. Will actually be quite sad to leave here. DH drove through Crewe though on the way back through from and interview and said he could def see us living there. Only problem is we have to tart this house up a bit before we move as we have never finished decorating due to certain little ones arriving! Think I may have to call on my parents to do some painting.

Alfie is now pulling up to standing and keeps getting stuck that way shock

Patchybob Thu 04-Mar-10 20:59:25

Baby omg that is awful, the poor poor man and his family. My aunt and her 2 small children aged 4 and 1 were killed in a car crash. Her poor husband was left behind all alone. I don't think that any of us have ever gotten over it. It was 16 years ago now and i still remember it as if it were yesterday. Amazingly last year her dh had a new baby with his new partner, after all this time. Great news for all of us. Sending prayers over the net to his family.

Poor Marco I hope that he is ok now after his jabs.

Have any of your babies dropped any feeds? Max normally has one when he wakes up, 10.30 ish, then 2.30ish. Then it is bottle before bed. The last few days he has turned his little nose up at the 10.30 boob and today he wouldn't even latch on. have I reached the point of water and a rice cake instead? He does eat well and has 3 good meals a day. i am just not ready to stop breastfeeding yet and feel really sad about it. Any ideas?

DD was at beavers tonight and then ds went to cubs. My bf came round while the boys (hers went too) were at cubs and we cracked open a bottle of wine. Very civilised. Didn't much feel like doing the whole bedtime routine afterwards though!

Hope you are all ok. Jetli glad you want a lydialimitededitionnativityset too! We will start a craze! Can't wait! xx

Patchybob Thu 04-Mar-10 21:01:09

bf stands for best friend not boy friend LOL!!!! OMG the very thought!

alibobble Thu 04-Mar-10 21:55:45

hi sorry for going AWOL! DH has been using the computer alot for job hunting etc so not been able to get on. Seems he does qualify for jobseekres allowance and if still on in 13 weeks gets SMI (as mentioned by someone else.

christina the direct gov benefits calculator is a helpful website. Also useful to anyone else in same situation. Sorry to hear about your OH. At least DH got paid off.

sick bug Beth has been spectacularly vomiting today. With DH at home and suffering but only mildly he's been doing the lion's share of clean up. I can handle poo, blood etc but NOT VOMIT! Also trying desperately to avoid catching it. that said DH has been good helping me considering that today is his birthday. We were supposed to have birthday tea tonight but he felt so ill this afternoon we cancelled it and good job as beth didn't eat a thing and then proceeded to do an exorcist impression! Sent her to bed with buucket by her bed and towels covering every available inch of floor space (box room) seeing as she'd already vommed on the carpet once this morning!

teeth the top 2 are def on their way. Rebecca has been a very unhappy bunny for a few days and nappies are explosive and green (with added carrot etc!) hopefully they will appear soon.

sleep good luck to all you who are trying to impose some sort of routine etc. hope it goes well.

Someone was worrying about giving a bottle at bed time but then said they slept well. I know which I'd chose! QF was it you who said LO took a bottle and a feed from you? Beth did this from about 8 weeks. No kidding she'd take a full bf and then 7oz formula on top even as a tiny baby. She slept alot better than rebecca ever has but then she was rather fatter too! I know I'd pick sleep every time myself.

Sorry can't catch up with everyone. Well done on potty training miss.

(((waves))) to all she's forgotten to mention. Must get to bed soon. See you later.

JetLi Fri 05-Mar-10 08:26:11

Morning. DP is away so more than a little hectic around here. Marking my place on the new thread - nice title Activity grin

Patchy - sad about the MIL and hope the spilt coffee came out.

baby - so sorry about your friend. Terribly sad sad

MissP - yay for the potty training grin

Ali - boo hiss for the D&V - I'm with you on vom - can't take it at all. I'm not that good with bogies either....

Nothing to report here. Hetty has a carpet burn on her forehead where she launched herself face forward at babygroup yesterday. Started baby signing - it's lovely. She just laughs at me grin

Will have more time to post over the weekend smile

JetLi Fri 05-Mar-10 19:06:14

angry angry angry Twatting twatface angry angry angry

Just put the phone down on my Mum. Honestly she's a blardy psycho sometimes. It's all a nightmare but this dementia thing with my Nan is still dragging on & on & on. Mum is a control freak at the best of times, but now she is completely hell bent on refusing all manner of help & turning herself into some kind of super-martyr.

Just needed to vent angry

<< and breathe...... >>

Hope all are well - DP due back maybe about 9pm-ish. Hetty utterly wonderful today - and doing lots of da-da-da-da-da smile However in an attempt to get out of the house on time this morning, I gave her my mobile to keep her quiet and occupied whilst I brushed my teeth, and now it's busted - bugger!! I feel like I've had my arm chopped off!!

