AUG 08 - Be who you are and say what you feel...

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TwilightSurfer Mon 01-Mar-10 00:09:29

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." --Dr. Suess smile

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TwilightSurfer Mon 01-Mar-10 00:26:24

MORE awesome Dr Seuss quotes:

"Only you can control your future."

"I'm sorry to say so but, sadly it's true that bang-ups and hang-upscan happen to you."

"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!"

"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities."

here's more if you're interested.

Happy Early Birthday Dr Seuss!!

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springaporesling Mon 01-Mar-10 01:51:17

Not really sure how to follow that....

Thanks TS for the new thread

Cyteen not sure there is anything I can say sad.

Dizzy hope you get some well deserved rest this week. angry at people booking flights before actually discussing it with you but then again my parents have just booked theirs here as the offer expired today. I got a nicely worded e-mail from Mum telling me that the flights were went up after 15 July and that if they travelled back on 30 August this was the cheapest option. So they are coming for six weeks shock.

oopsandbabycoconut Mon 01-Mar-10 07:22:53

Morning All

Just marking my place, I am moving rugs and trying to get rid of the smell of sick envy << how I feel at the smell of sick!

luckoftheirish Mon 01-Mar-10 07:23:45

morning smile...

just marking my place.. thanks for new thread ts and wonderful words of wisdom..

hugs cyteen..

bbl x

Jonnywilkinsonsswordsteaknife Mon 01-Mar-10 08:23:11


cyteen Mon 01-Mar-10 08:24:31

Morning all, I am being treated as DS's new push-along toy so back later hmm grin

SazzlesA Mon 01-Mar-10 08:26:15

Message withdrawn

SazzlesA Mon 01-Mar-10 08:35:25

Message withdrawn

alittlebitshy Mon 01-Mar-10 08:47:29

What a cool start to the new thread.

oops ugh at sicky left overs. How is dd feeling now?

dizzy angry at ils, but no don't make any allowances for them!!!!!! most important thing is it is dd2's birthday so it is all about her, not them (whether or not they see that!)

I have dd off today ([blush at dashing around to get miamla car in time for school today) as she has come down with the cold i have had for 5 weeks. I hope hers isn't the same and that it doesn't last long, but i felt she needed some chill out time.

oopsandbabycoconut Mon 01-Mar-10 09:26:32

okay maybe she isn't better <boak> luckily only tiny bit of toast and water had been eaten.

hotterpotter Mon 01-Mar-10 09:27:36

How do people work like this????

Am back in work after a two-day weekend and it's rotten sad. The sky is a beautiful bright blue and I should be playing out with my babies sad

Hope you are all having more fun than this...

hotterpotter Mon 01-Mar-10 09:31:26

Oh sorry that post was a little bit melodromatic blush It's not that bad really grin

oops poor DD, and poor you having to wipe it up, ewww

GladioliBuckets Mon 01-Mar-10 09:34:50

Yes March March March that means spring spring spring. I let Kurt out of the pushchair for a puppy walk on the way home from school this morning, he had a fine old time sniffing drainpipes etc and lived up to his reputation as a sensible lad.

Am angry because Swanage holiday cottage I wanted has not replied as promised to say if available. Bad enough not having up-to-date calendar but not to call back too is just rude. Back to square1 on the holiday front. Am also v tired due to all 3 kids crying at various times - ended up with me and DS1 in my bed, Kurt in DS1's bed and DH in spare room.

springaporesling Mon 01-Mar-10 10:05:59

Oh dear sorry to hear of sicky babies.

DS was obviously missing Daddy and decided to get up at 5.10am.

Sazz yes they have some travel plans whilst they are here and I think DH and I might plan a weekend away too wink.

Hope spring has indeed sprung - is the whole in like a lion out like a lamb thing for March or April?

Buckets sorry to hear of thwarted holiday plans.

VintageGardenia Mon 01-Mar-10 10:30:54

Message withdrawn

luckoftheirish Mon 01-Mar-10 10:58:41

oh oops not pleasant poor wee thing, hope she feels better really soon..

lovely day here too tho freezing.. been out with dd2 to the park.. she had a ball tho prefered to chase around rather than go on anything hmm.. has come home suitably grumpy but only an hour til lunch and then bedtime!

spring that is a long time with family insitu!! although a weekend away sounds good smile..

Broody vg?!!!

Hots was just thinking this am (whilst cooking dinner) how lucky i am atm that i don't have to work... although housework is not my ideal job.. hugs...

also hots if your in b'ham and at a loose end could always meet up? let me know!!

dizzydixies Mon 01-Mar-10 11:05:44

morning ladies, lovely day here too but DH and I struggling with ours colds and being a bit pathetic with it blush

managed the gym this morning and have now downloaded the open day photos onto FB if anyone hasn't been utterly bored to tears by me with it all and would like a peek blush

Hots - hope your days go quickly and you have lovely weather for your 6days off

Singapore - 6 weeks would kill me, hats off to you shockgrin

miamla - glad the dress moving on well

ALBS - well done on the fantastic weight loss and thanks for the sympathies re PIL

TS - lovely new thread smile

love to all else

TwilightSurfer Mon 01-Mar-10 11:17:49

This month last year a couple of hairy truckers met and hung out at a beach in Merica with their hairy families.grin

This morning it is 1C.sad

sorry. I feel so bad when little ones are sick. (((hugs)))

Late...must go but will be back after 1 million things and a few hours.

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cyteen Mon 01-Mar-10 12:36:35

VG lol at 'baby weather'. I feel just the same blush Been down to stay-and-play this morning, there was a 6 day old baby girl there shock [melt] Not helping my resolution to get married before trying again!

VintageGardenia Mon 01-Mar-10 12:38:13

Message withdrawn

RedLentil Mon 01-Mar-10 12:39:11

Will take a look at those photos Dizzy.
Just marking my place for now ...

hotterpotter Mon 01-Mar-10 12:41:55

Loti thanks for the offer but my conference takes up full days with only short lunch breaks so don't think there'll be much chance for a brummie meet sad I intend getting a good book and a bucket of icecream and lounging around my hotel room grin

VG yay for the fame of the rhubabrb triangle grin

TS shock that it's been a year already since the great trans-atlantic meetup. Will we ever get you making the return journey????????

GladioliBuckets Mon 01-Mar-10 12:43:12

Ah b**locks, just been to a different toddler group which turns out to be desperate and has about 5 people. Guess what? I have co-ordinated an email list, suggested an opening morning with free cake and a whole load of marketing. Why can't I leave well alone? All they need really is a half-arsed marketing campaign which I can do in my sleep, hopefully by the end of summer there'll be enough new members that I'll be able to slip off the rota.

SazzlesA Mon 01-Mar-10 12:47:40

Message withdrawn

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