Phoenix Fri 05-Mar-10 19:53:13

Thanks for the new thread, great tiltle

How awful about your friend Baby

Queenfee - Since we've been putting Noah down awake in his big cot he's been in with ds1. We've explained to Lewis that he needs to try and be quiet and never get in the cot with Noah or even go near the cot when Noah crys, mainly because Noah loves him and would be wide awake laughing at the sight of him

angry at your mum for you Jetli. for hetty's carpet burn. Also aaaargh for her breaking your mobile. Noah always makes a grab for mine and Lewis caught him chewing on it the other day but it was ok. I'm hoping to get an iphone next month so no way will he be touching that . He also likes the remote controls.

Patchy - lol at your boyfriend coming round . Noah hasn't dropped any feeds as such but he isn't always interested in his 11am and 3pm feeds so it's not the end of the world if we're out without a bottle or if he sleeps through one of those 2. He has 8oz morning and night and 6oz at 11am and 3pm.

Ali - for D&V. Hope it goes soon and you don't catch it.

Noah seems to have forgot how to roll. I haven't had him on the floor very much recently since we found out we had mice, which have now gone btw. I was paranoid about the disgusting creatures p*ssing all over the floor blush. He can still do it but just not as much as he was before. He's very strong with sitting up now and rarely falls over although now he can stand (holding on) he much prefers to do that

The going to bed routine is going well and last night he slept from 7pm to 1.10am without a single waking before that. He normally wakes at least once needing his dummy. However dh was at work and i was feeling tired so at 1.10am i put him in bed with me blush.

I had planned an early night, last night, and went to bed at 9pm when i heard breaking glass outside that turned out to be a one of our neighbours getting out of an upstairs window and then trying to get back in to get the dogs out of the downstairs of the house that was on fire shock. Everyone was ok and it was only a small fire, which we think from a few stories we've heard and from forensic officers turning up late last night, was started deliberately. Firemen and poicemen were everywhere. It was quite scary especially when dh was at work so i was on my own.

Patchybob Fri 05-Mar-10 21:23:00

Jetli....hope you are ok. Dementia is such an awful thing isn't it. My granny had it and it was so hard for everyone. my mum was a bit martyr ish, but now she regrets having not asked for more help. So tricky to get the balance right.

On the mobile note, Max loves mine and the car keys. The latest game is to set the car alarm off! I am sure he knows which button to press to send me running! Poor Hetty and the carpet burn!

DH home for the weekend which is fab. Off to choose the flooring for the new conservatory tomorrow and then my mum coming for lunch. Roast beef with all the trimmings and banoffee pie......nothing from the freezer in sight!! grin xx

Patchybob Fri 05-Mar-10 21:27:22

How strange Phoenix your post wasn't there when I typed mine, but you posted earlier...how does that work!. How scary about the fire, my worst nightmare. I have all sorts of plans about how to get the kids out of the house, but Max sleeps downstairs which freaks me out a bit. So glad the bed routine is improving for you.

Max doesn't move much, in fact if you but him on his tummy he goes mental! He is very strong though and sits so well that I never lie him down to play really....note to self, more lying down play! xx

QueenFee Fri 05-Mar-10 21:41:41

pheonix shock at the fire

jetli my Grandma had Dementia for 12 years and it's horrible. My Auntie did the whole 24hour care thing for her but after she finally went into a home she said it was thebest thing she did. She could still go and spend the time with her but enjoyed the time rather than being too exhausted to think.

Well after the bottle and boob alfie slept through the night yeah right he still woke every couple of hours and culminated in him puking back all the milk at 2am all over my bed so I had to change him me and the bed and try and get him back to sleep again. Needless to say I won't be trying that again. I just don't understand it because he will sleep fine for a week then be dreadfull for a couple of weeks and so on. confused

Phoenix Fri 05-Mar-10 22:47:33

Patchy - A fire is my worst nightmare too. My boys' room is in the attic so that freaks me out a bit with them been a level up from us. We had the fire brigade come out to fit smoke alarms and they fitted 3 for us (bottom of the stairs, first floor landing and second floor landing) The fire brigade came knocking on all the doors on the street last night to check if everyone had smoke alarms and they came round posting leaflets through all our doors today.

Queenfee - for alfie throwing his feed over everything. Hope he sleeps for you.

ChristianaTheSeventh Sat 06-Mar-10 11:15:33

Message withdrawn

activityApple Sat 06-Mar-10 12:05:30

Message withdrawn

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Misspaella Sat 06-Mar-10 20:14:51

Baby what sad news! Sorry.

Phoenix fires scare me badly that I actually had fire brigade over to make sure we had alarms in right place, tips on what doors to keep shut etc. It is WELL worth it. Plus I think the firemen like us housewives. smile

Dreamfeed I dropped it. After 8 months I need sleep. Baby is taking more during the day though (which is good). Before, the feed before lunch and after main nap would be as little as 10m (for both boobs!) and now they are solid 20min feeds each which I'd rather than staying up at night. Girls, try it!

Off to eat pasta so will catch up properly later.

alibobble Sat 06-Mar-10 20:21:27

activity I used to use disposables for just over night with beth. I'm afraid I've been useless with rebecca. She gets ths awful rash every time Itry and use them. Not sure her skin likes nappysan. Ah well.

babbling We've had loads from quite early with rebecca. I don't remember beth being this vocal but I suspect she just wants to be heard over all the noise! We haev gagagagaga, and recently she discovere tah she can do an ear bleedingly high and very loud scream at will. I keep telling myself it's just a phase and trying not to draw attention to it but today beth was at with her hands over her ears and both me and dh had a headache by bathtime! crazy baby. She looks so pleased with herself when she does it to.

D&V well yesterday we had the V and today poor beth had the D. She was in the lounge and bless her started craying and saying i don't like it and DH managed to rush her upstairs and put her on the toilet in time. Well done her I say. that's quite alot of self awareness for a 3 1/2yr old I think. So far still not caught it but thanks to DH being around have managed to segregate me and Rebecca from beth alot of the time. Plus not sharing cups or stuff like that and bathing them separately.

teeth more blooming screaming from 3.30-5am last night but can see start of a tooth though it's the one next to the middle top ones so think all 4 are coming through together like happened with beth. Is awful but at least it gets it over with. Waiting to see what tonight brings. As long as beth doesn't explode (!) I'll be happy! btw qf was hoping the vomiting in bed wasn't a sign the bug had got to you.

moving rebecca still getting very aggravated at her inability to crawl. Gets stuck on her face all the time! Getting very annoying for me too. Wish she'd just learn and I'd lock down the lounge and baby proof to death and could leave her to her own devices rather than the halfway house we have at the moment of half babyproofed as not moving but still can't leave her as she gets cross and falls on her face!

morning feed am I the only one who's LO isn't too bothered by breakfast? granted she's been up in the night recently but even when I cut out the dream feed she wasn't ravenous at 7/8am but wolfs a big BF at 10amish. Keep wondering how this will work out when I go back to work. She's not too fussed about breakfast cereal either. Maybe she's like me and just not a morning person?!!! Am a bit in the dark as bottle fed beth so was obvious how much milk was being drunk and where. Keep wondering how the heck I'll get 2 kids up and dressed and out the door fed by 8.10am?! (oh yeah and me dressed and showered for work shock

Phoenix Sat 06-Mar-10 20:36:21

Activity - Give your local fire brigade a ring and ask them to come out to fit smoke alarms. It's free, they fit them where you need them and give you some safety tips too. As MissP says it is well worth it.

QueenFee Sun 07-Mar-10 21:45:24

activity and you get to have firemen in your house all to yourself wink grin

morning feed Alfie skips his morning feed and sometimes his breakfast when he's had an all nighter (oh for the days when that phrase meant you had had fun!)

babyblue4 Mon 08-Mar-10 14:58:26

How was everyones weekend?? The weather here was quite nice (about 10 degrees and sunny) so we got to spend some time outside! The DCs loved it! Burnt off quite a bit of energy

QF PMSL at the all-nighter comment grin grin. And I TOTALLY agree about the firemen thing! One good thing about being a police officer, is we tend to do a lot of calls with firefighters. That means I get to drool over have meaningful conversation with them all the time grin grin

Ali Hopefully everyone is feeling better. Between D&V bug and teething, it must be rough for you.

Christiana I did baby signing with DD2. I learned from a book that I got on Amazon. She did really well with them. We started at about 9 months, and she still uses some of the signs to this day (she is 2.4). Am going to dust off the book again in a month or so for Marco. Hopefully he does just as well with it.

sleep So Marco has been back and forth again. Last night he was up at 3:30 and then again at 6am. On Saturday, he woke at 5am for his feed... slept whilst plugged in, then woke at around 6am and wanted to play. I was still dead tired. So I went down to the lounge and let him play with his toys, while I slept on the sofa. But everytime I would get into a nice deep sleep, he would get stuck somewhere, or need rescuing Seems like by 6 he is ready to play and thats waaaay to early for me!

Jetli Hope everything is ok. My sister doesn't play the martyr act, only the 'damsel in distress' part, which is equally infuriating. When I need help from my mum its a huge deal to get it. When she needs something, she gets it before the words are even out of her mouth!

Hello to everyone else!! Must run... almost time for freedom my hour at the gym!!

alibobble Mon 08-Mar-10 22:06:36

baby signing check out your local library cos ours has lots of books on it.

firemen I got ours out for the same reason.. and got a lovely but middle aged bloke. But did get a free fire alarm fitted. Was discussing with beth at the table that when there is a fire we leave the house and wait on the street not hide anywhere.

qf hoping for more fun and less "allnighters!" blasted teeth!

confession I barefaced lied at the chemist to get medised for rebecca. Said it was for an imaginary 6yr old. I'm sure she knew I was lying (I'm a dreadful liar at the best of times) esp as rebecca was screaming and drooling in the car seat with me! But as I gave it her last night and she fed and went back to sleep for the first time in a week I felt that at least it was sorta worth it blush

Am so tired I'm sure I could prang the car at any moment but hey. I did say to DH in thr middle of the night when it was the middle of another 3hr stint of crying... at least I know we're not the only one's doing this. Makes me feel alot better in the wee small hours

JetLi Tue 09-Mar-10 10:33:36

Morning all!

Hectic weekend. It looks likely that some friends had a miscarriage yesterday sad sad so utterly heartbroken for them. It's so sad, I can't bear to think about it.

Baby signing - it's a lady from the NHS coming to the local SureStart centre running a 4 week course. She recommends this book and I also have this from the library and was bought another book from M&S before Hetty was born. The format of the classes is to learn a few words/signs at the start & then sing songs around them (so this week we did signs for animals, and then sang Old MacDonald, & 5 Little Ducks with the animal signs). One of the ladies who uses the centre has a little boy with DiGeorge syndrome and she raves abut signing - she taught her little boy an astonishing 70 words/signs shock shock and she said it has helped enormously with his communication. I was sort of thinking I'd only do the obvious dozen or so (eat, drink, sleep, wet, milk etc) but I think I'll perservere with a few more. The M&S book says now is a good time to start - you can start earlier than 6 months, but the research shows that the earlier babies take longer to sign back to you if that makes sense.
fires - good grief Phoenix that's awful about the fire next door shock shock Have tested the smoke detectors here as a result (although I regularly set off the downstairs one anyway, due to a rather feeble extractor fan blush). Hope you all enjoy the firemen visiting ladies grin grin
Martyrdom - still plenty of it here sad and still not speaking. We have a big family event this weekend which I'm dreading - I'm actually praying for snow - how bad is that?!! Anyway, I shall use baby as an excuse to sidle off early. Thanks for your support though ladies - as always it's good to know I'm not the only one with these kind of family problems!
Mothers Day (UK anyway) - this weekend and for some of us it's our first one grin I'm really excited - isn't it silly?!! Haven't been remotely subtle with DP either grin
breakfast - Hetty isn't interested in anything much at breakfast. So far I have tried all manner of cereals (baby & non-baby), fruit, yogurt, pancakes, baked beans, eggs in various guises, toast, crumpets, hot cross buns - nothing really goes down. Fruit is probably the most successful but only of the citrus variety. Drives me batty TBH. If I'm truthful though, she ain't much interested in food full stop, but I'm conscious that maybe I need to give her more time at it, rather than clearing it all away as soon as the grown-ups are finished eating IYSWIM. We went to the coast on Sunday and had between us had fish and chips & a poached salmon salad and she ate quite a bit more than usual but over a longer period of time. Maybe it was the sea air!
phone - new mobile arriving today. I gave mine to Hetty to keep her occupied just long enough to brush my teeth on Friday morning and she completely trashed it. Lost all my numbers, photos, recordings of her heartbeat before she was born, texts from when she was born - everything sad Totally my own fault. Then the goober on the keyboard meant the keys were stuck down so the phone kept putting a random pin in and locked the SIM. Aaaargh!! Boy have a learnt my lesson though.
Better go and feed her smile

lydiathetattooedlady Tue 09-Mar-10 20:10:24

hi evryone, feel like ive been away ages. ive only skim read so sorry if i miss anyone!

baby thats awful about your friend, im so sorry sad

jetli family arguments here too, received a rather snotty email from my father, have just sent a huuuuuge ranting one back. Dont hink my dad will speak to me againsad
Esme is also the same with food, have discovered (after bring worried about her not eating much) that if given a little longer she will eat some more, but still not a lot. So sorry about your friends too.

babysigning is this the same as makaton? have used a few of these signs with the kiddies as used it for my borther, its really good.

fire thats awful phoenix, fires are my worst nightmare!

fireman they're all old crusties round here, no hunky ones wink

queenfee we seem to get a couple of good nights sleep than he turns in to a devil child!

standing Bill will stand and not bend in the middle all the time, especially when trying to get him to sit. He stand nuddy at the side of the bath watching it fill up its so cute!

ali i said to my partner the other day i was going to get medised as nothing else works with this child! i used it for esme at night when teething.

hello missp activity and chrstiana grin

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